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Vegas Golden Knights 3rd Jersey Concept

**These are NOT real 3rd jerseys for the Golden Knights.**

Around the league many teams have unveiled “3rd Jerseys” this season. There are throwbacks like the Ducks and Coyotes, brand new designs like the Avalanche and Jets, and some slightly off the wall ones like the Hurricanes and Devils. You can see all 15 of them here.

The Golden Knights will NOT be getting a 3rd jersey this season and odds are it’s not even in the cards for next year either. However, eventually Adidas, the NHL, and The Creator will want to pick up a couple extra bucks and a 3rd jersey will be unveiled. With a little inspiration from the Drumbots and the Season Ticket Holder Box, we decided to take a stab at a concept.

These concepts were designed by Drew Goldfarb, former pre/postgame host for the Florida Panthers who has adopted the Golden Knights as his new team of choice.

So, without further ado, here is the “Vegas Born Golden Knights 3rd Jersey Concept.”

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Vegas Golden Knights Jersey Concepts: Second Edition

The wait to finally see the Vegas Golden Knights jerseys is killing us too, so we decided to take another stab at what they may look like when we’ll see them at the Expansion Draft on June 21st (yes, June 21st. That’s the plan, tell everyone so they stop asking me).

We already know the homes are a “storm grey” with black and gold trim with red and white accents, and the aways are white with black, gold trim and a little dose of red as well. But our fearless leader gave out a bit more info on them recently.

Well we’ve got our jersey designed. It’s now going into production. We’re probably going to not release our jersey until the day of the expansion draft. The NHL is having an event in New York where they’re showing all the new jerseys. We believe we’re going to defer from that and we will release our jersey the day of he expansion draft on national television. It’s the black, gold and gray colors with some red accents. The red accent represents the red rocks and the gold represents the gold producing state. We have the storm gray that we’ve released on some of our t-shirts and sweatshirts and so that represents ‘strength’ and ‘sticking to the program.’ The black really represents ‘dedication and fortitude.’ We have a whole talking point on our jersey and what each color represents and what it means and what the logo means. We’re excited, but there’s so much to do. –The Creator to Puck Daddy on March 28th, 2017

There’s also the wrap on the team store which we think may have dropped us a hint.

So, here they are, Isaac Palestino’s shot at the Vegas Golden Knights jerseys.

NOTE: These are NOT official pictures of the jerseys from the organization. No one at has seen the jerseys to this point.

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Vegas Golden Knights Jersey Concepts

**Check out our newest Golden Knights jersey concepts here**

So we’ve got our name, we’ve got two logos, and we know the color scheme. Now it’s time to put pen to paper, or really PNGs to PSDs, and take a shot at what the jerseys might look like when they finally unveil them sometime next year (we’re still hearing Expansion or Entry Draft, but that could easily change).

Our guy Isaac is hard at work on another really awesome project which we will share with you soon, so we enlisted superstar former Florida Panthers Pregame/Postgame host, Drew Goldfarb to help us out.

Here are a couple quotes we had Drew work off of in designing these concepts.

Thumbing through a book that displays the jersey color schemes for home and away, Foley pointed out the changes that had been undertaken even since September, including a band of red on both the jerseys and socks that was initially white. That was the brainchild of McPhee. -Scott Burnside,

Officials said the Knights’ home jersey will be primarily steel gray with black and gold trim, along with white and red accents. The road uniform will be white with black, gold, gray and red. In the NHL, the home uniform is dark and the road jersey is white. -Steve Carp, LVRJ

(The home jerseys main color will be) grey, kind of a storm steel grey is the primary color supplemented by gold red and black. -The Creator, Interview with SportsNet Radio

We are working with two logos and a word mark, but there’s certainly a chance a third logo is unveiled and placed on the alternate jersey.

NOTE: These are NOT official pictures of the jerseys from the organization. No one at has seen the jerseys to this point.

So, here we go…

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Las Vegas Desert Knights Jersey Concept Redesign

Remember when we shared those ridiculously awesome Silver Knights jerseys at the end of August. Well, I finally had a chance to redesign them to work for the name Desert Knights.

