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Team Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony For Practice Facility

There’s nothing we love more than a good photo op! And that’s exactly what we got at the official groundbreaking ceremony for the brand new NHL practice facility being built in Downtown Summerlin right across the street from the Red Rock Casino.

Look at the shovels! The smiles! The use of exclamation points in this article thus far!img_4047

Can you tell we hate these types of things yet?

Alright, enough sarcasm for one post, let’s go back over how amazing this practice facility is going to be for the Las Vegas community, cause that’s no joke. The building will house two full size sheets of ice which will be used in-season by the Something Knights for just a few hours during the day. The rest of the time the rinks will be open for community use.

It’ll also have a fully functional restaurant overlooking the ice where fans will have the opportunity to dine during practice. The facility will house the entire organizations offices and will serve as the team’s official home when they aren’t playing games at T-Mobile Arena.

Senior VP, Murray Craven, the guy in charge, says the project should take around 42 weeks with construction crews working day and night to assure it will get done by training camp in September of next year.

Ok, now some pictures! (And more exclamation points!)

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Practice Facility In Summerlin Breaking Ground Next Week

After finally shoring up all the legal mumbo jumbo, the NHL Practice Facility slated to be built in Downtown Summerlin East of Pavilion Center Drive and South of Griffith Peak Drive will break ground officially on October 5th.

There will be a ceremony, open to the public, at 1:30 PM and will be attended by The Creator, practice facility guru Murray Craven, Steve Sisolak and Susan Brager from Clark County, and Kevin Orrock from the Howard Hughes Corp.

If you decide to head out there next Wednesday, you can expect a few speeches, a nice little shovel in the ground photo op (my favorite), and some very generic speeches about the importance of the facility to the community. It’s gonna be electric.

Nonetheless, it’s great to see construction of this thing finally getting underway. Craven mentioned earlier that the process is expected to take about 42 weeks, which would put the estimated completion date in late July to early August. That would give them plenty of time to be ready for training camp next season.

This is of course, if there are no debilitating hiccups in the next 10 months. The facility is set to have two sheets of ice, offices for the entire staff, and a restaurant which will be open to the public. Knowing how The Creator does things, it’s going to be the best practice facility in the NHL the moment it opens, there’s no doubt about that.

So, we’ll see ya on October 5th, bring your shovels. (Don’t really bring shovels, you’ll look weird.)

Practice Facility Construction Begins… Sort Of, City National Arena,

The dirt plot next to Downtown Summerlin is officially on it’s way to becoming a the new practice facility for the Las Vegas NHL franchise. Kinda.

At this moment the only thing that can be done is to move dirt, but hey, you’ve gotta start some where. Actual construction is still a few weeks away and a true groundbreaking ceremony is expected to be sometime in the next month or so.

As for what the facility will look like, we’ll still have to wait on that. (Those renderings floating around are maybe just a bit too similar to another place.)

Quite possibly the coolest part of the new building is the plan to have one of The Creator’s signature restaurants on the second floor overlooking the two sheets of ice down below. The menu at MacKenzie River Pizza looks delicious. I can already envision myself with some Buffalo Mack n’ Cheese and a Branding Iron pizza kicking back watching some hockey. Please give me free food. 

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Practice Facility Location Moved Yet Again

Once it was planned for Durango and the 215, then it moved northwest a bit to Far Hills and the 215, now, it appears the location of NHL practice facility for the brand new Las Vegas franchise has found it’s final home.

The team is finalizing a deal with The Howard Hughes Corp. to lease land on Pavilion Center Drive between Rosemary Park Drive and Summerlin Centre Road and hopes to break ground in September or early October on the 105,000-square foot facility. –Steve Carp, LVRJ

The location is directly next to Downtown Summerlin on the east side, the side further away from the highway. Here it is on the map.

The Creator still expects it to be up in time for the opening of the NHL season in 2017. It would be an impressive feat since the original timeline indicated it would take 18 months to build the facility and October 2017 is just more than 15 months away and they aren’t planning on breaking ground for another four months.

According to the RJ, the plans have not changed citing there will still be two sheets of ice. However, the previous location offered an expandable area which would allow for two more sheets as well. It’s yet to be seen if this location will have the ability to house a total of four sheets.

This location actually makes a bit more sense as it’s more in the thick of things in Summerlin rather than on the outskirts. I can already envision it, morning skate, Lazy Dog for lunch, couple hours shooting craps at Red Rock, then down to T-Mobile to watch some Vegas domination. Let’s do it!

LVWantsHockey Releases First Practice Facility Renderings

The practice facility planned for Far Hills and the 215 has a face for the first time ever. Here are the pictures from the official Twitter account of the team.

The facility was originally planned to sit on Clark County land on Durango near the 215, but a better deal popped up through the city and now the location in Summerlin will get the go ahead.

The Creator expects the facility to be fully operational in 18 months, so the team will be able to practice there about half-way through the inaugural season.

You may be asking, how are they building a practice facility without a team? We have some interesting background on that courtesy of The Creator himself. He asked Gary Bettman directly if they should get going with a practice facility and the league responded by saying, “it’s your risk capital.”

Reading in between the lines, any answer other than “no” essentially gives the go ahead, and that’s exactly what happened.

The facility is moving along the planning stages quickly, and will likely break ground moments after the announcement. But it still should be mentioned, if there’s no team, there’s no facility.

New Location For Practice Facility, Creator Expects Announcement Within Month

Things are changing behind the scenes with the practice facility. In November we broke the news on the location of the facility, however, a city official has confirmed a new location which will allow the building to house four sheets of ice rather than just two.

The new location is just west of I-215 off Far Hills Road. The location is near Palo Verde High School in northwest Summerlin. Click this for a jpeg map. If you are on an iPhone or Mac, click this for the interactive map.

The land is currently owned by Howard Hughes who have agreed in principle to allow Clark County to purchase and improve upon the land.

Just as before, the facility will be owned and operated by Clark County, paid for out of the parks budget, and leased by the NHL team team for approximately one to two hours per day, offsetting almost all of the building’s cost to the county. The rest of the time it will be rented out for Las Vegas locals to use.

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