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  1. the hockey God

    nice, will tickets be reasonable ?

    WHAT IS BAD ICE, and how to recognize bad ice.

    There are several degrees of ice, and here are some ratings on the ice. Another
    angle is the HOCKEY PUCK. They freeze pucks, or so they say , before the game. A puck that is not frozen properly can behave differently than a improperly frozen puck. But what follows is about the ice and ambient conditions. Not the puck.

    1- good fast ice. Fast ice. The players skate fast. Fast skating players get to the puck before the slow skating players get to puck The puck goes from tape to tape. Players are not losing their edge, not falling down. Very little slush on ice. Typically ambient conditions are near freezing, low humidity. Inside the rink it is cold. It stays cold inside the rink. Consecutive passes to team mates throughout the game.
    2 good ice, ambient temperature above freezing to “as game goes on’ crowd heat takes over and some times you can remove your coat.
    3 bad ice, ambient temperature warm to hot, humidity changes from low to relatively high. Skaters that normally are fast seem slow on ice, passes are not tape to tape. Teams can not make consecutive passes. Players fall down. Sheets of water on ice, slush on ice.
    4- Bad Ice due to Fog/ Face shield fog- Buffalo game, can’t see surface because it is so humid that fog settles on ice. Or fog settles on player face shields.
    5 Outside “pond ice” games, always VERY VERY BAD ICE. You have only bad ice conditions. You have ambient in your face air conditions. Players have to wear scarfs, constantly wipe off face shield due to water and fog. VGK is not a good pond ice team.

    So when you watch a game, you tell yourself which rating will I give the ice ? Some games start off as 1 and then go to 2, or 3. Rarely do you start a game at 3 or 4 then go to 1 or 2. Sometimes the ice stays the same all the way through the game. Some times they don’t. So when you watch the game keep track of ice.

    BTW the audio is wrong. ROY did well and he was on the third line. Don’t know what games these guys were watching.

    How a “team is built” considers how many muckers on a team. Construction of roster. And how many SC the players bring to the table from prior years.

    • Pauly

      Dumbest fan base in sports…”bad ice” was in Tahoe…no such thing at an NHL arena…so embarrassing

      • the hockey God

        bad ice during the semi’s and semi finals is a common event, and you need players on your team to handle it.

        Why do you think they have so many stoppages in these games to clean up the bad ice ? (which does nothing btw)

      • the hockey God

        so embarrassing that the players themselves commented on it

        in the STanley Cup PLAYOFFS , of all things,

        in their post game interviews.

        Nope doesn’t exist, only real fans and players know for sure.

    • ulf

      All due respect but I guess you’ve never played on frozen ponds across parts of Canada, Finland, Sweden, etc. If you properly groom pond ice it can be great for shinny, which granted is not an NHL type of hockey.
      As for “bad ice” in finals and semis – totally depends on where you’re playing and who’s laying the ice. Edmonton, for example, has some of the best ice in the league. There’s a reason the ice-layer there was hired by the Olympics a few times to lay the ice in places like Salt Lake City where they have no idea as to how to make ice work in certain conditions.
      Don’t totally understand why you’re labelling yourself as a hockey “God”, a little weird.

      • the hockey God

        ulf, you get it, you know your ice !

        BTW i wanted the hockey guy, but that was taken by someone named Ryan,

        Calls himself Ryan the Hockey Guy. Or is it guy, like in Guy Lafleur >?

  2. Daryl

    Back to the whole BS ice theory… So what you are basically saying is the teams should adjust their ice to fit the style of play and the type of players they have. Making sure home ice advantage is fulky being implemented. Got ya!

    I’m still waiting for the actual W/L record for VGK. And I don’t need a whole series loss as ice isn’t bad the entire series as you tried to imply in a previous pist

    • the hockey God

      well more of spin out, and yes some home teams do adjust ice accordingly. Like I said before Freddy Shero changed his home ice to make it slushy and bad when his team was playing the faster, more skilled Russian Red Army team.

      The only stats that really count are during the playoffs, and I gave you those stats. And for the VGK they are not pretty. I would suggest that for each game you keep your own set of stats. I gave you the criteria for bad ice. Good ice, And changing in the game. Keep track of it. And you will see some teams like the AVS/ WILD etc are fast ice teams. Some teams like Vegas are fast ice teams also. But not as fast as AVS and WILD. While other teams like the STARS/ Habs are bad ice teams. When teams change personnel at trade dead line see if the players they are getting are muckers and bad ice players, or fast ice players. Prior experience during bad ice, like stanley cup playoffs count.

      You can take it to the bank. If you know what to look for.