The Creator has mentioned Red Rock as an inspiration for the color, so I drove my ass out there, took a picture, and pulled the color directly from the gorgeous rock formation unique to Southern Nevada.

And now, you have this. The redesigned look of the the Las Vegas Desert Knights.

redrocklasvegas_away redrocklasvegas_home_alt redrocklasvegas_home

These jerseys and the logo were designed by Troy Birmingham. I deserve absolutely no credit, all I did was change the accent colors.

Just as I said the first time we posted these babies, if the NHL and Adidas come up with something better than this, we’re in for a real treat. Honestly though, I’m afraid many of us will be running back to this post saying, damn, I wish they hired Troy.

Las Vegas Something Knights Jersey Concepts

Here’s what we know. The team name will be unveiled sometime in November, unless it gets delayed again. They will select Desert, Silver, or Golden Knights. It’s possible the team is Vegas Something Knights rather than Las Vegas Something Knights. And the jerseys will include two things, a “steel mesh” and a Red Rock inspired color.

With those ideas in mind, we had our pair of graphic designers take a stab at what they think the team will look like when they hit the ice next October.

First off, here’s our resident jersey concept artist Isaac Palestino’s take on what The Creator may have in mind.

knights-mesh-final knights-mesh-away-final

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Las Vegas Silver Knights Jersey Concept (Take II)

With the news of the trademark being filed for the names Silver Knights, Golden Knights, and Desert Knights, Vegas has been buzzing with discussion over which adjective they prefer.

Way back in November our graphic design wiz Isaac Palestino designed a Silver Knights jersey that was absolutely brilliant. But one design simply isn’t enough.

Today, we were sent another Silver Knights design from Newfoundland, Canada’s, Troy Birmingham that is quite possibly the sleekest concept we’ve ever been able to share. But before we share the jerseys, let’s discuss why Silver Knights makes the most sense of the three names available.

Nevada is the Silver State. Working in the “Battle Born” slogan with the Silver State is an amazing concept that has a connection to Vegas. Ok, enough discussing, let’s see some concepts!

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Las Vegas Venom Jersey Concept

This time, we put the power in your hands. Through a series of Twitter polls you all elected Las Vegas Venom as the next jersey concept on Once again, Isaac took the name, created a logo, and worked his magic making these wonderful looking unis. Without further ado, I present you, The Las Vegas Venom!

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Las Vegas Black Knights Jersey Concept

As much as we can beg and plea for the name of the eventual team to be the Las Vegas Rat Pack, we all know it’s almost certainly going to be the Black Knights. So, we figured it’s only fair if we let Isaac loose on that name. What he came up with is nothing short of stunning.

Las Vegas Black Knights HomeLas Vegas Black Knights away


But wait, there’s one more.

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Las Vegas Headliners Jersey Concept

Next up in our series of jersey concepts is one that’s a bit outside the box. During our podcast discussing team names we were thrown all sorts of different options. One in particular stuck out and we decided to make it a reality to see what every one thinks. The team name is the Las Vegas Headliners. Here’s what Isaac’s magical photoshop came up with.

Las Vegas headliners home Las Vegas headliners away


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Las Vegas Rat Pack Jersey Concept

Our guy Isaac Palestino has done it again. This time tasked with the name Las Vegas Rat Pack, Isaac will blow you away once again, or for the first time if you are one of the asses who said negative stuff about the other two.

Las Vegas Rat Pack HockeyFirst, before you scroll down and see the jerseys (like you haven’t already) we would like to send a very special thanks to Samuel Ho for designing the ridiculously amazing logo.

Samuel designed logos for an story on possible names for a Vegas team. Our favorite of course was the Rat Pack, but the other ones are incredible too.

So, with the logo already done, Isaac and I discussed jersey colors. We started with black and white. The reasoning behind this is because most pictures of the Rat Pack are in, you guessed it, black and white. Of course that really means grey and darker grey, so we ran with that.

Then we had to come up with an accent color. Many were tossed around, then, like when Archimedes discovered water displacement, I shouted Eureka! Ol’ Blue Eyes! Baby Blue!  Let’s use the color of Frank Sinatra’s eyes.

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