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Entry Draft, Not Expansion Draft, Bigger Challenge For First Year Organization

Here at and across the hockey media world much of the focus of the new Las Vegas franchise has been on the Expansion Draft. But the draft three days later might be the one that’ll be tougher for Vegas to prepare for, and definitely will have the longest term impact on the future of the budding organization.

It’s seems counterintuitive that the draft almost every member on the staff has been through will be tougher to prepare for than the one that’s new. But it makes more sense when you consider the staffs in place to deal with each draft.

On the Expansion Draft side, in addition to the big Mc’s at the helm, McPhee and McCrimmon, you have a collection of professional scouts, a capologist, and a guy who created a website tool specifically focused on the Expansion Draft. The important part of this staff is, not a single one of them have gone through this process before. There are no preconceived notions, there are no prior successes, and there’s not a single guy in the room with a cynical thought stemming from a disastrous moment in their hockey past.

So now flip over to the amateur draft side of things. Once again we’ve got Team McMc in charge, with Scott Luce and his staff of six amateur scouts doing the grunt work.

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Election Day: Las Vegas Hockey Fan Ballot

Now that you are done voting for the two worst candidates in the history of the United States Presidency, it’s time to do your real civic duty. It’s the Las Vegas Hockey Fan Ballot. All polls are being conducted on Twitter, but if you don’t have Twitter, what’s wrong with you? use the comments section to cast your vote.i-voted-sinbin

All write-in votes will be shown below each poll when voting is over, so be sure to check back tomorrow for the results.

Be sure to RT the “I VOTED” badge when you’ve punched your vote on all 10 questions.

Write-Ins: Quebec (@Bischoff_Tyler)

Write-Ins: Sin City Superman by Flooding (@rngrfan01), Ding Ding Ding from Slot Machines (@ShopDeVegas and @keithfries), Customized Song from Five Finger Death Punch (@symracer13), Luck Be a Lady by Frank Sinatra (@RyanTerrana)

Write-Ins: The Cell (@Bull_Moose716), T-Mobile (@848ty), T-Mob (@ShopDeVegas), The Castle (@keithfries)

Write-Ins: Knights Knights Knights (@me_so_hungy), Fight Knights (@keithfries)

Write-Ins: Food (@randangler), Little Kid Scrimmage (@ScottyHockey), Ice Girls (@TristateDamsels)

Write-Ins: Claude Giroux (@Rampa19), Zach Bogosian (@randangler), Alexander Ovechkin (@kadbrand), Boone Jenner (@Boones_Goons)

Press Release Confirms Logo Unveil Party Details

As was first reported by, the official announcement of the team name and logo for the Las Vegas NHL franchise  will be on November 22nd at 5:30 PM on Toshiba Plaza outside of T-Mobile Arena.

The Las Vegas NHL franchise will unveil the team name and logo at an exciting event, which is open to the public. All fans are encouraged to join us for this big announcement.  -Press Release

Contrary to prior belief however, jerseys will not be shown off at this event, just the adjective that will precede Knights, the color scheme, and at least one logo. The current plan on jerseys is to show them off them in June and have them for sale either on the date of unveil or shortly thereafter.

Jerseys probably won’t happen until the Expansion Draft. We have to be very careful regarding counterfeiting until we actually have product. The counterfeiters can actually produce product faster than we can. -The Creator

As for the 22nd, shirts and hats will be available for sale with the brand new name and logo. Oh, and has a new shirt too.

Here’s the entire press release.

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Former Wynn, Sands Exec Hired As Senior VP And Chief Marketing Officer

Remember what we were saying last week about there being a noticeable lack of Las Vegas locals on the staff of the Las Vegas hockey organization?

Well, it appears we’ve done it again. It’s another episode of Predicts The Future. (On our last episode: SinBin claims staff is too old, days later 25-year old scout hired)

A press release was just sent out announcing the hiring of Nehme Abouzeid (we’ll figure out how to actually say that later), as a Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for the Las Vegas Something Knights.

Abouzeid was most recently the Executive Director of Brand Marketing, Advertising, and Entertainment Marketing for Wynn Las Vegas. Prior to that he spent nine years with Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

Let me put it more bluntly for those who missed my point of the bold words in the last paragraph. Dude is from Las Vegas.

But wait, check this out.

