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Q. Hi SinBin, I’m so excited the players are taking the ice this week for practice. Normally, I would try and attend as many as I could so I can root on the boys, but now practice is locked out for fans. I’m worried the players won’t have a productive skate-arounds without the fans in the building. I, along with other fans get loud and encourage the players to power through tough practices. Golden Knights fans are so loyal that we bring the same energy to City National Arena as we do to the T-Mobile Arena. I know fans are locked out for good reasons, but I’m concerned for their focus after the long layoff. Do you think the players will miss the crowds, flag waving, and ‘Go Knights Go’ chants at the CNA?

Locked out Lisa

A. I have some good news and some bad news. Let’s start with the good. The players are hitting the ice for the first time in months, and there’s a lot riding on what happens when they get back to playing games. The players may appreciate quieter practices so they can get back to playing shape and focus their attention solely on the round-robin. Another reason why the lack of fans might be best at the time being is because like all of us, the players have been locked at home with the kids and significant others for months. Some peace and quiet time on the ice might be beneficial for some of the Golden Knights.

Here’s the bad news. Players have told us how they enjoy the fans attending practice so I’m sure some will miss your positive cheers, signs and even the flag waving. Now it’s time to prepare for the path to the Stanley Cup, they’ll be focused with or without fans in the building. It really isn’t bad news.

So, Lisa, save your voice and wrist strength for next season’s practices. Hopefully, life will be back to normal by then. In the meantime, Go Lisa Go!

Q. Dear SinBin, with the recent news of the NHL playoff format there seems to be an end in sight to the pause, however I fear I may not make it to that point. My family and I are season ticket holders and thoroughly enjoy going to the Fortress and watching the VGK In action. With that said, the biggest problem in our household is the absence of the games on television. My 8 yr old son likes watching the games on tv with me and my wife and with that being absent it’s caused a lot of unrest. I’ve tried watching the classic replays with my wife and son but even my kid is like “Dad, we already know who wins and I remember this game, why are we watching a game we were at, that we’ve watched before”? Etc, etc. Just to keep the peace I’ll let him watch Netflix, I swear to god if I have to watch another episode of Garfield (his latest binge) or the Boss Baby series I’m going to lose my mind. Once he’s asleep my wife insists on trying to make me like her shows like How to get away from murder, the first 48 and stuff like that. Oh god, Is she trying to kill me? Am I the problem? Is my son trying to drive me crazy so that she has an excuse to “do away with me”? Help me please!

Restless, paranoid and fearing for my life, Robb aka R-O-Double B @vgkfan702

A. Robb you are a good man. You have sacrificed your peace and tranquility for your family during the lockdown. I commend you for trying but as you found out kids can re-watch literally anything other than sporting events. Garfield and Boss Baby are constantly on at my house as well, and there’s nothing more uncomfortable than being forced to watch women’s programming. Especially shows about wives hiring hitmen. So I feel ya. Although, it could be worse. Have you ever been told to sit down and watch the Shahs of Sunset? Holy sh*t!!!

While you may have to occasionally look over your shoulder at home, I think you’re safe from being clipped, hit or whacked. Your wife and son are probably feeling cabin fever as well. Thankfully, the league is slowly starting to resume so that should calm your family down just a bit. Remind them that everyday is a day closer to watching their Golden Knights play again. I am concerned for your safety once you explain to your son that he won’t be able to attend any of the games. I expect you’ll be inundated with more annoying kids shows and couch time with your wife’s favorite crime and punishment programs. Hang in there RO-Double Robb, August is only 54 days away.

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