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Not So Fast On Knights, Black, Grey, And Gold; Change Certainly Possible

Remember when it was a foregone conclusion the name of the team would be Black Knights or Knights and the colors were the “non-negotiable” black, grey, and gold? Yeah, we do too, it was yesterday. Well, things have changed a bit.

This is not to say that The Creator has stopped pushing for his dream vision for the name, logo, and colors to come true, but comments like this one from Gord Miller are premature, and at this point, inaccurate.

We’ve had conversations with many in the organization about the team name and the consistent answer has been that the process is a lot more complicated than they ever imagined and The Creator getting his way may not end up happening exactly as he planned.

So here’s the process as we know it. The moment the team was announced Adidas (which owns Reebok) was in contact with the Las Vegas organization. The Creator essentially said, “I want my team to be named the Black Knights, and I want them to wear black, grey, and gold.” The folks at Adidas turned around and began their practice of researching anything and everything about the name, the colors, and the city.

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Las Vegas Aces Jersey Concept

If you head over to the Team Name Poll (brought to you by our friends at Nova Home Loans), you’ll notice the name Aces is surging.

Despite it’s possible tie to gaming, something the league and The Creator have commented they will not allow in a team name, Aces fits Las Vegas very well for multiple reasons. First is the obvious one and the other being Las Vegas’ connection to Nellis Air Force Base.

As always, our guy Isaac Palestino, created some gems that took the two concepts and smashed them together. So here they are, the jersey concept for the team name Las Vegas Aces.

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