The Las Vegas front office has it’s fourth member and it’s the first of theĀ female variety. That’s really not important at all, but I’m trying to be a part of the media, so race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion have to be in the lead sentence of any article when possible.

Katy Boettinger

Katy Boettinger

Katy Boettinger becomes the third of four front office members to have previously worked with the Washington Capitals, as her last position was Director of Team Ops with the Caps. She’s also the second smarty pants with an advanced degree. She received her Masters from the Ivy League’s University of Penn. (McCrimmon has an MBA)

When McPhee broke the news he’d signed five new staffers to contracts one of them was mentioned to be an “Executive Assistant,” I’m assuming Director of Hockey Administration is the fancy title for that.

Executive assistant is very important because George (McPhee) is going to be traveling a lot. So someone to be the central nervous system to receive emails and calls and everything from the league and arrange the office so that all your ducks are in a row will be important because George will be very mobile for the next year. -Tom Lynn, former Minnesota Wild AGM

So, yeah, she’s kind of a big deal.

Hi Katy! Welcome to Vegas!