While the team name troubles continue inside the offices of the NHL’s newest franchise, the SinBin.vegas jersey concept lab is running full steam ahead. Today’s offering is a name that’s a bit out there, but let me take a moment to sell it to you.

The name is the Las Vegas Peregrines. A Peregrine is a Falcon native to Southern Nevada. They are the fastest creature in the Animal Kingdom with the ability to fly at speeds of up to 240 MPH. And they eat Ducks… like Anaheim Ducks (click this if you have a strong stomach, it’s a Peregrine catching and eating a duck, it’s gruesome, but awesome).

I know the name is a bit out there, and I know it’s not a word commonly used in the English language, but neither was Bruin, Blackhawk, Seahawk, Timberwolf, or many other names that have entered our vernacular due to sports.

A Peregine has everything you can possibly want in a team name. Speed, power, connection to Las Vegas, and most importantly it’s unique. There’s no other team in the world named Peregrines.

So now that I’ve convinced you, here they are, the jerseys and logos for the Las Vegas Peregrines.

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