A common theme referenced when talking about the validity of Las Vegas a viable expansion market is support. Fan support, ownership support, corporate support, pretty much anyone who will keep the team upright financially.

We’ve touched on the subject many times here at SinBin.vegas, but I keep seeing the same general correlationĀ popping up in articles and it finally struck a nerve.

Attendance and support for minor league teams, one off events, and tournaments being hosted in Las Vegas is in no way directly correlated to how the city will support a professional hockey franchise.

The most recent article stating this was from MWHL.net. After you get through the off base assumptions, ridiculous conclusions, and factual inaccuracies made in the article, we get to their eventual point.

So can Las Vegas support pro hockey? The answer may be found this weekend, February 19 and 20, when the Mountain West Hockey League hosts the MWHL Classic at Sobe Arena in Las Vegas. Officials will be on hand to determine whether local hockey fans will turn out to support pro hockey in Las Vegas. -MWHL.net

This may be “pro hockey“, but it’s not pro hockey. As much as I understand what they are trying to do (get people to believe supporting their league has impact on the NHL’s decision), this correlation has to stop. The Las Vegas Wranglers did not fold because of fan support, and even if they did, that has absolutely no impact on the success of an NHL team in the city.

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