(Photo Credit: SinBin.vegas Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The TV channel that airs most Golden Knights games, AT&T Sportsnet, is in dire straights. In February the parent company of the channel, Warner Brothers Discovery, announced it is leaving the business of owning Regional Sports Networks, or RSNs. The deadline they set was March 31st.

Obviously, that date is before the end of the Golden Knights’ regular season which has many fans wondering what will happen if the channel does indeed go under. Will the seven games scheduled to air in April be televised?

Well, fear not… at least for now.

(AT&T SportsNet is) going to continue to carry the games (through the end of the Golden Knights’ season). As I said (regarding) any of the regionals, we believe based on everything we’ve been told, and we’re in constant dialogue, that our games certainly through this regular season will be taken care of. And then once we get to the playoffs, there’s national distribution. –Gary Bettman, via TheAthletic

As for what happens in the future, that is a bit foggier.

There’s a strong chance that as soon as next season Golden Knights games will no longer air on AT&T Sportsnet, as it’s possible the channel will cease to exist come October.

However, Golden Knights fans should not be concerned whatsoever about the availability of the games moving forward. The NHL has been steadfast in reassuring fans that all games will have a home, and with Vegas remaining one of the strongest TV markets in the league, there will always be a way to watch the team.