Wow. What a night. And I’m not talking about the seven goal offensive outburst by Los Angeles. No matter which candidate you voted for, we all witnessed one of the biggest upsets in election history. It’s the 1980 Miracle team of political upsets. Pennsylvania was Mike Eruzione with a late hour vote count. It completely stunned the election experts, the┬ápollsters, and quite frankly the world. Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s victory won’t unite the country like the 1980 Olympic Men’s hockey team.

Trump’s election success proves one thing, the dark horse is still alive. It’s been a year of the little guy winning… or not really, Trump is a billionaire, and the Cubs were the preseason favorite. Okay, so the underdog is sort of alive. The Villanova Wildcats shocked the college basketball world, the Cleveland Cavaliers came back from 3-1, and the Cleveland Indians scratched & clawed to the finish. I know, I know they blew a 3-1 lead. The underdog can’t win them all but maybe the election is a sign the unlikely winner can’t be counted out.

After the madness settled, and President-Elect Trump gave his victory speech I decided to flip through the channels. Lawrence O’Donnell’s & Rachel Maddow’s eye liner was running, and Campaign Carl Cameron was smiling with glee. There wasn’t much agreement among the networks, except for the same shocked reaction. Both sides, were all amazed by Trump’s upset victory. Not one political expert on both sides had the correct results. Even expert pollster Nate Silver apologized for getting it so wrong.

With that being said, last night I placed a $50 dollar wager on Las Vegas to win the 2018 Stanley Cup (Ken joined me too). You could’ve called me a nitwit yesterday. After today’s election result, I’m feeling confident. Sure the odds are absurd, but this could be the term of the underdog. If it is, I’m getting onboard now. Let me ride my #MAGA dollars all the way to the Stanley Cup. So join me, place a small wager on The Creator’s squad. If the Knights win, we all look like geniuses. If the Knights lose, who cares they weren’t expected to be competitive. Either way, 100-1 is a major long-shot. Although, after the 2016 election nothing seems impossible.