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Kings Pass Hockey Torch To Las Vegas

Say what you will about the Los Angeles Kings (#EveryoneSucksButVegas), but what they did to close out Frozen Fury and figuratively pass the torch to Las Vegas was absolutely brilliant.

Check it out.

The Kings also showed a pretty cool highlight video thanking Las Vegas for all the memories of the 18 years of Frozen Fury.

Goodbye Kings, Hello ________ Knights!

Frozen Fury Night One: Pictures and Observations

Last night marked the very first NHL game in T-Mobile Arena history, and hopefully the last time the Stars ever win in this building.

First, let’s start with some observations, then we will get to the pictures and videos.

  • Parking was easy, but they charge a $20 flat rate at NYNY and Monte Carlo. It’s free for locals at MGM Grand, Excalibur, Luxor, or Aria.
  • Ticket box/will call was very easy, short lines and very helpful.
  • Trip from entrance to seat took about 10 minutes.
  • Once I could see the ice, I seriously felt a chill. The air was crisp, it was noticeably cold.
  • You could see ice from parts of the concourse which was cool, so it never feels like you never miss gameplay.
  • The ice was incredibly clear and very bright, creating great visibility.
  • The ice seemed very fast. Like a clean sheet during the entire period rather than just the beginning. Players were gliding.
  • The boards were “live.” Big rebounds off the backboards behind the goalies. Two goals created from backboard deflections. Huge offensive impact if no adjustment is made.
  • Boards also seemed very stiff, didn’t move when players landed body checks.
  • Granted it was preseason, but there were so many penalties.
  • Penalty boxes look very big, almost like the league is expecting multiple players in one box at a time. Plenty of fans will be able to harass penalized players. And more importantly plenty of space for that ad we’ve been dreaming of.
  • Stanchions were slanted under new NHL regulations for player safety.

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Special Frozen Fury Ticket Offer Coming Friday From VegasWantsHockey

Tickets to the first ever professional hockey game at T-Mobile Arena will go on sale officially on June 24th as part of a two game package. The Kings play the Stars (Frozen Fury) on October 7th and then the Avalanche on October 8th. On the 24th, tickets will be sold as a dual ticket to both games. Single game tickets will be available in late July.

The Las Vegas organization is expected to offer the two pack tickets this Friday, a week before the pre-sale begins from the Kings.

Any one who placed a season ticket deposit will be emailed the offer Friday and we’ll make sure we have all the updated info here as well for all of you who are slacking on buying season tickets.

Ticket prices begin at $36 and will be available through or the T-Mobile Arena box office. Remaining individual game tickets, beginning at $39, will go on sale July 22. –Steve Carp, LVRJ

It’s the first chance we’ll get to see the ice, the boards, the Zamboni, the sin bins,  and real NHL hockey all in action at T-Mobile Arena. Frozen Fury is always a blast, but this one is going to be extra special.

I’ll see ya there.


Frozen Fury Back For 2016 At T-Mobile Arena

The Kings now have not one, but two preseason games scheduled at T-Mobile Arena. Rumors were pretty strong that Frozen Fury 2015 would be the final in the series, but the Kings have confirmed they are once again returning for their yearly classic here in Vegas.

They will be moving across the street from MGM Grand and will officially serve as the first hockey game in venue history.

The atmosphere at Frozen Fury is always one of the highlights of our exhibition game schedule and we believe we can take this to a ‘next level’ in this new environment. Our fans will be excited that there will be two games this season, our 50th Anniversary, and we know they — along with our players — are going to love this new state-of-the-art arena. -Luc Robitaille, President of Business Operations

Frozen Fury will take place on October 7th when the Kings play the Stars and the second exhibition game will be the following night with Colorado coming to Vegas to take LA.

I was asked if this had any impact on the expansion process and the decision making and in my personal opinion I don’t think it figures in the decision one way or another. Seems to me to be more of a deal between the Kings and MGM/AEG with the NHL simply signing off on it.

What happens to the future of Frozen Fury when our own team plays home exhibition games at T-Mobile Arena? That’s a different story.

Final Thoughts From Frozen Fury XVII

The Colorado Avalanche reached double digits in shots midway through the third period but most of the Kings fans in attendance seemed to reach that mark way before game time.

I knew the fan in front of me had a few too many when he started a “let’s go Raiders” chant.  He left the game wearing a beer because his female companion finally had enough. The more I looked around the more I felt as if that chant was appropriate. (And to think they are going to end this series)

In two years, when our community piles into the Cox Las Vegas Arena, my personal guess, we need to understand that our team will need us loud and proud, but let’s also remember that no other city will be under the microscope as much as our city will be so let’s always remember to bring our class and perhaps keep our “shots” to single digits.

Frozen Fury Files Out, For Good?

Every year to close out the preseason the Los Angeles Kings come to Las Vegas to play in the annual “Frozen Fury” game. This year the Kings smoked the Avalanche 4-0.

There’s a real possibility that this may have been the last Frozen Fury game here in Las Vegas, or at least the penultimate one.

But with Bill Foley looking to bring Las Vegas an NHL team of its own, it probably means the Kings will have to settle for regular-season visits to the valley, perhaps as early as 2017. –Steve Carp, LVRJ

Well that makes sense. Former Kings great and current President of Business Operations, Luc Robitaille, thinks maybe they’ve got one more year in em.

“We don’t know how it will work out,” he said of Foley’s attempt to land an expansion team for Las Vegas. “We know things will change. But I expect we would probably play once more in 2016 and play in the new arena.”

But why end such a good thing I wonder.

Preseason games are the absolute worst. Season ticket holders don’t want to pay for them, the players care much more about not getting hurt than anything else, and coaches just want them to end so they can get to the ones that matter.

It’s entirely possible that the people who used to go to Frozen Fury will now either be season ticket holders in Vegas, or wait until the regular season to make their trip down I-15.

However, there are ways to keep this thing here and still make it worthwhile. Here’s my recommendation. Cancel Frozen Fury until the 4th year of NHL in Vegas. Then bring it back to the Grand Garden Arena so fans can get the feel of a different stadium, and price it significantly lower than a regular season game at Las Vegas Arena.

May not make sense now, but when they see the attendance numbers for preseason games in year two, three, and beyond, they’ll be begging for ways to make them interesting.

Frozen Fury is one.

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