Waiting sucks.

Waiting in a long line, in traffic, or waiting back for results, it doesn’t matter it sucks. So waiting another twenty-two days for the NHL to break their expansion silence should be easy right? Well its not. Twenty-two days doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is when you’ve been waiting for almost two years or for some, a lifetime. Consider me the impatient kid in the back seat of a mini-Van on an NHL family road trip. Playing I-Spy, or the license plate game, or road kill bingo, I’ll do anything to get my mind off the wait. Every time I ask Gary Bettman “Are we there yet?” He snarls and looks in the rear view mirror and says “go ask Bill Daly.” See, you can never get a straight answer.

Since June 22nd, 2016 could be very historical for the NHL, and more importantly Nevada, I decided to look up other historical events that happened on June 22nd. Now not all of them are good, but history happens for a reason… and you know we love a good timeline.

June 22, 168 BC: The Third Macedonian War was ended after King Perseus surrendered. Quite like King Ovechkin surrendering in OT of Game six vs the Penguins.

June 22, 1680: Ebenezer Erskine was born. Who doesn’t love Ebenezer?

June 22, 1774: The British pass the Quebec Act, setting out rules of governance for the colony of Quebec in British North America. Bettman may have another Quebec Act on June, 22nd. But I doubt it.

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