HockeyTech is an on-ice data collection center that is employed by all 30 NHL teams, and now hockey’s 31st team announced their new partnership. Las Vegas is hoping to take advantage of the attention to detail HockeyTech is known for. In fact that is what CEO Stu Siegel dreamt about when HockeyTech was created. Tracking every on-ice detail.

I had a dream, really to figure out a way to track literally every event that happens on the ice. So think of it like an indoor GPS that could keep up with the high speed of hockey. -Stu Siegel, HockeyTech CEO

HockeyTech can be vital to an NHL franchise, especially those that use a heavy dose of advanced statistics. HockeyTech can assist Las Vegas with important on-ice data. Skating skills, stick handling, and players agility with the puck, can be breakthrough information for the George McPhee and company. Possibly skills that get missed by scouting alone.

Organizations rely on advanced scouting to find a player in Europe, the NCAA, or several other leagues. NHL teams are constantly looking for the next impact player that won’t cost much. Advanced information can help find that player. No longer should the human eye have the final say.

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