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Tallon Not Interviewed; Sign Of Direction?

We’ve been speculating for a while now who may become the first general manager in Las Vegas franchise history. Names like George McPhee, Dale Tallon, Scott Mellanby, and my personal favorite Jason Botterill have been tossed around by just about everyone.

However, recently I’ve begun getting the feeling The Creator and his team want someone much younger, more eager, taking a big step up, and probably someone most of us have never heard of. No one has told me anything to confirm this suspicion, but the context clues from both conversations I’ve had and attempting to read in between the lines of comments made publicly have led me to this belief.

The confirmation from the RJ that Dale Tallon was not interviewed has only beefed up my theory.

One who wasn’t contacted was Florida Panthers president Dale Tallon. ‘We never talked,’ Tallon said. ‘I know he asked my owner (Vincent Viola) for permission and he was given it. They’re both West Point guys. But I never heard from Mr. Foley.’ -Steve Carp, LVRJ

Tallon is probably the guy with the best resume to take this job. He’s got the most experience and the most success, but father time is not on his side.

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Adding A Name To The Potential GM List

A few weeks ago, I wrote that George McPhee’s name has come up as a possible candidate to secure a high ranking position, perhaps general manager, for the soon to be named Las Vegas franchise. With any job search there are numerous people to be considered and this is no exception so let’s go ahead and add Dale Tallon to the list.

Tallon, who recently signed a three year deal to become the Florida Panthers President of Hockey Operations, was the former General Manager and although the Panthers spun it as a promotion it appears as if it was lateral at best even though he still receives final say on all trades.

The Panthers are going to using a new analytic system called “Prospect Cohort Success” and word has it that this new system doesn’t sit well with Tallon when it comes to drafting players. The Panthers know that losing a talent like Tallon would be a huge hit to their organization so they moved him out of the way by giving him a “promotion”.

Even though Vancouver has been the rumored landing spot we know many rumors are just reality’s smoke screen so expect Las Vegas to be in play if he makes a move.

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