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Always An Expansion Team, But No Longer Treated Like One

The Golden Knights were supposed to stink. Every team that saw Vegas on their schedule had the belief that they were the superior team and they were going to win. It’s the life of an expansion team. Quite simply, the newest team is supposed to be the worst.

We’re the 31st team. We’re an expansion team; everybody’s better than us. Guys know that, I don’t have to talk about that. -Gerard Gallant on October 27th (prior to Vegas beating Colorado 7-0 to move to 8-1-0 on the year)

Now, they aren’t and no one comes plays the Golden Knights and expects an easy win, especially at T-Mobile Arena.

We’re not a surprise at home, that’s for sure. You read what other teams have said that this team is really good at home, the atmosphere, the lights, everything that comes along with being in Vegas. I think it matters. When you are playing against a team that’s playing well, you know it, especially if they have a good record at home. I think it certainly adds some extra pressure, but it can go both ways. -Nate Schmidt

Tonight the Golden Knights will host the Sharks as the leader of the division. No longer are they the hunter, instead, they are the hunted.

Every team knows that we are going to battle to beat, if they are going to come to beat us they are going to have to play their best game. I say the same thing all the time, if we are going to win we are going to have to play our best game to beat (divisional teams). -Gallant

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Using The “E-Word” As a Motivator

Expansion team. That’s what the Golden Knights are and will continue to be throughout this entire season, but there are many ways to frame those two words.

They can be used in a historical context.

They can be used as an excuse, as Gerard Gallant did after a preseason loss to the Kings.

“We’re an expansion team. We’re going to work hard and try to get better every day. -Gerard Gallant

Or, as they were tonight, they can be used as a kick in the ass for a team that has thrown away back-to-back games, and have a coach who isn’t happy about it.

We played a great two periods. Until that penalty, we were in control of the game and playing well. They scored a goal to make it 4-3, and the rest of the period we looked like an expansion team. That’s what happened. They took it to us. -Gallant

Gallant was as unhappy as we’ve ever seen him. He watched his team squander a 4-2 third-period lead due to stupid penalties, turnovers, and a lack of the aggressiveness that got them the lead in the first place.

I think I like angry Turk. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The e-word tonight was a slap in the face to the players who have taken that expansion team status and raised the bar to something much better. Gallant threw the e-word out there tonight to fire up his team after a pair of ugly losses.

Previously, those two words were almost a curse word in my book. I’ve been waiting for Gallant to use it as an excuse at every turn of the season. Today, he did the exact opposite. He used it as a motivator, and that’s exactly what it should be.

That’s two nights in a row we pissed away points. -Gallant

The Golden Knights are an expansion team, no matter what anyone says, but that doesn’t mean they have to play like one, and Turk isn’t going to let them do it without them hearing about it.

I love it.

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