I’ve tried to stay away from the team name debate for as long as I could but making my feeling known my feelings known on Twitter didn’t seem to satisfy. I may be ‘Old School’ but I would be happy with the Thunder first and the Wranglers second. After all, those two are synonymous with the culture of hockey in Las Vegas, no disrespect intended to the Las Vegas Flash roller hockey team, but after watching Zootopia three dozen times by myself with my kids, Flash isn’t exactly the character that you build around.

It’s easy for me to say because I didn’t spend close to a billion dollars setting up a NHL organization. If I had, I would at least want to pick the name but at what expense.

Perhaps I don’t get the whole process of buying a NHL team but at the same time I can’t help but to wonder what was being done in the year The Creator was waiting for the announcement of whether he would be accepted into the Boys Club of owners who didn’t pay as much to enter their franchises combined. Like other aspects of the organization the process of obtaining various web sites or at least an easy search to see what names were available should have started the minute Gary Bettman instructed him to “just sell tickets” last Summer at the MGM Grand.

Far be it for me to question people who are more successful at their lives than I’ll be at my next ten combined, but seriously, if you can ask for permission to move forward on a practice facility perhaps the idea of asking Adidas and the league about team names could been a caveat to the request.

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