Late this afternoon the Las Vegas hockey team sent out an invitation to all season ticket holders encouraging them to come down to Toshiba Plaza on November 22nd. But you already knew that. It’s the color scheme in that email that is the interesting point.

Now, let’s make it abundantly clear before I share it with you. I do not know for a fact that the color scheme in the email is the actual color scheme. But let’s put it this way, it certainly fits the prior description.

Well as I’ve said it will have some desert influences. Because it’s Knights, there’s obviously going to be some steel grey somewhere. Probably have some gold because that makes sense, and most teams have black. -The Creator

Ok, so now let’s take a look at that email.


See that red? That desert looking gold? The grey lettering in “Don’t Miss Out!”? Here, let me zoom it in.

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