The wait is finally over for the 3rd jersey. After months of hints, the Golden Knights dropped their newest jersey to be worn this season.

The jersey is officially designated as the Golden Knights’ 3rd jersey with the grey remaining as their primary home jersey.

The vision started in 2017, our first season. Bill (Foley) had the idea that as the Golden Knights we needed a gold jersey to compliment our grey and our white jerseys. The whole process took a little over two years from start to finish. -Brian Killingsworth, VGK Chief Marketing Officer

It’s the first metallic gold jersey in sports. -Killingsworth

The signature element of this particular jersey is the newly developed metallic gold body fabric. Under the lights it will dazzle fans as it shimmers, sparkles, and marks a key innovation from Adidas that meshes perfectly with the Golden Knights brand. -Dan Near, Senior Director, Adidas Hockey