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“In The Not Too Distant Future, You Are Going To Be His Boss”

It’s come to my attention that not everyone who visits this site listens to the podcast religiously. First of all, what’s wrong with you? Secondly, here’s a fantastic story you missed from the 11th episode of the Podcast.

During a recent interview with The Creator on his radio show, Sportsbook Radio, Brian Blessing laid it out in the most perfect way possible.

You know, I’ve not know you long but you don’t strike me as a guy who takes ‘no’ for an answer. Let me make your day. You are jumping through hoops and doing everything Gary Bettman is telling you, but the beauty of this is, in the not too distant future, you are going to be Gary Bettman’s boss. -Brian Blessing

The Creator’s face lit up, then he blushed a bit and said,

Yeah, that’s right. – The Creator

If that’s doesn’t get your heart going thinking about the future hockey team in this city, I’m not sure what does.

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For Fairness Sake, NHL Expansion Announcement Must Come Before Draft

We are usually much more concerned about how everything going on in the expansion process will effect our future team here in Vegas. But the eventual decision, and it’s timing, will have a radical effect on every one of the other 30 teams currently in the NHL.

This idea was first brought to us on the most recent Podcast by the great Brian Blessing (#Attribution). General managers across the league have to know if and when a new team is coming in to the league before the NHL Entry Draft so they can properly plan for changes in salary cap, the expansion draft, and any other roster implications going forward.

We could even take it a step further in saying teams deserve the right to know before the trade deadline coming up in a few days on the 29th of February.

Any trade, waiver addition, or draft pick must be made with an eye toward the future. Adding aging veterans to take a shot at the Cup this year may expose younger players in the expansion draft. Dumping salary might be unnecessary as the expansion team may be forced to take some of it on through the draft. Trading picks cannot reasonably be done without the understanding of where a new team may select in the Entry Draft.

Read More Podcast #11: Hockey Talk w/ Brian Blessing (Pt. 1)

In this episode we are joined by self-proclaimed “hockey guy” Brian Blessing. Brian is a lifelong puck head who covered the Buffalo Sabres for many years during the glory days of the Dominik Hasek era. Brian, Dana, and Ken chat it up in part one of the two part extravaganza. Hosted by Ken Boehlke.

  • Brian gives some personal background and does a terrible job plugging his own stuff. So, here’s everything we can find on him. Radio Show, Bio, Twitter, Current Radio Station, and Picture of His Face.
  • The genesis of the Las Vegas Wants Hockey “Founding 75” and Brian’s inclusion.
  • Why success in Vegas is a sure thing.
  • Dana’s continued frustrating with Gary Bettman.
  • Brian’s brilliant explanation as to why the announcement has to come before the 2016 Entry Draft.
  • Keith Yandle’s dirty play on Artemi Panarin and the Blackhawks lack of retaliation.

And much more…

Part 2 will be released next week on Thursday.

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**We want to once again send a huge thank you to Brian Blessing for coming on the podcast for not one but two episodes. Thank you Brian.**

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