Despite the trademark snag it appears folks around town, and around the world, still can’t get enough Vegas Golden Knights gear.

In a recent story on 8 News Now (they still call it that?) The Creator mentioned a few merchandise sales numbers that perked my ears. That portion of the story has since disappeared into the deep web. So we reached out ourselves, and here’s what we heard back.

Our operated store sales are $173,000 as of Wednesday. No slow down on the NHL store. I don’t have current numbers. -The Creator

From my recollection of that story, the number from the online store was pushing $500,000, but I must admit there’s a chance my memory has failed me on that cause I couldn’t stop laughing about this. Oh my!

Either way, those are pretty astounding numbers considering the amount of hatred for the name. Not to mention that $173k number is referencing just the store at T-Mobile Arena, and their selection has really not changed at all since the unveil.

The Creator added that sales are consistent and have not been affected by the trademark issue. It was just an email, but he didn’t seem terribly concerned about the situation calling it, “simply a process.”


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