Governor Brian Sandoval has called a special legislative session which begins today to discuss the possible public financing of a football stadium that would help bring the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas.

The stadium plans call for the public to fund $750 million over 33 years and would be generated from an increase in taxes on tourists.

The Southern Nevada Tourism and Infrastructure Committee (SNTIC) approved the plan to be sent up to the legislature where they will now decide whether or not to give it the green light. Throughout the process there has been plenty of noise coming from both sides of the issue, but one voice that had been noticeably absent was that of The Creator, the man who stepped up to help bring the NHL to Las Vegas without using a single dime of public money.

I’m not going to be politically correct here, but I believe if you are going to spend $750 million of the public’s money, it should be on policemen, firefighters and teachers. -The Creator

It’s the first time he has publicly stated a position on the Las Vegas Stadium, and he really didn’t hold back. Though simple and to the point, which is what we’ve come to know from this man over the past two years, it was exactly what he needed to say, and maybe more importantly, exactly what Las Vegas needed to hear.

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