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Stone: “We Just Never Felt We Were Going To Lose”

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

This summer the Canadian province of Manitoba has seen its share of the Stanley Cup trophy and then some. Champions Brett Howden, Keegan Kolesar, and Mark Stone headlined the celebration parades in their hometowns or rinks where they began their NHL dreams. Vegas’ captain made a pit stop at his family’s favorite golf course to share the Stanley Cup trophy with friends and family. Stone sat down with Andrew Patterson of Winnipeg Sports Talk to chat about his championship run and being able to bring the Cup back to his hometown. (You can watch the entire interview below.)

The hardest part of the Cup run was in between periods between the 2nd and 3rd, trying not to laugh or smile and stay serious. We knew the game was over, 6-1 going into the 3rd period. We made it 7-1 early. It was hard to play that last period to be honest with you. Our heads were going all over the place. It was awesome. –Mark Stone to Winnipeg Sports Talk

Vegas’ heart and soul donned a two-toned Golden Knights hat with the Stanley Cup trophy standing an arm’s length away as he chopped it up from Breezy Bend Country Club in the Winnipeg Metro Region. Stone was candid and admitted winning 16 games wasn’t all that hard. Especially, since Vegas never faced an elimination game. The World Champions never doubted themselves, well, except after losing 5-1 to the Jets in Game 1 of the playoffs.

I came home and kind of laughed with my wife, maybe it was going to be a short playoff run for us, but we turned it around pretty good. Looking back after that, we didn’t face any elimination games and it went pretty easy for us actually. Winning is contagious. We want to do it again. –Stone to Winnipeg Sports Talk

While the journey began with an embarrassing home loss, Stone mentioned how he had full confidence in his teammates after they performed so well in his absence. After healing from his second back surgery in under a year, VGK’s captain knew he’d return in time to lead his club to a deep playoff run.

Once the Golden Knights got their playoff hiccup out of the way in Game 1 vs. Winnipeg, Stone and his teammates were laser-focused on advancing to the next round. That mentality carried over to the second round and succeeded against the Edmonton Oilers.

Having back surgery isn’t that great. Our team was good, they played good while I was out. I knew I’d be back just in time to beat the Jets in five. We were fortunate that we had guys that had won Stanley Cups before. Pretty calm room, just kind of felt we were always going to win. We just never felt we were going to lose. Even against Edmonton, we just never felt like we were going to lose. No one is going to match up with McDavid. You take your turn and hope for the best. If you hold him to two points a game, you’re usually pretty happy. That whole series I never thought we were going to lose. Game 5 was kind of the turning point, Petro tried to chop Draisaitl’s arm off in Game 4, so we lost him for Game 5. Once we won that game, we knew it was over. –Stone to Winnipeg Sports Talk

If you asked Golden Knights fans throughout the playoffs, many if not most, would have felt as confident as the players did. Sure, the Oilers were a threat but the local fanbase didn’t panic over a couple of blowout losses. Dallas pushed Vegas to six gmaes in the Western Conference Finals but was there any real doubt among VGK nation?

According to Stone, after a disastrous 2021-22 season and a coaching change every player bought in.

Everybody stepped up. Defense was great, forwards were great. Coaching was what we needed, and it was awesome. Our goalie played really well. That was our question mark. We missed the playoffs last year and everyone wrote us off. Laughed at how long the rebuild was going to be and now we have this guy right here (motions to the Stanley Cup). This beautiful trophy sitting in front me. I still can’t believe my name is on. –Stone to Winnipeg Sports Talk

Before he finished up the interview with Illegal Curve, he gave some words of encouragement to the local youth hockey players of Winnipeg.

If you play for the Wheat Kings, there’s a good chance you’ll play for the Vegas Golden Knights. –Stone to Winnipeg Sports Talk

The championship captain wasn’t joking.


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  1. THE hockey GOD

    VGK followed Tampa Bay plan to a TEE.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    • Lucifer

      If I ever meet this pastor i’m going to punch her as hard as I can in the throat, and then she will never be able to speak again.

  3. Lori Thomsen

    It’s been a strange year for me too but, I knew they were getting The Stanley Cup from game 1 too! I loved every game I went to! As an adult now, that grew up here, I think The Vegas Golden Knights games are the most fun you can have in Vegas! I knew we had to lose one game in Florida so we would win the cup here at home. The first game in Florida was great, except for the Panthers playing so dirty. The were just so over the top asshole bullies, but it was a great game. We lost the 4th game so our guys could get back at them, I believe. The 5th game was just…… OURS! We won the cup at home ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it was the most perfect way to go!

  4. TS

    Stone’s confidence rubbed off on fans, too. I, for one, felt the team was playing at their peak in Playoff– they just needed to play THEIR game. And they did. They were the best team in the Playoffs. PERIOD.
    ” Coaching is what we needed”, was the Stone comment that cemented my opinion that we NEEDED this coach. THIS coach. DESTINY!

