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Gary Bettman Holds Party Line, Says Expansion Not Guaranteed

Early last week we shared all the information we received from our source close to the team and confirmed an NHL franchise is indeed heading to Las Vegas. The league, in the form of Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly, was quick to jump all over our report and say what they’ve been saying the entire time, “the process is ongoing, no time table has been set.”

Gary Bettman came out yesterday and did just the same.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman told a group of sports editors Friday that there was nothing new on expansion, which he again repeated wasn’t a guarantee for 2017-18 or at all. -Associated Press

He went on to once again rule out Seattle saying even if a building broke ground tomorrow (which it isn’t) it wouldn’t matter.

Throughout the entire week we’ve continued contacting our sources and can confirm nothing has changed. Daly is correct in saying no meeting is currently scheduled, however a meeting will be scheduled, and it’ll be up to the league on whether or not to comment on that meeting when it happens in early May.

The practice facility will continue moving forward, ticket sales are still racking up pushing toward 14,500, and in a few weeks, Las Vegas will have its first major professional sports franchise.

Even if the league won’t give us a “guarantee.”

NHL Office Responds Via Email To Vegas Fan’s Question On Expansion

Recently one of our followers let us know he sent an email to Bill Daly, NHL Deputy Commissioner, inquiring on a date for expansion announcement. Here’s the email our favorite fan from Memphis sent the league.


My guess would have been that any email using the words “Las Vegas” and “Expansion” would be automatically forwarded to a folder marked “annoying fans,” but it appears that is not the case.

Just three days later a man named Frank Brown responded to the email. After some digging, we learned Frank’s job is “responding to Commissioner’s office requests.” God, that job must SUCK. Nonetheless, here’s the response.


We’ve heard Bettman say something similar before, but it’s definitely interesting to see it in print directly from the league that “some time in June” is the official deadline for hockey to start in Vegas in 2017-18.

Not sure we can really take much out of this email other than the fact that it’s cool to know someone in the league offices do read our emails and take the time to respond.

If anyone has else has received similar emails, shoot them over to, I’d love to see if/how the answers have changed over the past year or so.

Hurricanes Offer Vegas Interesting Fallback Plan

It seems like we’ve all come to the conclusion the league will expand and Las Vegas will be the recipient of a shiny new NHL franchise, the league’s 31st. But, that Gary Bettman is a tricky little (mean word of your choice) and as long as there has been an announcement there’s always the chance he and the league pull the plug on The Creator.

Our favorite Wyshynski, Greg Wyshynski, laid out a pretty nice backup plan if indeed the expansion rug is indeed pulled out from under Las Vegas.

It would even out the conferences at 15 and 15. It would give Vegas a team that’s closer to contention than an expansion draft would provide. And it would potentially take a team that’s losing money with ownership looking to get out to a city where revenues could be more consistent and new ownership. It does make a little sense. -Greg Wyshynski, Puck Daddy

In fact, it would actually get The Creator a team at a discounted rate, and if you aren’t buying the loose expansion draft rumors, Las Vegas could actually get a team closer to contending quicker via this route.

I’ll still argue that an expansion team has a much better chance at succeeding in the long term in the valley, but if the options are the Hurricanes or no one, I’m pretty sure we’re all on the same page with that answer.

We seem to have come far enough that expansion seems like almost an inevitability, but it’s always great to have a fail safe, and Peter Karmanos and the dumpster fire he created in Carolina might just be the perfect safety net.

We should note late last night Deputy Commish Bill Daly said there’s “no chance” the Hurricanes move to Quebec. But, that’s pretty much what he has to say, so we aren’t reading too deeply into it.

NHL Figuring Out Expansion Trades, Plus More On NMC’s

It’s nice the rest of the media world has finally caught on to the idea that this thing really seems like it’s going to happen. With the “leaked” expansion draft rules coming out last week media members everywhere are trying to figure out how it will affect their teams.

Some are claiming it’ll kill good teams. Others think teams with players with “no-move-clauses” (NMC’s) will get hurt. And the rest are just like all of us geeking out about what’s to come.

There are still a lot of rules to be figured out, especially one that was brought up by our good friend Frank Seravalli (we’ve never met Frank but if we say he’s out friend maybe he’ll actually want to be our friend. This works sometimes. Ask Dana how he became friends with me and Jason.)

The NHL has not yet made a decision on whether teams will be allowed to trade players and/or picks to an expansion team in exchange for a guarantee to not select certain unprotected players. -Frank Seravalli

Read More

Bill Daly Speaks On International Expansion and Drops Hint On Vegas

As the keynote speaker at the University of Toronto’s 5th Annual Sports Industry Conference, Bill Daly spoke a bit on the expansion process and the league’s plans moving forward.

Per the usual, Daly did not say much on the expansion process itself, but he did use a term we haven’t really heard much, and one that bodes well for Las Vegas.

Grassroots. So, maybe like expanding to a burgeoning market that currently has very little footprint in the NHL? A market looking for it’s first major professional sports franchise? A market that has thousands of kids without a home team that could easily take up hockey as their new favorite sport? What do you say Bill?

DAMNIT! Same something different!

Well, at least he said grassroots. I think that might be my new favorite word. Podcast #8: Reading Minds

Ken and Dana try to go into the minds of the powers that be in the NHL expansion process.