      • Ulf

        I mean, the Habs and defense oriented teams are not “bad ice” teams. All bad ice conditions mean is that it behooves the coach and the players to keep things simple.
        Players are adaptable. Any team can play that way, if the coaching staff creates the plan and the players buy into it. There are countless examples over the 100 year history of the NHL where this happens.
        Dividing teams in a manner which reduces to the ice quality is a faulty premise IMO

  3. Daryl

    I just might be able to make it to this all-star game

    • Howard

      Nothing to do with Ice Daryl. Let me ask you something. How many hits, how many scrums did you see in tonight’s Tampa annellation of The Habs? Habs hit, Vegas wilted and whined. Habs hit Tampa, they get whacked back just as hard. That is what changed in Tampa from them a few years ago. They played like Vegas Golden Pansies as well for a while and learned in playoff hockey, u need to hit and scrum.

      How many times did VGK poke at Price on a save? ALMOST ZERO. How many scrums? ALMOST ZERO, so wankershafts can talk about ice conditions till they ICE BLUE in the face, because it’s utter bullshit;

      Physical hockey wins in the playoffs, strong defense. This is why Vegas was rightfully booed in game 5, where they lost that series. The pushed like a regular season game, had almost no physicality, Stone is a pussy who sulks. Marshy sulks, none of them scrumed or really laid hits in there with the exception of McNabb and Petro and some 4th liners.

      Talent levels in NHL are really close, especially come playoff time as that is negated by STRONG PHYSICAL play, vicious forechecking, and smart possession hockey – real reason why Deboer has never won a cup – He’s too laid back and his team plays like he acts – LIKE PUSSIES.

      • Richard Santomauro

        In tonight’s game there were some really over the top slashes and rough play that should have been controlled. Good solid hits, I am okay with those. But that slash to the back of Kucherov’s leg? The knee to the face by Cernak? Gallagher is damn disgrace to hockey.

        Let’s get real about this season. The Golden Knights were in the top 4. They are a top talent team. Pussies? That’s a bit too much. As far as DeBoer goes, I am done with him. Time to move on. I hope he will be canned. Not likely though.

        • Howard

          Ya Richard. they’re pussies. How many scrums near net after a Price save? ZERO. How many scrums in total? Almost 0. The so-called misfit line doesn’t hit, neither did Stone so absolutely, they play like pussies – not conductive on how to win a cup – Tampa USED TO PLAY like them, but finally learned to scrum more.

          VGK lost in 2018 to a physical team that beat them like ugly rag dolls. VGK also didn’t scrum much there. In fact, no team wins a Cup that doesn’t scrum and get “into it” on a regular basis after a whistle.

          • the hockey God

            teams that are out of gas have no energy to scrum, that is why you see them early in the series, and as series goes on it peters out. The bad ice in early series games also saps their energy, as it takes more energy to skate on bad ice. The humidity in rink’s air also plays a factor in whole bad ice ambient conditions. Some players have more problems breathing the bad ice high humidity air over the dry air that comes with fast ice. One key tell is the amount of times the player wipes off his face shield.

          • Daryl

            Why was it only VGK was out of gas? I thought all teams played the same number of regular season games in the same time span?

            I do agree with Howard about the physical play. And I’m not talking about one player body checking or fighting. I’m talking about getting in players faces, grabbing players in the crease or better yet clearing the crease. We continuously lost board battles.. How many teams in this Division are physical teams? If you want to beat VGK, play physical they don’t like it. Petra and Theo run from physical Forwards. Our smaller Forwards try to use their speed as they should but when that doesn’t work they get frustrated when physically manhandled. People on here have me shit for Engo, that he was too slow and he couldn’t score etc. But he played physical, he would defend his crease and goalie, he won more board battles than any other dman, he would block shots, and he would stand up for his teammates

      • the hockey God

        “Nothing to do with Ice” post game interviews with players say otherwise.

        • Daryl

          From both sides….

          • the hockey God

            “from both sides” yes one team with more players who know how to play on bad ice, than other team with less numbers of players who know how to play on bad ice.

  4. Richard Santomauro

    I am not a big fan of All-Star Games. The chances a star might get hurt in a meaningless game is a huge risk for teams and players.

    • Daryl

      Really though, it’s like the NBA, there is no defense. There is no hitting, checking, hard plays, not many slap shots… It’s a joke of a game really… I just think it would be a fun experience. The game itself isn’t much of a game

  5. Julie

    I know we can’t pick the all-stars, but who would you like to see going against each other?

  6. the hockey God

    was last nights game between bolts and habs a good or bad ice game ?

    how would your rate the ice ?

  7. arnold rothstein

    one “star” VGK player was seen driving around town with a brand new Ferari. Can anyone name him ? Did he spend his Stanley Cup “bonus” wisely ?

    They didn’t follow advise of casino head to run, run and hide.

    Arnold “the brain’ Rothstein

    PS bad ice is not good with single malt scotch

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