    • Lucifer

      Great pizza place. I don’t care if they are running a Democratic paedophilia ring in the basement. It’s still very good pizza.

      • knights fan in minny

        lucy is a tough guy punk

      • knights fan in minny

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      • knights fan in minny

        pizza rock down town by the downtown grand is very good satan you clown why did you change to lucyfer do you think your fooling us loser

        • Lucifer

          Thank you for the recommendation. I do feel like I have gone there before. I think it’s on North 3rd Street. Thank you my friend and have a wonderful weekend.

          • knights fan in minny

            get one thing straight lucyfer were not friends dip shit

  5. Sorvino

    Mark Stone is my favorite. I’m hoping the rest of his career is relatively healthy.

  6. knights fan in minny

    you could see the confidence in the boys no panic

  7. Jailbird

    I’m not so sure they thought they were going to win after game 1 vs the Jets. But after that they started putting it together and gained so much confidence after thr Edmonton series. At the time I told my wife that the Edmonton series was for the cup. I really believed that and it proved true. Even after a month plus, it still feel surreal .

  8. Jake

    Melissa Scott has a PHD from Stanford.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Jake she is awesome, after Pastor/ Dr. Gene Scott died she took over Scott’s cathedral and moved to Glendale. They kept the Jesus Saves sign lit up to this day.

      • Jake

        I miss Dr. Scott’s psychotic stare and his smoking.

        I also miss Don Imus and his courage to say,

        “I wanted to vote for Hillary for senator in New York but when I got in the booth and was ready to vote I became physically ill.”

        Joe Biden has kind of taken over now, trying to read from a teleprompter with his broken, incoherent mumblings about how poor he is and how he told deployed soldiers how his son died in Iraq – which doesn’t have shred of truth.

        Hopefully the country can begin another Mt. Rushmore: Biden, Hillary, Dr. Scott, I-man, Trump, Jimmy Swaggert, the big boys, our leaders!

        • THE hockey GOD

          his stare made me want to pick up the phone, call in a pledge, and get that CHECK BOOK OUT, and make out a check for $1000 , mail it in. While he played
          it again “I Want to KNOW” By the Statesmen Quartet.

    • THE hockey GOD

      2 years ago
      In my opinion Dr. Scott was the greatest teacher of the Word of God to walk in shoe leather in a 100 years. I received more then a Seminary education listening to him. He taught way over that. Like Moses who taught God’s ways rather then his actions. That was Dr. Scott. Many who watch him really didn’t get it or, understand what he was all about. He was a brilliant man and few knew the extent of his genius. My Aunt who was raised in Oralville Calif. went to the same Church and school as he did, said, He was a very smart kid. I know I own my external life to his teaching and will always be indebted to him. I still today, have over 400 hours of video tapes of his teaching that I still learn from. Thank you for posting this on YouTube.
      2 years ago
      Dr. Scott was infinitely more entertaining than the current occupant of L.A. Channel 30.
      7 years ago
      brings back great memories of the summer of 1984 when I watched his show each and every night. I loved this song no matter how many times I heard it each night. I was in Las Vegas at the time and one night he said “Las Vegas if I don’t get phone calls from you now I’m going to shut you off for the night”. within minutes he pulled the plug and the screen went dark. oh and I remember he had some attractive ladies answering the phones.
      @MrGraeme7 years ago
      +StatsJason I watched him in San Francisco, he owned at TV station there. Wonderful memories, he was a true individual, one of a kind.
      6 years ago
      MrGraeme That was channel 38. It and KPST, ch 66 (where I worked) were both in Sutro Tower and were the smallest stations in town. We rebroadcast the HSC feed and then had 3 hours nightly of Mandarin Chinese programming. I don’t know any Chinese, although I do speak Russian and Spanish. It was an interesting place to work, and had the added benefit of on-site parking. I worked there nearly two years…

  9. Tim

    Stone is definitely an inspiration plays balls to the wall what’s not to like. I’m betting on Karlsson as alternate captain if for no other reason what Cassidy did our final game starting 5 Misfits shows he has respect for our history. By winning the Cup takes all the pressure off watching this season we have one in the bag Yeah.

  10. Pistol Pete

    Anybody else think it’s a joke McCrimmon is not GM of the year, winning the Cup and leading the team to two other conference finals in his five years as GM? Remember, he built the Cup-winning roster making key free agent or pending free agent acquistions that many doubted, proving it’s possible to build a team with zero low picks. He’ll keep doing it too.

    • Tim

      Yes credit him with putting this Stanley Cup team together well done . In my opinion he’s also made some colossal mistakes trading for Tatar cost us dearly, Lehner with his issues he should have known better, and David Perron who had four good years in St. Louis when he left us. Those were the glaring mistakes to me other wise the little trades he won or lost didn’t amount to much. I will say they have a knack for picking up recycled players who seem to work out Amadio, Howten, etc.

