The final name for the Las Vegas NHL franchise has been selected, and it’s not Night Hawks. has confirmed the name Night Hawks will not be used, unless the preferred name falls short of the NHL’s vetting process.

Name selected but still needs vetting and clearance. Night Hawks still in mix but not primary. –The Creator

It’s essentially a backup option in case the primary name gets thrown out for what ever reason. Based on previous comments the name was selected about a week ago in a teleconference between The Creator, Adidas, and the NHL.

This certainly clarifies the confusion from late last week. reported the final three names were Night Hawks, Red Hawks, or Desert Hawks. They redacted those as the final three the following morning. The Creator then said the name Night Hawks had not been thrown out and was “still in the mix.”

With Night Hawks as the backup option, it absolutely still is in play, but the plan is not to use that name.

So what will the name be? That’s really anyone’s guess… just like they want it.

What we do know is the word Knight, or Night, is likely to be a part of the name that’s currently being finalized and vetted.

But not Night Hawks. So relax Chicago, it’s all going to be okay.