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Superhero Nathan MacKinnon Has Met His Villain

Every great superhero must have a competent villain. As Alfred Hitchcock said, “the more successful the villain, the more successful the picture.”

In this series, the superhero is Nathan MacKinnon. I’d list off all his accolades, but this is a VGK website, so if you really need to know them, Google it. But I will offer up some stats.

MacKinnon has played in 49 playoff games, he has amassed 67 points in them, good for an average of 1.37 per game. He’s scored at least one point in 34 of the 49 games and has multiple points in 20 of them. In the Avs First Round sweep of the Blues, MacKinnon posted six goals and three assists, more than two points per game.

Then, his villain showed up.

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

No, the villain isn’t the Golden Knights. It’s not a specific line from Vegas, and it’s not even Selke candidate Mark Stone. Instead, it’s the guy standing behind the Golden Knights bench, Pete DeBoer.

After Game 1, when MacKinnon exploded for two goals and an assist to arrive in the series with a true superhero entrance, he’s gone quiet over the past four games, and completely silent in the last three. 0 points in three games.

(Insert creepy laugh from DeBoer)

In the 49 game playoff career of MacKinnon, there have only been two stretches when he has been held off the score sheet completely in three consecutive games in the same postseason. These last three games and Games 5-7 in 2019 against the San Jose Sharks.

In other words, in the past eight postseason games MacKinnon has gone against a DeBoer-coached team, he’s come up pointless in six of them. Remember, this is a player that has registered a goal or an assist in all but 15 of his 49 playoff games. DeBoer has been responsible for six of them, or 40%, in just the last eight games!

So how is he doing it?

Like any good villain, he’s never going to actually tell us. Instead of riddles, DeBoer speaks in cliches.

Make him defend. Force him to come 200 feet. Take away his time and space.

It’s all true, but it’s so much easier said than done, as literally every coach not named DeBoer has figured out.

The villain has the superhero looking as human as he’s ever looked. If DeBoer can keep MacKinnon down for one more game, the Golden Knights will have overcome an 0-2 series deficit and will be off to the NHL’s Semifinal. If not, and the superhero regains his powers, the storybook ending is there for the taking.

Lucky for us, this is real life, not an Alfred Hitchcock movie. The villain has won before and he absolutely can win again and if he does the villain will have made this one of the most successful “pictures” the Golden Knights have ever been in.



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  1. Richard Santomauro

    If you give Colorado time and space their snipers will eventually put one in the net. We had the 4th line out there on the 2nd Colorado goal and Carrier was unable to keep on his man. Carrier’s great along the boards but put him out in space and he’s simply not fast enough.

    The Misfit Line is red hot right now. Keep that hammer down. All 5’7″ of #81 is getting to the net and burying pucks. He’s been a winner since he was a kid and it’s more fun to watch him play this year. Last year this line was firing from the boards and the blue line, this year they are making defenses squirm in front of and behind the net. Much different look this year. Great coaching.

    Lastly, go back to the soft goal in period 1 and just take a look at the VGK defenseman who was trailing and allowed that shot to take place with .8 seconds.

    That’s right. The 3rd Star of the Game, Alex Putridangelo #7.

    Putrid might be putting in 24 minutes on the ice, but is that too much? His puck handling is outstanding when he is not pressured. But when pressured he makes poor decisions and he becomes a turnover machine. He’s also out of position allowing breakaways the inside track to the VGK zone.

    You might have figured out by now that I am not a fan of #7, of his $8.8m contract and his lucrative Honda deal. Putrid did play a solid game 4, I will give him that.

    He’s still got a chance to make me change my mind about him. I hope he does.

    • Mike

      Based on your comment and nickname for Pietrangelo there is no hope in changing your mind.

      Also feel like it’s a bit of reach to place the blame on him. You had Martinez in front of the shot and then Fleury with a brain fart and letting that shot go in.

      • THE hockey GOD

        yeah no. 23 kinda of hesitated with this stick, but I don’t blame either no. 7 or no. 23. Saad faked a shot, which you hardly see any more, and put puck on net. Fleury muffed it, he went cross body with his glove hand, when all he had to do was stay square with his shoulder to the shooter and block shot with his right shoulder. BUt this is all bridge over the water.

