NHL.com’s Q&A Tuesday recently say down with former Nashville Predators, and current Minnesota Wild owner, Craig Leipold. The former expansion team owner had loads of advice for the league’s newest member including marketing strategies, relationship building, and non-traditional markets. But there was one piece that must be ignored.

Every night, after every game you have, the next morning you’re going to read the newspaper and it’s going to tell you exactly how you’re doing. That’s another thing, you’re not used to being criticized every single day [in other businesses]. Just don’t read it. Don’t read the blogs. Sure, you’ve got to read the newspapers, but stay away from all the message boards. There is nothing good that you’re going to learn about your team or how it should be managed. -Leipold

Read the newspapers, but not the blogs and message boards? So hear what the softest style of media has to say about you, but stay away from the places that will actually offer up the hard truth?

This mantra is the exact cause of one of the biggest criticisms of The Creator thus far. Many believe he doesn’t listen to the fans. He selected the name he liked, and went with the branding on the city name he thought would sell gear rather than the one locals prefer. 

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