People can hate the name, people can hate the missing Las in calling the team Vegas, people can even hate the design of the logo, but one recurring comment that needs to stop is people saying the logo is not a Knight helmet.

And it goes on and on and on. Here’s a fact for each and every one of them, it is a Knight helmet.

The style of helmet is called a “barbute”and it was commonly worn by knights in the 15th century, usually near Italy. Most of these helmets had either a T or a Y shape for the knights nose and eyes. With the Vegas Golden Knights, it’s a V for obvious reasons.


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Most barbute helmets have a arch shape that goes over the center of the helmet just like the one in the Golden Knights logo. The design was meant to strengthen the helmet without adding much extra weight.

It’s a variation of a much more commonly seen helmet known as a sallet. The difference is the barbute does not have a visor.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because we have this thing called the Internet, and it has the ability to keep you from looking like a jackass. Just because you watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, played Assassin’s Creed, or found yourself participating in LARP with your other nerdy friends, it does not mean you know the difference between a Corinthian style Spartan helmet and a barbute Knight helmet.

Yes, the Golden Knights logo does look like the one King Leonidas wore in the movie 300. Yes, it looks like the one Boba Fett wore in Star Wars. And yes, it does resemble the Michigan State Spartans. But don’t Orioles and Cardinals and Blue Jays and Hawks and Eagles and Ravens all kind of look the same to the untrained eye?

End this madness! This is Vegas! And this is a damn Knight helmet!