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Tag: Conspiracy Theory Podcast #36: Too Old, Maybe

Ken and Jason head into the brand new studio at The Space LV. We talk team name conspiracy, old people in the organization, fast food, and more. Hosted by Ken Boehlke.

  •  A little intro into our new studio. (Note: The audio kinks will be worked out for the next one, hang in there)
  • Thank you all so much for coming out to the SinBin charity event.
  • Is this organization valuing experience over ideals?
  • A little more detail on the team name conspiracy theory.
  • So many Twitter questions.
  • Favorite and least favorite jerseys currently in the NHL.
  • Please help us raise another $500 for The Space LV. Send me an email if you would like to donate.

And much more…

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What If Everything Ever Said About The Las Vegas NHL Team Name Is A Lie

Disclaimer: This post is NOT news. It is just an attempt to put forth a possible explanation as to what is really going on behind the scenes and why the Las Vegas team name process seems so convoluted. This is simply a theory that will make sense to some, and none to others. Deep down, I do not believe this theory to be true, but what fun would the Internet be if we didn’t at least throw it out there. So here goes…


What if everything we’ve been told about the team name since June 22nd, the day Las Vegas was officially awarded a team, was a lie? The gambling name ban, the London Knights fiasco, the Hawks situation, the trademarks, the domains, the color scheme, everything. What if it all were simply a ploy to keep us away from the real name and allow The Creator and his brand new organization to blow our socks off with something completely shocking at the announcement party?

And maybe the more important question, would you care? That’s where this entire concept begins. We’re talking about a team name. In theory the most insignificant piece of information surrounding the team in terms of the on-ice product. It’s a victimless string of lies or maybe we should call them mistruths, and the reason this all makes sense.

Let’s start all the way back before Las Vegas was ever awarded a team. At the time it was clear, if/when the NHL finally awards a franchise to the city, the prospective owner would like to name it Black Knights, in an attempt to pay homage to his alma mater, Army West Point. All other names were secondary, and in a way unacceptable if Black Knights was passable. But apparently it wasn’t.

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