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Adidas Designer And Icethetics Share Abandoned Team Name, Logo, Jersey Concepts

As the Vegas Falcons prepare for their 6th season in the…

Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

As the Vegas Desert Knights prepare for….

Nope, still feels a bit off.

Six years ago now, a real discussion somewhat similar to this was being held in the conference rooms of the Fidelity National Investments building just off Summerlin Parkway. While the permanent home of the NHL’s 31st franchise was still under construction a team of designers from Adidas headed up by Jeff Eagles met and presented various team names, logos, fonts, colors, jerseys, and more with The Creator, George McPhee, and a few others representing what would eventually become the Vegas Golden Knights.

In a recent YouTube video from jersey fanatics, Icethetics, Jeff Eagles, the Adidas Design Director at the time, shared some of the early team names, logos, and jersey designs for the team that were eventually tweaked or abandoned completely.

The final three names that were presented to the team were Falcons, Desert Knights, and Golden Knights (Silver Knights was also considered as the NHL team name for a time).

Obviously, The Creator was stuck pretty strongly on Knights, so the majority of the logo create centered around Golden or Desert Knights.

Interestingly, a secondary logo seemed to have made it fairly far into the process and was consistently used in the late jersey mockups. It utilized the phrase found on ┬áthe Nevada state flag “Battle Born.”

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Three Names Trademarked, All Knights Related

Finally, a few names have hit the US Patent and Trademark database and one is likely the final name selected for the Las Vegas hockey team name.

The Creator‘s desired Black Knights was ruled out, so he had to choose another adjective. Desert Knights, Silver Knights, and Golden Knights were trademarked by Black Knight Sports and Entertainment. You can see the trademarks by going here and searching “Las Vegas AND Knights”

Can’t guarantee (these are the final three names) but the filings are on behalf of Black Knight Sports and Entertainment. -The Creator

This is the major step we’ve been waiting for as there’s no way for an NHL organization to print and sell anything without a trademark. Otherwise, would be printing Silver Knights stuff left and right and raking in the cash.

Trademarks are a much larger indication of the possible team name than domain names, which can be purchased after the fact… or not purchased at all. Plus, trademarks cannot be hidden as they must be registered by the business name planning on using them, while domains can be purchased by anyone and transferred.

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