Well, it’s been long speculated but today we’ve gotten official word from those in charge that Las Vegas Arena has partnered with T-Mobile and will officially become T-Mobile Arena.

Here’s how that sounds when written by a professional…

T-Mobile and the arena’s joint venture partners AEG and MGM Resorts International today announced that Las Vegas’ hottest new sports and entertainment venue, located just west of the famed Las Vegas Strip, will be officially named T-Mobile Arena. The multi-year naming rights agreement was negotiated by AEG Global Partnerships. – Press Release, T-Mobile

Start getting used to the term Un-carrier.

We’re going to light up Las Vegas in magenta and give everyone who visits T-Mobile Arena a chance to experience what it means to be Un-carrier! -Mike Sievert, T-Mobile Chief Operating Officer

Uh huh. Anyone else?

There will be no finer destination to bring T-Mobile’s Un-carrier revolution and tech innovation to life than T-Mobile Arena where guests, performers and other partners will truly benefit from the overall experience. – Todd Goldstein,  AEG Chief Revenue Officer

Yeah, we got it. Verizon sucks. Sprint blows. AT&T is the worst. I heart T-Mobile.

But seriously, T-Mobile Arena is a pretty solid name for a building. I’m thinking we call it “The T,” but we better move quick because Mr. Sievert and Mr. Goldstien are probably already planning to call it the “Un-C.” #Uncarrier

Nonetheless, there are many worse names for the home to the future Stanley Cup Champs (cough, UFC Arena).

Now let’s just hope all of us who haven’t been “unleashed” can still get cell reception with our garbage Verizon phones.