      • Daryl

        While I completely agree with you Richard does have some valid points. Petra makes some great plays then he turns around and does some freaky stupid things, like running a guy at the boards only to miss and knock his own teammate off the play which lead to a wide open lauder in front of the net. I’ve never said he won’t live up to his salary, he just hasn’t done it yet. For me, he’s had two great games in these playoffs and even in those games he’s had critical mistakes which have cost VGK

      • Floury and Martinez may have had a collective brain fart, but petrangelo is consistent look y stinking up the place. I would rather have any one of three players we traded than this choke artist.

    • Pistol Pete

      Marchy is listed at 5’9″ not 5’7″ (nearly identical body to Brad Marchand). DeBoer has big things to say about Petro’s intangibles and the effect they have. In his position he ought to know.

    • Cassandra

      I would disagree about the 5’7 comment regarding Marchessault seeing as I’m 5’8 and he’s a half inch taller than me

  2. Pdb is one of the best strategists, best coaches in the NHL. We are lucky to have him in Vegas. Seems to know right buttons to push, skillful adjustments, has all buying in. He’s definitely doing his part.

    Hard to take him seriously as in the press conferences he looks like a kid that just got his ice cream stolen, but behind the scenes he is drawing up a masters class in coaching.

    • Pistol Pete

      De Boer was one heck of a hockey player, good enough to get drafted into the Major Juniors, drafted by the NHL (high round) averaged around 60 pts/yr. in two AHL years before retiring. I think he could see it would be a long road to make the NHL full time. Holding two law degrees, it follows he’s a pretty smart fellow. Just shy of 53 years old he has a chance to become a truly elite coach.

  3. THE hockey GOD


    and Big MAC , next ?

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Mac is clearly the best of these three.

    You’ve probably heard that Mark Twain once said, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated,” 1897.

    No need to stir a sleeping giant at this point in time.

  4. Daryl

    Sorry, I have to disagree with Ken here. To me, his villain would be MAF. Mac has had his shots and he’s had some very very good shots but MAF has had better saves. That’s not to say VGK as a whole and PDB himself hasn’t done a good job scheme wise, but I feel it’s more of what MAF has done more than anything else.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Mac only had two shots on goal, the announcers hardly called his name. His ice time was less than other forwards on AVS. He won 69% of FOs, he blocked one shot, two give aways, one take away, i think it shows one hit. I don’t recall him have a single quality scoring chance, he seemed to dish off the puck more than shoot. I don’t think the coach used him to his full capacity in game 5. Let’s look at game 4 , -2 , even less minutes played at 16 and change, 3 SOG, two hits, one block , zero ta and zero ga. He was clogged up for most of the game, I don’t recall a single quality scoring chance. The coach has not fully utilized this player yet it appears.

      • Daryl

        If you say so… You seem to know more about hockey than anyone else on this site or on the networks. He had a good shot in last game and a high danger shit in the game before. How about games 1 – 3?

        • THE hockey GOD

          i reported stats from networks site, you can look them up if you want to, they give it all , including quality scoring chances. I would suggest you do your own research before trolling on people. I didn’t agree or disagree with your post above. I just gave you further information.

          If you want game 1 to 3 you can look it up yourself, you seem to have a very poor attitude in last few weeks.

          • Daryl

            Exactly how am I trolling you when it was you who responded to my post. And in your post you stated you don’t remember high quality shots from Mac and I said I remember a good shot in last game and a high waulity shit in the previous fans, both turned away by MAF

            Try again little g

        • THE hockey GOD

          the ALL KNOWING internet
          search came up with following

          The playoffs began on August 1, 2020, and concluded on September 28, 2020
          The cartoon came up during the playoffs, they were not trying to trade MAF during the playoffs.

          co GM GM said in Sept 2020

          “I think I’ve been very clear about this. If something had happened with Marc-André, we felt in danger, which we tried to minimize, ”said McCrimmon. Talking about possible injury, and need for good goalie.

          He said the uncertainty over the timing and start date of next season made it important for the Knights to get their goal tending situation in order quickly.

          “It could be a tight schedule. This could increase the need for teams to have two real good goalies, ”said McCrimmon. He also said they were looking at things internally. That means not talking to other teams.

          Sort of blows away all the conspiracy nut jobs. If you have something substantial like a real story post it here. I did a thorough internet search and come up with these quotes, the pittsburg stuff, but nothing backing up the rumors from nhl rumor mills.

          • Daryl

            Actually it doesn’t do shit little g. When was Lehner acquired? When were any comments made? Most comments came after no further transactions could be made.

