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Why Are The Golden Knights Good? Gambling, Of Course

Big money, big money, no whammies. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It’s the age-old question that just about everyone who writes a story about the Golden Knights is trying to figure out; why the heck is this team not awful? The same reasons are tossed around by just about everyone who writes the story. Team dinners, revenge against old teams, no pressure, Vegas flu, we’ve heard them all.

But a new one popped up today, and it’s one that’s kind of surprising everyone else has overlooked. Gambling.

The Golden Knights players have embraced a huge part of the culture of their new hometown and brought it to the ice.

Another fun tradition, albeit a standard in the hockey world, is putting money on the board. Essentially used by players when they want to motivate their boys to beat a former team, writing down a cash prize for the winning goal on the whiteboard has been a constant in Vegas, since everybody has a former team. ‘We had a lot of money on the board, especially early on,’ Sbisa said. ‘And we got the wins.’-Ryan Kennedy, The Hockey News

Plenty of teams do it, but it seems all the more fitting for it to be working for the Golden Knights.

The house always wins, right?

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NHL Watchdog Could Negatively Effect Las Vegas

Everyone likes to be prepared. Couples prepare for children, students prepare for tests, and the NHL prepares for the future. The league took its first step towards accepting legalized sports wagering ahead of the 2017-18 season. Possibly a move that could impact Las Vegas and the future of sports betting.

Gambling Watchdog Sportsradar AG was contracted by the NHL this week to monitor suspicious gambling activity. Sportsradar is already contracted by other sports, maintaining the integrity of leagues. The NHL isn’t nervous about Las Vegas corruption, but tracking activity is a good way to be transparent.

The real question of impact could be on Las Vegas’ economy. Sportsradar’s recent contracts with the NHL and other pro leagues is a clear indication sports betting is starting to be more accepted. If pro leagues can prove to their owners, fans, and authorities that sports wagering will not affect the outcomes of games, sports wagering could open up in states across the US. Which would hurt the bottom line of Nevada. However, hockey isn’t really the concern to sportsbooks. The NHL brings in only a collective $300+ million a year, football brings in a whopping $1.8 BILLION a season for Las Vegas casinos.

Hiring a gambling watchdog isn’t necessarily because of Las Vegas entering the league. Sure, Sportsradar will make sure everything is kosher, but the NHL is more concerned with the future. Gambling sites and casinos have a lot of money. Legalizing sports betting would bring in another revenue for sports leagues. Sadly, it would effect the city the league is expanding to.

The NHL giveth, and taketh away.

Gambling In Las Vegas Is Not A Problem, Gambling Elsewhere Is

The Associated Press reported the National Hockey League has decided to bring their talents to Las Vegas, which came as no surprise to considering we had reported this hours after the executive committee met. It does bring up a few questions that need to be answered over the next couple of months.

One is gaming which has never been addressed in this process which is great because to address it would shed light on it as if it was a problem. Unfortunately that still doesn’t prevent the uneducated from flooding social media with their unfounded game fixing comments.

A few years ago, the thought of a professional sports team in Las Vegas would be unheard of, not because anyone at the league offices thought guys like Rick Tockett would be collecting drink tickets and screaming “C’mon three” at the race.., hold on, bad example. It was more because they were scared of the perception that came with publicly accepting Las Vegas into their club when they knew the real issue lurked right outside every NHL arena. Better to attack the devil you know I suppose. All together now, I ask all of you to send in your point shaving, game fixing stories that involve Las Vegas athletes. I’ll wait.

Truth is, the potential of unsavory characters trying to convince Marc-Andre Fleury his concussion may be acting up for the night is nonexistent because of sportsbooks. As long as books exist there is no need for a local bookmaker. Do they exist in Vegas? I’m sure they do, but nothing compared to the 1,000’s of illegal “bookies” that exist on the East Coast.

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Gambling Is Legal Here, We Still Want Our Team To Win

I’m going to make this as clear as I possibly can. Never once, have I walked out of the Thomas and Mack Center, Sam Boyd Stadium, MGM Grand Garden Arena, or Cashman Field, and over heard a patron speaking about how disappointed they were that the home team won but didn’t cover the point spread.

NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, made the comment that he didn’t want an arena filled with gamblers who would rather win their bet than getting two points in the standings.  These comments scream that the league hasn’t taken the time to really understand the people who have purchased 14,000 season tickets to a team that doesn’t exist.  Bettman’s vision of 1,000’s standing with betting tickets in their fist and venom in their eyes is about as accurate as thinking that Canadian NHL arena’s are attended by people who arrive by dog sledThey don’t, right?

The truth is, growing up in Upstate New York as a youth there was never a shortage of parlay sheets.  We know them in Las Vegas as parlay cards.  I could get a couple off my Dad who said he got them from the mailman. I could get them from friends in high school who lived way across town but somehow had the same mail carrier.  Point is, gambling was etched in the culture of high school students in a state where sports wagering is completely illegal.  So when Gary Bettman points a finger filled with assumption and conjecture as to the potential personality of a Las Vegas crowd perhaps he may want to focus on our postal service in current NHL cities.

You Bet You Can Bet On A Vegas NHL Team

For some unknown reason a issue major sports leagues have that has caused them to shy away from Las Vegas is the taboo of gambling on sports.

Major League Baseball obviously has their history with Pete Rose (who seems to be everywhere I am when I head down to the Strip). The NFL has frowned upon sports gambling despite publicly aligning themselves with fantasy football. The NBA and commissioner Adam Silver (great name) have seemed to warm up to betting, but still publicly curl up when questioned. And the NHL has never really commented on the topic themselves.

Now, with the NHL likely coming to Vegas in 2017-18, a major sports franchise will finally have to cross the hurdle.

Here’s what’s going to happen though. The league will announce the team in Vegas, have a bogus prepared answer to any questions about gambling on the team, and when the team finally hits the ice for real, their games will be on the board, just like every other team in the league.

Players aren’t going to bet on or against themselves. No one is going to throw a game. And nothing bad will happen.

Why leagues are still concerned about this is beyond me. Sports gambling in Las Vegas is a highly regulated business that is 100% trustworthy and transparent.

Heck, if the league is smart, they’ll partner with William Hill, CG Gaming, or one of the other companies, put kiosks in the stadium, and take a cut of each wager.

People are going to bet on the games one way or the other. It’s better, and safer, for everyone if the league allows Vegas games to be available to sports bettors across the valley.

And finally, you better believe that right here at The Sin Bin, we’ll be breaking down every single game… against the spread.

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