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Senators Owner Calls Expansion Draft Rules “Killer” For Current Teams

By now I’m sure everyone has read the proposed rules NHL GM’s were presented at last week’s meeting. Speculation has been plentiful and we’ve even heard The Creator himself was giddy over what might be of his inaugural team.

But there are two sides to the coin. For as excited as we’ve been here in Vegas, owners, GMs, and media types are terrified of what may happen to their team when Vegas enters the league.

The Vegas team if that’s the one chosen, they paid $500 million for the privilege of picking – these players they are going to get, you guys have done the analysis. They’re going to be some good players we can’t protect because of the numbers. – Eugene Melnyk, Ottawa Senators Owner

He also went as far as to say the rules could be killer for certain teams. He did drop the word “privilege” though, which shows he understands why the rules are as they are.

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Source: Ottawa Senators Owner Wants To See The NHL In Vegas

Here at we have our eyes, and more importantly our ears, anywhere and everywhere people are talking Vegas hockey.

Our most recent discovery, we have fans in Canada.


Obviously the more friends we have the better. Unfortunately, Eugene Melnyk is NOT on the Board of Governors Executive Committee.

Nonetheless, we’ll take it. It’s great to hear that there are owners actively campaigning for Gary Bettman to grant us a team. The Creator can only do so much, he needs some help, it appears he’s getting it.

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