  • Trying to further read between the lines of The Creator’s recent quotes. Is he telling us more than he leads on?
  • Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly lied, knows he lied, then realized it, and changed his mind.
  • Ken role plays.
  • How the replicability of a person directly relates to how badly they can break the rules.
  • UNLV and Sheldon Adelson are planning a $1 billion domed stadium to attract the Oakland Raiders.
  • Buy a shirt! The price is going up soon.

And much more…

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Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly Speaks On Expansion

Speaking with Gord Stellick and Rob Simpson on SiriusXM’s NHL Network Radio, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly shed some light on where the league is currently on the expansion process.

We had a good meeting with out executive committee last week in New York. We continue the review and evaluation process. Nothing will be present for votes at this point, we are still a ways away from that. But it’s moving along. -Bill Daly

In other words. Nothing has changed, stop asking me. However, Daly had a bit of trouble answering when asked directly about Las Vegas.

The perception is that if the league had it’s first choice that it would be Las Vegas. Is that accurate? -Rob Simpson

No… I mean… well… you know look. You are getting into kind of where we are in the process. What I, what I, you know, I, I think there are lots of merits to both applications in front of us. -Bill Daly

Now this is interesting. The first word out of his mouth was no. Daly wanted to deflect the question, but then he quickly realized no was not the right answer. So he stuttered his way to the company line answer about “the process.”

Why would he say no, then change his mind? Maybe because no actually should have been yes. Daly knew he could not say yes because that would completely alienate Quebec City, something they aren’t willing to do…yet. But, it’s so obvious that after saying no, his mind instantly told him, wait, hang on, that’s not right.

It’s possible I’m trying to read too much into it, just like we’ve been doing with everything, but to me when someone is asked about Vegas being the front runner, and the answer was “no, wait, I mean…” that means it’s much closer to yes than no.

Daly did go on to say this though.

People thought expansion was a preordained conclusion, it’s never been. It’s always been a process and we’re making a decision that’s important for the long term future of the league.

That’s really the only way Las Vegas doesn’t get a team at this point. If the league doesn’t expand, it’s clearly a disaster for Vegas. But we all know how money hungry this league can be, and they have never gotten this far into the process without it ending in expansion.

Seems unlikely but the league continues to put the seed of doubt out there just in case they change their mind. Which, I’ll be honest, scares the hell out of me.

What To Expect (Or Not Expect) At The NHL’s Board Of Governors Meeting

It had long been speculated that the December Board of Governors meeting would be the one where the NHL finally makes a decision on expansion and awards Las Vegas its first professional sports franchise ever.

Unfortunately, it appears a final vote will not take place at this meeting. However, that does not mean it’s a date you should cross off on your calendar. A lot is expected to come from the Board of Governors meeting, including some discussion on expansion. The meeting will be held in Monterey and will officially begin on Tuesday. Here’s what you should expect to hear when it’s all said and done.

On Monday, the day before the actual meeting kicks off, there will be a gathering of the executive committee of the Board of Governors.

It’s here in this smaller meeting where a meaningful discussion on expansion is expected to take place regarding applicants Las Vegas and Quebec City. Wherever that discussion goes, the league office will then present to full Board of Governors on the status of expansion applications and review the process. -Pierre LeBrun,

If all goes well, there should be an announcement of when the final vote will take place. Expect that to be sometime on or around January 31st, the date of the NHL All Star Game.

You can also expect to hear a number of quotes from Bill Daly and Gary Bettman regarding the timeline moving forward. In the past they’ve been pretty forthcoming in saying that 2017-18 is still a possibility, but depending on the discussions with league owners, this may change.

Finally, we expect to get more information on the cities possibly holding up the process. Broward County’s arena vote will occur before the meeting and will certainly be discussed one way or the other, and with Peter Karmanos, Jr. (Hurricanes owner) on the executive board, relocation from Carolina should be cleared up before the expansion discussion gets to the full meeting table.

Aside from expansion, the board is expected to touch on topics such as coach compensation, future salary caps, concussion protocol, and a revisitation of the All Star Game format and 3-on-3 overtime.

We are not expecting big news, but we should have plenty to read between the lines with. However, any time the big wigs come together, there’s always a chance that major news comes our way.

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Confirmed: No Expansion Announcement At BOG Meeting In December

The news we’ve feared, but also secretly knew was coming, has finally come in as official a capacity as it can without a press conference from the commissioner.

Given where we are in the process, it is clear that expansion will not be voted on in December. -NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly, in an email to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

We had this news earlier in the week, but it was coming from unnamed sources so there was still at least a bit of hope for inaccuracy.

Obviously, the sooner it gets done, the better. But I understand they want to take their time. It’s an important decision. Hopefully we’ll know something at the All-Star Game. -Bill Daly

The All Star Game is set for January 31st in Nashville. It would be an excellent chance for the league to make the big announcement on one of their largest stages of the year, but it really feels like just the next stop on this timeline with no end.

If an announcement is made in Nashville, that would give The Creator and his staff about 21 months to get ready to the 2017-18 season. It’s been mentioned many times that 18 months is about the bare minimum that is necessary to get all their ducks in a row.

We knew it was a possibility, and we’ve been in communication indirectly with the NHL. We know we continue to make progress, and nobody has told us no at this point. So it’s still moving forward. -The Creator

Alright then, 1/31/16 is now the new date to be circled on your calendars. Hopefully this one doesn’t get the same treatment as 12/9, 9/29, and every other date we got our hopes up for.

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