Way before the NHL announced a new franchise, critics wouldn’t stop bringing up home-ice advantage in Las Vegas… or a supposed lack there of. We’re not dumb, we know there will be other fans at the T-Mobile arena. Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict the impact, but I personally think it’s overblown, especially if the team is good. The NHL doesn’t seem all that concerned either. Forty-one home games will be hard for visiting fans to consistently take over. Eight games seems far more feasible. And you know what league plays eight home games?

Thankfully, Mark Davis and his terrible haircut are still a few years away. However, he’s the one who should really prepare himself for a weak home-field advantage. Even the ghost of Al Davis can look up the reaction around the country. NFL fans are anxious for the Raiders relocation. Good for the NFL, bad for the team. Right? Ha, that’s what critics said about Vegas hockey. However, the Golden Knights play 33 more home games than the Raiders. It’s a formula that could spell trouble for the relocated franchise.

Las Vegas native and Pro Bowl linebacker Brandon Marshall is all about relocation. Marshall plays for the Broncos, so a quick trip home is a bonus. That also means Denver fans are a quick trip away as well. Marshall tweeted out his Bronco pride and confidence his fans will travel to Las Vegas.

Immediately, Marshall got hundreds of Twitter responses from Denver and other NFL fans. Not many are against the Oakland to Las Vegas swap.

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