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GM Meetings In Toronto; Vegas Still Not Invited

Here we go again. Two months ago, NHL owners met for another round of the Board of Governors and their newest colleague, The Creator, was not invited. The reason given was because the final payments had yet to be made, so he was not technically an owner yet.

Well, they’ve finally put a name on this ridiculousness calling it, “franchise rights” and now it’s affecting GM George McPhee.

Noticeably absent from the GMs meeting was Las Vegas GM George McPhee. The Vegas expansion team doesn’t yet have “franchise rights” until their transaction to enter the league officially closes, which is expected sometime in the spring. In other words, not until their final payment on that $500 million expansion fee is made. –Pierre LeBrun, ESPN

Earlier this month we heard from The Creator himself on Sportsbook Radio saying he’s planning on “accelerating the payment” which should come before the March GM meetings. But he also mentioned something else that really shouldn’t go unnoticed.

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Creator Not Invited To Board Of Governors Meeting This Week

In an interview with Steve Carp of the RJ, The Creator revealed he will not be attending the NHL’s Board of Governors meeting scheduled for this Friday. The reason given was because he has not fully paid off the ridiculous $500 million entry fee the league required to award Las Vegas a franchise.

Last September all the news surrounding the Board of Governors meeting was about the official presentations of Las Vegas and Quebec City. But they also took a look at early returns on 3v3 overtime, concussion protocols, coaches challenges, and more. All important aspects that will affect the Las Vegas TBA Knights when they hit the ice in October.

The Creator’s lost invitation is just another example of the league not doing any favors to help promote their newest organization. Right now on, the only mention of Las Vegas is a news aggregate box way down on the right side. Any time you see a team list, Las Vegas is not there. Head over to the shop, Las Vegas is no where to be found. Of course, there’s nothing to sell and nothing to really show, but would it not make sense to have placeholders? A little greyed out name that says Las Vegas. A shop that says coming soon. These are little things that keep the new franchise front of mind, something the NHL seems uninterested in doing.

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Executive Committee Formally Recommends Las Vegas For Expansion

Well, we’ve finally confirmed the news we hoped we would get when this day started.

Our sources in Las Vegas with extensive knowledge of the organization and the expansion process have confirmed the Executive Committee formulated a positive recommendation for expansion to Las Vegas and the official announcement will come on June 22nd prior to the NHL Awards ceremony.

There has not yet been confirmation on division, expansion draft date, or any other details as previously reported by Francois Gagnon.

The announcement is currently scheduled to take place at a press conference in Las Vegas to be held before the Awards, not during. The league has had a habit of changing these types of events before, but at the moment that’s when Commissioner Bettman is expected, presumably with The Creator by his side, to say the magic words and grant Las Vegas its first major professional sports franchise.

The next step in the process is for Mr. Foley to sign the expansion contract and send it, plus $500 million, back to the league. At that point, the 30 owners will vote at the Board of Governors meeting to accept the expansion contract and expand the league to 31. Las Vegas will begin play in the 2017-18 season.

Our sources were not told directly whether or not Quebec City will also be awarded a franchise, but we were told “it’s pretty much widely assumed we’re coming in alone.”

So crack a cold one, click the link, and sing it with me people


Executive Committee Meeting Happening Tuesday, June 7th

The next step in the expansion process is set to happen tomorrow when the NHL’s Board of Governors Executive Committee meets to formalize their recommendation for expansion.

Sources have confirmed the date to us and many reporters have been told the same as well.

As we’ve reported earlier, the 9-man Executive Committee will prepare their recommendation in favor of Las Vegas and against (probably using the word “defer”) Quebec City.

After the meeting on Tuesday, the plan is to have a vote at the Board of Governors meeting in Las Vegas on June 22nd. However, there are some rumors out there indicating a special Board of Governors vote could occur slightly earlier, allowing the league to finalize specifics on the official announcement in Las Vegas.

Either way, tomorrow is a big day and hopefully somebody in that meeting will spill the beans. Even if they don’t though, just know Vegas hockey fans, you can sleep well, the wait is almost over.


League Gives Vague Update On Expansion Process

With the news that Commissioner Gary Bettman will address the media on Monday, rumors began to swirl about the possibility of an expansion announcement at the press conference.

Unfortunately, we’re here to once again deny those reports.

There are still a few steps which must occur before the league officially unveils Las Vegas as the NHL’s 31st franchise. Those steps include an Executive Committee meeting in which the 10-man group formulates their recommendation on expansion. Then that recommendation must then be presented to the full Board of Governors who will then vote (we’re still hearing unanimously).

The response we got from the league this morning confirms this process has yet to commence.

There is an annual Executive Committee meeting scheduled prior to the Board of Governors meeting each June, and this year is no exception to that. -Jamey Horan, NHL VP of Event Communications

When we asked if exact dates for those two meetings had been set, no response was sent.

Horan added this in the original email.

The agenda for the Executive Committee has not yet been formulated or distributed. No decisions have been made at this time as to whether there will or won’t be a formal recommendation on expansion brought before the Board at the upcoming Board of Governors meeting in June.

So, now you know everything you want to know? Right?

The process continues!!!



Sources Reconfirm NHL Expansion To Las Vegas, Update Timeline

Here at we previously confirmed the NHL is coming to Las Vegas with a mid-May announcement from the league to make it official. Sources close to the team have reconfirmed the franchise is coming, but the information they received indicating it would be announced in early to mid-May was premature.

According to our source, NHL owners were prepped by the league to be ready for a special Board of Governors meeting to finalize the expansion process. This info was relayed to the Las Vegas organization through an owner and not directly from the league, leading the Vegas team to expect an imminent Board of Governors meeting with an announcement following shortly there after.

When Bill Daly visited T-Mobile Arena last week for the Canelo/Khan boxing match he would not confirm any specific timeline only to consistently reiterate that he and the league are optimistic.

The Las Vegas organization is now back in wait and see mode and when we asked when they expected the announcement to come, we were told, “we honestly don’t know if it’ll come next week, at the NHL Awards Show (on June 22nd) or sometime in between.”

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Proposed Rules For An Expansion Draft Have Been Discussed By Owners

Superstar hockey reporter and our all time favorite person named Pierre, Pierre LeBrun has uncovered some incredibly interesting nuggets about what’s actually being discussed in the Board of Governors meetings about expansion.

One GM said to me he saw the proposed rules and he goes, ‘You could lose one of your best young players under what’s being proposed right now.’ -Pierre LeBrun

“Under the proposed rules.” Which means, there are proposed rules. They are indeed discussing topics well beyond “do we actually want to expand.”

What the executive committee has been shown as the original ideas from the league for an expansion draft has them being exposed and losing some pretty good players.

We speculated this might be the case based on the ridiculous $500 million cost of the franchise. The assumption was if the league was going to charge so much, they would have to give the new team(s) a real chance. This quote further confirms the league is indeed proposing rules which would leave some excellent players unprotected.

The unnamed GM did go on to say however the decision on whether or not to expand has not been set in stone yet.

So that’s part of the debate as well, is the yin and yang of, ‘Do we want new teams,’ and ‘How much are we going to enjoy losing a really good player or two in the expansion draft?’

Here’s the problem with the statement. If the rules are “too loose” for the liking of the owners, it absolutely should not be the reason Vegas is denied get a team. Of course The Creator, his organization, and us fans all want the team to get the best talent possible, but I’m sure we would all agree we’d rather have a bad team than no team.

This does mark the first time we’ve had a great source confirming the owners are hung up on expansion rules. We appear to have fully clearly the, “is Vegas good enough” stage, which means just one thing. It’s only a matter of time til our dreams become a reality.

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