Known as a creative marketer and versatile executive who excels at maximizing revenue across the integrated hospitality enterprise, he has been named to the “Top 40 Under 40” lists of Global Gaming Business Magazine and Vegas Inc., the city’s top business journal. -Press Release

Dude’s also brilliant, which is nice.

He has an extensive knowledge of the sports industry, a wealth of experience marketing a world-class brand and, as a long-time Las Vegas resident, he knows our city and our community. This is definitely a combination that will support the long-term success of our franchise. -Kerry Bubolz, Las Vegas Hockey President

Catch that part in the middle?

I feel like a kid on Christmas. I rolled out of bed, looked inside my stocking, and found exactly what was on my list… a Nehme Abouzeid! There is a Santa!

What should we ask for next? Maybe a team name!?!

All joking/back patting/bragging/pumping up our ego/dominating the Vegas hockey blogging game, aside, Abouzeid truly does appear to be an absolutely brilliant hire. He’s a guy that knows Las Vegas, knows how to market to locals and tourists alike, and truly understands what it takes to be noticed, and stay noticed, on the Las Vegas Strip. We’re pumped to see what he has in store for this organization. Podcast #42: Give Us Some Kane

Would it be worth it to take the leap of faith and bring Evander Kane to Vegas? Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Las Vegas in undefeated still, and will be.
  • Ken and Jason do their best to explain why Evander Kane makes sense in Vegas.
  • Voice memos from Shawn, Cameron, and Stephen explain why everything Ken and Jason say is wrong.
  • Only one Vegas based person in the organization, is it really a problem?
  • Ranking douches.
  • Amazon Dash Buttons, stupid or smart?

And much more…

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Las Vegas Hockey Is Undefeated, Cherish It

Losing sucks. It’s a lesson we’ve all learned whether playing, watching, or betting on sports. And the worst part, there’s no avoiding it. In Major League Sports about 3% of teams win the ultimate prize. College is even worse with 0.7% winning in football and 0.3% in basketball.

Even the biggest bandwagon fan in the world will experience heart arch more often than jubilation. It’s fact of sports, and as a fan, it’s kind of the worst part.

But I have some good news. The Las Vegas NHL Franchise has NEVER lost. And, that streak will continue for at least another 11 months.

Can’t lose if you don’t play though, right? But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still follow the team and experience the “wins” along the way, all with the benefit of knowing, they’ll never lose.

Expansion franchises don’t come along too often in professional sports. Vegas is the third expansion team in the four major sports in the last 15 years. Very rarely, if ever for most sports fans, do you get to watch the actual formation of a team you plan on cheering on for the rest of your life.

Think about this, since June 22nd, when Gary Bettman delivered Las Vegas the best news the city has ever been given, it’s been nothing but positive. Hired a general manager, awesome! The Assistant GM appears to be a diamond in the rough, nailed it! Team name and logo on November 22nd. Minor league affiliate in December. Jerseys sometime after. Players. Draft picks. Head coach. They are all going to viewed under a positive light.

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Put To Bed Those Kelly McCrimmon Head Coach Rumors

Head coach rumors have been swirling for months and have included names such as Claude Julien, Mike Kitchen, Craig Berube, and Travis Green, just to name a few. But here in Vegas, and specifically in conversations between those following the team closest, there was this crazy thought in the back of just about everyone’s minds.

What if the coach is already on the staff? What if that coach is the second hire on the staff? Could Assistant General Manager Kelly McCrimmon have been brought in not only to build the team, but then coach them in the inaugural season?

Well, you can stick a fork in that idea. Speaking on Sportsbook Radio with Brian Blessing (about 1:20 in), McCrimmon himself denied any thoughts of coaching the team in 2017-18.

I love coaching and we had lots of success in Brandon, so that part was real enjoyable. For me, I’ve changed gears with the opportunity to work on the management side in the NHL. I always find if you are really enjoying what you are doing and if you are stimulated by the challenge you tend not to miss what you left behind. So as much as I loved every minute of coaching the Brandon Wheat Kings I’m really enjoying what I’m doing right now and looking forward to contributing as much as I possibly can to help this team get started. So it’ll be a different coach than this one and I’m sure I’ll have a hand in the process of selecting the coach. -Kelly McCrimmon, AGM

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