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T-Mobile Arena Tour: Pictures, Observations, Tips (And A Short Movie)

With just 19 days to go before T-Mobile Arena opens for real (still not sure why the JumboTron said 15), we were finally let through the doors and into the cathedral. The place is absolutely beautiful from the outside, and the inside puts it to shame. From the triangles in the sky, to the incredible bars/clubs, to the massive concourse, to the unbelievable escalator, T-Mobile Arena is instantly going to transform the entertainment scene in Las Vegas.

But enough with the hyperbole and on to the good stuff. First I’ll give you my observations from the arena. Then a gallery of a ton of pictures. Followed by a few tips that may just come in handy the first time you step foot in the future home of Las Vegas’ first major professional sports team.


  • There are a ton of doors to enter the stadium. The entry is on it’s own level below the main concourse which should make getting in and out easy. However, I’m afraid the entry level is going to be a bit bare and the stadium may lose it’s instant curb appeal. Not to worry though, it’ll regain it up a short escalator.
  • The main concourse is incredible. Huge open spaces, gorgeous views of the strip, and one of multiple amazing outdoor terraces.
  • The crown jewel of the arena may be the escalator to the upper deck. It’s at least three stories tall and will probably take a couple minutes to ride. It may not seem like a big deal, but when you see this thing in person, you’ll have the same reaction.
  • The LED board on the outside is out of this world. The video below shows it scrolling a few words and I was mesmerized by that, image when it’s hockey-ized.
  • The upper concourse felt a bit smaller than maybe it should be. A majority of the ticket holders will be in the upper bowl, the concourse may get a bit crowded.
  • The arena is shaped like a hockey arena not a basketball arena. (It’s heavily rounded not squared)
  • No Dr. Pepper. Damn.
  • The Zamboni Room does indeed exist, however there is not currently a Zamboni in it. Believe me, I looked and asked multiple people.
  • The JumboTron is incredibly clear and massive for the size of the arena. It’s no Jerry Jones Cowboy Stadium monstrosity, but it’s plenty large to see which players are missing teeth.
  • Even if you don’t like clubs, you’ll enjoy the bars/clubs in the arena. They scream Vegas, yet still offer the classic stadium bar feel.
  • There are suites on the mid-level that allow you to scan your ticket to open a glass door to enter. You’ll feel like a complete badass if you ever get to do it.
  • The triangle in the sky is amazing, and for most events will be open to anyone with a ticket. Selfies were a bit harder to take than expected from up there, but the view is incredible in person.
  • It’s a cliche, but there really isn’t a bad seat. Standing above the last row in the upper deck still felt really close to the arena floor.
  • The pink isn’t as jarring as expected. I think the black seats take the sting out of it.


IMG_0476  IMG_0469 IMG_0459 IMG_0450 IMG_0447 IMG_0426 IMG_0401 IMG_0398 IMG_0397 IMG_0425

IMG_2772 IMG_2782 IMG_2791


  • Parking is going to a mess going in and is going to be a complete and utter disaster coming out. Park somewhere else.
  • If you aren’t opposed to standing with a drink ledge in front of you, there are some incredible spots to watch the game while standing. Buy the cheap seats, get there early, and you’ll be pleased.
  • Make sure you see the triangle in the sky. It’s gonna be crowded, but it’s well worth it just for the view and the picture.
  • Head downstairs to get food. Way more people will be up top and there’s a Shake Shack on the main level.
  • If you can even come close to affording a suite, do it. They are planning on going way above and beyond for the VIPs.
  • Park somewhere else!


This is a short little tidbit of the LED board from the outside. Let your imagination run wild about what this is going to look like on NHL Opening Night.

If you want a description of any of the photos without one or if you would like to see a full sized picture of any of the ones in the gallery, hit us up on Twitter.

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