            As for the cartoon, that was all about Lehner reading over after PDB said he was rotating goalies. It had nothing to do any trades so in not quit sure scary the point of even bringing that up.

            As for injuries… I agree VGK need a legit backup. That isn’t what they did. They went out and spent money on his replacement. If they could have unloaded him, they could have gotten a good backup for Lehner.

            The comments of needing two real goalies came after they realized they couldn’t unload MAF and he was simply trying to cover his own ass as to why they had 2

            You can believe what you want but must of the rest of the Hockey world understands exactly what happened. Keep trying to defend them, it’s all you got left

    • Stephen Lombard

      I can agree with this but it’s also about the strategy and scheme. I would argue that’s it’s been a whole team effort to slow and stop his speed and skill and this buy in from top to bottom is the reason VGK is in the position they’re in rn!!

  5. knights fan in minny

    close it out game 6 get some rest

  6. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Somebody could be eating some crow in a coupe days!

    • You talking to me? The guy who said after Game 2 that I thought VGK were in a good position to win the series? Or we just going to pick and choose which ones I have to “eat crow” on.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Jesus Ken, are you paranoid !

        I wasn’t even talking about YOU!

        Chill man!

    • THE hockey GOD

      watch it DOC , you will lose your anointed one status if you continue down this path, Jason and his deli won’t be open .

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        And what path is that, exactly?

        • DOC (Go Knights Go)

          And besides,

          I’m way to much of a valuable asset for sinbin!

          They’ll probably fall apart, when I go elsewhere!


    • knights fan in minny

      a bunch of them

      • Daryl

        I’d have no problem admitting I was wrong. I said I don’t think VGK can beat COL. That was based on how they’ve played this season especially against COL. The past couples games have been the best they have played all season. I still don’t think they are as good as COL but we all know the best team doesn’t always win. I think COLsluggtky outplayed VGK in the last game but thanks to 2 horrible plays by COL we were able to pull it out. I still don’t understand why COL continued to play so aggressive, especially with their Dmen, after they were up 2

  7. Julie

    The Penguin, The Riddler, etc. were only as good as their schemes and what their henchmen carried out. PDB is not executing the plays himself, the team is. Plus, even Batman could be brought down if you took his utility belt away. The trick is instilling your vision into a group of men and trusting they will execute as you explained your strategy. PDB’s success as a villain is nothing without the team and the superhero powers they have developed and show on the ice.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    “The comments of needing two real goalies came after they realized they couldn’t unload MAF and he was simply trying to cover his own ass as to why they had 2

    No they did not. I have posted the time line with references. So far you have posted nothing but insults.

    “:You can believe what you want but must of the rest of the Hockey world understands exactly what happened.” I posted the facts from the hockey world, many of them, that contradicts all the Bull shit you posted. And you posted nothing in return despite requests to do so. I have done a thorough internet search you have done nothing.

    The timeline I posted FROM THE HOCKEY WORLD, says other wise. Post your references like I did or take your self serving , on going, troll insults and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine. You are the one who seems to know everything, but twist and spin. So far you have been asked repeated to post something verifiable and all you do is shit. Time to get off the pot because you have offered NOTHING . So STFU.

    TIMES UP , you lose.

    • Daryl

      If only you were mane iugh to make me STFU. That’s the problem with you internet badasses…. It’s easy to run your mouth on a computer. As for tge stats you posted, you cut and paste material with nothing to back it up. Why would the Pens go after MAF if he wasn’t available? They wouldn’t. It’s that simple. Pens GM said they had talked to VGK but couldn’t reach a deal both sides agreed on. If VGK was set on keeping both goalies there would be no conversation. I guess you are calling the Pens GM a liar.

      There was also a rumor VGK was going after Petra but since there was no confirmation and it was just a rumor then how did he end up in VGK?

      Little g, you are a joke. It’s sad when fans think they know everything and when you disagree with them you are wrong even without facts to back it up.

      Just curious but what’s this hockey world you speak of? As for the time line you posted, you said the GM made his comment during last year’s playoffs regarding this season. Nothing in your posts says anything about last year’s deadline or this years deadline or anytime in between. Again, you can believe these GMs are the smartest in the world and they planned on keeping both goalies from the start. You know the old saying, it’s better to let people think you are stupid than to open your mouth and pricing it true. Tha k you for pricing it true to the rest of us

      • THE hockey GOD

        More spin outs in your post avoiding the issue.

