(Photo Credit: @keeperofthecup on Twitter)

Hockey-Reference.com is the essential database for diehard hockey fans. It’s considered the good book to puckheads across the globe. Some elements that make HR stand out is the deep database of players, statistics, and their Playoff Probability Report. Currently, the Golden Knights are third in the NHL for the highest chance to qualify for the postseason.

Top 5 Hockey Reference’s Playoff Probability

  1. Vancouver Canucks: 99.1%
  2. Los Angeles Kings: 98.7%
  3. Vegas Golden Knights: 98.6%
  4. Boston Bruins: 97.8%
  5. New York Rangers: 97.7%

Interestingly enough the two teams with a higher playoff probability rate are in the Pacific Division. According to HR’s model Vancouver has the best chance of getting into the 2024 postseason, with LA coming in one spot behind.

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