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Gallant And Players Excited About New Defensive System

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

For the first time since becoming a franchise, the Golden Knights deployed a new system in the defensive zone. As opposed to playing strict man-to-man across the entire defensive zone, Gerard Gallant and his staff advised players to show more of a zone look, handing off puck carriers when the opposing team cycles.

(To read much more about the new system, how it works, what it looks like, how it’s different, and the benefits, check out yesterday’s article breaking it down with clips and illustrations.)

The new system was far from flawless in its first appearance as Vegas allowed multiple goals while trying to sort out plays. However, universally across the locker room and the coaches room, there’s a belief that it will eventually turn into something much more efficient than the simpler man-to-man system of the past.

I spoke about it in-depth with Paul Stastny, Nate Schmidt, and Gerard Gallant. Here’s what they had to say.

It wasn’t a big deal really. Players probably talk about it more than we do, it was a minor tweak. There were still some mistakes made but no matter what system you play there’s going to be some mistakes but I like what I saw last night. Moving forward we’ll see. Hopefully it keeps working and we’ll try it. You’ve got to change things when you are not winning. You don’t want to change a whole lot but you can do minor tweaks and hopefully, it helps. -Gallant

That’s a tough team to do it against because their D-men are so active. But the more we do it the more we’ll get comfortable. It’s like anything, sometimes you change something little, you don’t want to overthink it because when you overthink it that’s when you get in trouble. -Paul Stastny

That’s about as active as a d-group as you are going to see and I thought we did the whole ‘bend don’t break.’ We didn’t have a lot of time to practice it a lot but I thought we did a pretty good job of picking it up and going with it. -Nate Schmidt

The other, I mean I shouldn’t say the other because we haven’t completely changed, but the other stuff we were doing we found some teams were taking advantage of some stuff we were doing and giving them too much open ice so we’re hoping this works out. -Gallant

It’s definitely not man-on-man. That is the way we want to play. More support, more layers, more backing each other out, more guys helping each other out in battles. Where if a guy gets beat you aren’t scrambling to try and come off a guy. Back each other up a little more, support each if something happens. In this system, you are going to block more shots and we are going to have to communicate more. For most of the game we did a pretty good job for just picking it up and going with it. -Schmidt

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Golden Knights Deployed New Defensive System Against Nashville

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

They’ve changed personnel, it didn’t work.

They’ve changed lines, it didn’t work.

Now, they’ve changed a system, and while it also didn’t work, they won and you can’t say the Golden Knights aren’t trying whatever they can to turn this season around.

We played a little bit different system in the D-zone and we’re trying to strike fast. -Reilly Smith to ATT Sportsnet in 2nd intermission

The change came when all 10 players were in the Golden Knights defensive zone. Rather than playing straight-up man-to-man like they normally do, Vegas went to a zone system similar to how they defend power plays.

We made some changes a little bit. At times we were a little confused but we didn’t hang our heads. We didn’t sulk when we got scored on we just kept playing with it. -Paul Stastny to ATT Sportsnet after game

Before we show exactly where things went wrong in Nashville, let me illustrate exactly how the change looked. To the greaseboard!

Here’s how the Golden Knights normally defend in their own zone.

The idea here is that the winger (in this case #61 Mark Stone) stays with his man (#59 Roman Josi), while the center or defenseman (#26 Paul Stastny) stays with his man (#19 Calle Jarnkrok). No matter where each player goes, or whether the puck goes with them or not, the Golden Knights stay with their player. It’s like man-to-man defense in football or basketball.

Last night, they went with a zone.

This time, #61 Stone hands-off #59 Josi to #26 Stastny as he activates off the blue line and heads down towards the goal. Stone stays at the point while Stastny stays down lower and picks up Josi.

Here’s what it looks like in reality.

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