        If all the hockey world knows about it, as you previously stated, then you should be able to come up with multiple examples. I have been alive longer than when “al gore” , the moron, invented the internet- so much for that spin out.

        I gave dates on quotes, you can check the trade deadlines around those dates. The co GMGM provided multiple quotes during SEPT and OCT of 2020. And Foley provided his statement later. I got these off reputable sports websites and I listed all the dates on multiple quotes. I am not letting anyone “think” anyone is “stupid” , i provided multiple references, yet another spin out.

        lets’ just agree to disagree and move on because you don’t have any references or don’t want to provide any.

        Barry Trotz has to be the best coach in NHL by far. Islander fans are going nutso.

        • Daryl

          You provided dares of comments during the playoffs and ouster the playoffs ended, nothing about right after acquiring Lehner or around the trade deadline. Again, why would the Pens say they were in talks with VGK about MAF is VGK never planned on trading him??? You can’t answer that can you?

          I’m done

          • THE hockey GOD

            you left out the timing of when they signed lehner to contract, because he was likely to become a free agent.

            The PENS contacted VGK and the VGK were not interested. This is what Bob McKenzie wrote, who is a credible source.

            “The Pittsburgh Penguins apparently want Marc-Andre Fleury back. The Vegas Golden Knights haven’t, and aren’t, budging.”

            or maybe this one:

            ” This might turn out to be the best non-move the Golden Knights have done. … Report: Jim Rutherford tried everything to bring Marc-Andre Fleury back to … and it’s turned into the best non-trade Vegas has made to this point.”

            Sounds to me like PENS making all the initiation here. Whether or not this got twisted, spun, and wrung out to dry in rumor mill is beyond me.

          • Richard Santomauro

            I clearly remember SinBin talking about the goalie situation last year. SinBin wasn’t in favor of keeping MAF at the time, although he did say that was a third option (cannot recall what he said the other two were).

            I believe that the playoff loss to San Jose triggered both McCrimmon and McPhee into making wholesale changes starting with the then Coach of the Year firing and hiring of PDB. Even Sin Bin felt that many of the trades, the firing of Gallant and benching of MAF was handled poorly by the VGK FO. I believe one of the players figured out he was traded when he found out his Key FOB no longer was working to access the facility!

            I do believe (my own opinion) that the VGK FO was actively shopping MAF at the time. I think it was Bill Foley himself who stepped in to stop it. In hindsight, I was never in favor of bringing in Lehner. He’s a good goalie but hasn’t proven himself as a long term solution anywhere he’s been (my unqualified fan opinion). I think he has great skills, is huge, younger and can be a starter. I am not sure of what the future holds for the VGK, but one thing is certain and that is Bill Foley wants Fleury to retire as a Golden Knight. How that plays out is the question yet to be answered. I am not familiar with Lehner’s contract, and that could be a huge issue if he is once again shopped around. The details of that possibility are likely to be very complicated and could cost VGK more than its worth. On the other hand, we have the AHL Goalie of the Year in #36 Logan Thompson ready to protege’ under MAF for a year or two.

            It is my hope that Bill Foley has laid down the law regarding how the VGK FO handles personnel. They get high grades for results, but a failing grade in execution.

            It was nice to see Lehner back behind the bench in Game 4. As a fan, I root for all the players but won’t hesitate to call them out when needed. Both Lehner and Petro have yet to win me over. I am hoping they both will.

        • Daryl

          That’s funny brcause Rutherford himself said they had talked to VGK but neither side could come up with a agreement. That sure doesn’t sound like it was one sided. He even said the biggest hurdle for both teams was the salary cap. Why would Rutherford have any reason to lie? I have no doubts that if both sides could have agreed on something, MAF would have been a Pens.

          My information comes directly from someone who was involved d and yours comes from a reporter with no credible information. He prints coach speak and you take it as the complete truth

          • THE hockey GOD

            Mckinzie is very credible, one of the most credible in the business.

            Still no references or internet sources backing any of this up.

