We’ve been trying to piece together what the front office of the new Las Vegas NHL franchise might look like and the one name keeps popping up as a candidate for a high ranking hockey ops position is currently the special adviser to the New York Islanders, George McPhee.

If you don’t know that name, you should, because we’ve mentioned him before and you need to pay more attention to the site you could argue he’s the man responsible for the Washington Capitals success this season. After all McPhee drafted Alexander Ovechkin, Braden Holtby, EDIT: Peter Bondra, Nicklas Backstrom and had the insight to give Bruce Boudreau his first coaching job.

So, is there a connection between Las Vegas, The Creator, and McPhee? By themselves no, but when you throw current advisor Murray Craven into the mix, we have a connection.

In 1992 McPhee landed his first big time management job with the Vancouver Canucks. He assisted General Manager Pat Quinn and was a Board of Governors Alternate. Here’s the tie in, Craven was traded to the Vancouver Canucks in 1992 from the Hartford Whalers at the trade deadline, a deal in which McPhee played a instrumental role.

The two have met on the ice as well when they participated in a bench clearing brawl when Craven played for the Philadelphia Flyers against McPhee’s New York Rangers. Apparently a couple of punches found their way to Craven’s head which I’m sure isn’t the version Murray would tell you.

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