            And to the other guy posting, co GM GM was quoted in SEPT and OCT 2020. During the playoffs too. He said they wanted a two goalies for upcoming covid compressed schedule. There is NO EVIDENCE on internet to support the local media mob frenzy. If there was , someone would have posted that reference. So far the only references are the time line I posted. Until then this is no more than unproven “conspiracy theories”

            Scary Little Green Men
            Ozzy Osbourne

            [Verse 1]
            Their colours are blinding me again (I don’t belong here)
            The skyline is bleeding black and red (How did they get here?)
            How long, how long have they been living in my head?
            How long, how long? We bite our tongues and play pretend

            They want us, they need us
            They might just try to eat us
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            Say, “Take us to your leader”

            Everybody wants them until we meet them
            Everybody wants them, it’s the end
            Scary little green men, do you believe in
            Scary little green men? It’s the end

        • Daryl

          There is proof out there you just refuse to read it… I’m not going to go thru all the deadline articles to find the ones where Pens said they were in contact with VGK.

          Where is your proof. You posted comments but no links to articles at all. I know some of those Comme ts you quoted were said but again, they were AFTER Lehner was acquired and way after the deadline. Where are the comments from the same time when Lehner was acquired? Why was nothing said at the same time of getting Lehner? If VGK had no intention of getting rid of MAF, then why didn’t the GM state that when they acquired Lehner?

  9. Tim

    I have a feeling someone talked to Petro and told him to start acting like the captain you were. In the last couple of games his performance has been night and day over the year. Getting some good national press on his performance I hope will keep him trending in the right direction. Right now were clicking on all cylinders as a team now whether we win Thursday or not I’m proud of our guys and proud of Pete DeBoer who seems to be making the right moves. We’ve beaten wColorado 3 games in a row which is unheard of and if we win Thursday to make it 4 straight the hockey world will be in shock. The unbeatable Avalanche have suddenly become beatable. A word to the rest of the country who hate us for our success you can all stick it where the sun don’t shine. That includes all the hockey radio and TV host who all had Colorado and gave us no love.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Petro’s game 4 was the best since he became a Knight. He played almost as well last night, which is still a major improvement over his play in round 1 and the first 2 games of this series.

      I am not sure that 24 minutes of ice time every game is the way to play him, but that’s why PDB gets the big bucks.

      I need to see some consistent shut down defensive hockey from Petro and some goals before I change my mind on him. Game 4 was a major improvement and step in the right direction.

      Keith Jones is such a Colorado fan. It was nice to see him have to eat shit in game 5.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Hey “Bob Sacamano” Kramer’s friend how ya doing ? Keith jones played for the AVS. I wouldn’t expect much more from him. But it’s not over. Keep the faith.

        I wish the TV crew would mix it up their crew. I hope we don’t get that “Doc” announcer. Couldn’t stand his play by play.

        Bob Cassidy Bruins coach is on now, I wouldn’t be surprised if they can him. He seemed to be in way over his head versus Trotz.

        • Daryl

          I’m sure he will blame the officials just like he did after their last loss

          • THE hockey GOD

            i caught part of that presser, and I didn’t hear much about the officials. He was rambling a bit about injuries, and I wasn’t impressed with much of what he was saying.

            I was hoping they’d bring on Barry Trotz, but I didn’t wait long enough. I turned it off.

        • Daryl

          He complained about officiating after last game and was fined

          • THE hockey GOD

            no wonder he didn’t mention them again, he should have followed PBD plan by first saying ‘i am not blaming the officials blah blah blah but “

    • Daryl

      The last 2 games have been his best no doubt. For me his stick play has been the difference. He’s still made some really bad passes and decisions and he’s still been out of position but his stick play away from the net has been amazing.

    • Julie

      I think you’re right, Tim. I was reading message boards for the MC and many want Colorado to win. I can’t tell why, but I take it that as a good sign as well as what thIs Vegas team has done thus far in this series.

  10. Audrey Gleason

    Tim…wonderful! You said it best! Go Knights Go!

    • THE hockey GOD

      Hi Audrey “Jackie” Gleason ! Welcome to the JUNGLE !!

  11. James

    And how many times has DeBoar won the Stanley Cup? Zero. The Avalanche beat the Knights in Vegas to win the President’s Trophy. The biggest game of the regular season and he lost at home. It should be a great game. And a close one.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Come on James!

      Do you not remember that was 15 skaters vs 18, and even with that we out-played the AVs and should have won.

      HOW in any way is that game some sort of fault of PDB??

    • THE hockey GOD


      There are five teams alive (AVS, HABS, Islanders, Bolts, VGK); how many of those coaches won SC ? Two of five. When playoffs started , how many coaches of those teams won the SC?
      Mike Sullivan, pens – done
      Jon Cooper- bolts – alive
      Peter Laviolette- caps – done/out
      Joel Quenneville – panthers- done out.
      barry trotz -NYI – best coach in NHL in.
      Three out, two in.

      why does Bob Baffert win the KY DERBY and other trainers don’t ? Because he’s the best distance route three year old trainer in history of game. Notwithstanding the bogus charges against him. You always go with the experience. And this year it looks like the finals will have at least ONE coach on one side who has won the CUP (either bolts or NY) . And another team that has a coach who has not (HABS, AVS, or VGK).

      What is in your wallet ?

      • Daryl

        I don’t care how many Cups PDB hasn’t won… If he is such a great coach why do his teams get worse every year? This is his first full season at VGK, will they do better and have a better record next season? Will they go further next season? If the answers to those questions turn out to be no, then I wouldn’t say he is an elite coach.

        He’s had stacked teams everywhere he’s gone and what’s happened?

        • THE hockey GOD

          players get older, they lose a step or two, they get injured teams that have done well don’t pick high in draft, Good teams are penalized for being successful in this league. It is pure socialism. The NHL used to be dynasty of the MONTREAL CANADIANS. But they changed all that for “diversity”, “parity”, and socialism. Heck the worst team in league doesn’t even get the first pick anymore. They have to have draft lottery. Bettman is worst president of NHL ever. He has made the most drastic changes in past two decades than in fifty years before. The league is diluted in talent. The rinks are small. The players are bigger and faster. The equipment larger. There is no fear in players. In old days when you played with no curved stick, no head gear, and magazine covers on your shins you had more respect for the game, and more respect for the other player. You didn’t face wash them. And only the real dirty players were known as stick men. And they didn’t last long. Take a good look at Ted Lindsey’s face, and compare it Gordie Howe. Things were settled with your fists not the way they do it today: face facing, kicking, tackling, etc.

          The meeting of clans, is more like the meeting of the Anns and Nancies.

          sez me

          • Daryl

            I agree with everything you said in this post

        • Richard Santomauro

          This is a good point. McCrimmon and McPhee are either going to be dogs or heroes. As a fan, my unqualified opinion is that too many changes were made too quickly after the year 1 Stanley Cup run. It takes big balls to make the major tweaks to the VGK that they did in year 2. Some have turned out to be great, some not so great.

          Before we start talking about PDB being an elite coach he has to win a Stanley Cup. Until that happens he’s just another coach in the race.

      • BluesCup19

        Don’t forget Berube as another SC-winning coach, even though the Blues went out with a wimper. Covid protocol took out our top scorer (Perron) plus playing the President’s Trophy winning Avs without 3 of our 5 top D men after game 1. I think the Avs got overconfident after the way they swept StL in round 1 and they’re still sorta adjusting from this (not to take anything away from VGK last 3 games).

        As for Petro (take it from a StL fan) the guy is the real deal…altho he does have his “mail it in” games now and then. Expect him to be a warrior from here on out. Enjoying the divisional battle from Blues nation, with popcorn and Budweiser, of course

  12. JJ

    Just stumbled upon this feed. Your banter is great. PDB is definitely a villan. He is from Ontario as am I. Many VGK members are Canadians, eh? I am in Vanvouver rooting the hell out of this VGK season. If someone could find me a pair of gold pompoms for tonight’s game, I’d be happier than a pig in shit. Tonight’s game will be one to remember. RR will be back tonight hopefully and show the Avs who’s boss. MAF is from Quebec. He consistently gives his all along with lots of taps and smiles. An excellent goalie and human being. I’m rooting for “The Villan”. He’s got all the right stuff…. Go VGK Go!! I love each and everyone of you. ❤

    • THE hockey GOD

      welcome friend, welcome to the JUNGLE (gold pom poms ? how about one of those plastic trumpets , like in Toronto ? dewt dewt , dewt dewt dewt . Let’s go KNIGHTS !!

  13. Until the past 2 playoff games, I, too, felt like something was missing in Pedro’s game: Heart and Desire. ( AND MAYBE SOME HEADS-UP SMART PLAYS) . He was a HUGE money- shot when we acquired him, but I kept waiting for his PLAY to reflect his PAY….He FINALLY started earning his $$$$ in the past 2 games, and it’s about time we got a return on the investment!! KNIGHTS ALL THE WAY!!

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