      • THE hockey GOD

        everyone makes mistakes, deal with it

      • Jailbird

        No one is going to be 100% with moves. All said, they knew what they were trying to create here and did a great job!

      • Anand

        Didn’t amount to much. They won the fucking cup!

        Tim, for fucks sake‘s get it through your goddamn fucking 79 year old fucking stubborn fucking head that there is no way the front office is going to be 100% on every single move they make. Why do you have a problem comprehending this? Thanks actually a question that I would like you ya answer. Why do you have a problem comprehending this?

        It’s never happened in the history of the sport, so why is it unacceptable to you to have a management team that has been right about 85 to 90% of the time which led to a Stanley Cup in record time for an expansion franchise.

        Jesus goddamn motherfucking Christ I’m fucking losing it here but I’m done and sick of hearing it over and over again. With you, it’s always they’ve done this this but what about when they did this. God, dammit! Fuck off already! THEY WON THE FUCKING CUP!

        This is professional sports at the highest level. As long as your moves work out 65% of the time you are moving forward. If you win 65% of the games you end up with a 107 point season. That’s not good enough for you either as you will always point out the one that shift among the dozens of good ones in a game and criticize.

        The verbal diarrhoea that you spew is not constructive criticism or any kind of proper assessment or realism. It’s literally crap and unrealistic. You still managed to complain a few times in the playoffs and that was the most dominating playoffs I have ever seen, including what the Oilers did in the 80s. They didn’t have to play one game in which they were avoiding elimination.

        Also, not resigning David Perron was not a mistake. It’s a hard salary cap and you can only spend so much.

        Holy fucking shit!! I’m literally just thinking about this now but you were complaining about stuff during the playoffs. If they dominated for 49 minutes, you were complaining about a couple of shifts that didn’t go the way you wanted in a third period. Hey Sherlock, genius, do you not know that there is another professional hockey team on the ice playing against Vegas?

        Weren’t you complaining about the third period that Vegas had in game five against Winnipeg. I don’t think it was dominating enough for you or to your liking. Yes. You were complaining about Game 5 third period against Winnipeg.

        By the way, that was the only series that went to five games or less and Vegas was the first team to advance out of the first round, and I had to read your comments complaining about the third period in game five.

        This is a stretch, but reading religious, political crap might be less annoying than your constant criticisms of the greatest front office in the entire league.

        I might as well bring up one more genius comment of yours. Someone had asked you when you would finally except jack Eichel, and not consider him a locker room cancer and your reply was only if they won the cup. That ridiculous comment may have been the worst of them all.

        • Jailbird

          Come on, why so hard on Tim? Tone it down some, eh!

        • THE hockey GOD

          took words right out of mouth, except for all the swearing

        • TS

          Anand, lighten up, already! Tim is a FAN, NOT a FOE!! Blasting his post is kinda Ike what you- know- who does to everyone he disagrees with!! You KNOW who I’m referring to…
          DON’T BE T-H-A-T GUY, K???

        • Tim

          Such language I haven’t heard that much cussing since I was discharged from the army. Opinions are like assholes we all have one. You have the right to comment but do you really think your language was necessary to get your point across. Boston never got over trading Ruth to the Yankees and I’ll probably never get over trading Tatar for a first, second, and third round draft picks and then hardly play the guy. As far as David Perron goes he was a Misfit signs with St. Louis for four years 4 million per and wins a cup and being one of the main players could he helped push us over the top in year 2, 3, 4, or 5 if we had signed him for four years. We’ll never know but say what you want management fucked up on those two players big time. They won a cup all is forgiven but you can’t turn a blind eye to what might have been.

          • Anand

            I don’t live in fantasy world I live in reality. I’m not thinking of what might have been. I’m thinking of what actually happened which was a Stanley Cup championship without David Perron, and with Jack Eichel, who you’ve constantly shit on ever since he has been here.

            I’m doing this without swearing but your opinions on management are absolutely ludicrous not because I disagree with them but because you have no evidence that suggests the front office is anything but top-notch.

            If you were to have an objective opinion which I don’t think you have, but if you were to have one, then how can you possibly come to the conclusion that the management deserves any kind of criticism when they basically set the record on having the quickest Stanley Cup championship for any expansion team in the history of humanity.

            I don’t shit on people because their opinions differ from mine, because that would be wrong as TS has noted.
            You just have absolutely no evidence that the front office has not done an exemplary job since being here.

            I wish you would give me something for me to respect your opinion. Provide me some kind of evidence that they didn’t deserve the Stanley Cup or won it by luck or fluke. Please tell me something to try to see it your way that this management team deserves constant criticism.

      • TS

        Tim, when asked how the Vgk won the CUP, Stone’s response was that the Vgk “traded away a lot of his good friends to get here”. Sad fact in sports, NOTHING is permanent. Not health, success, or a stable place to play…Everything is on the table, even in SUCCESS.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Anybody else think it’s a joke McCrimmon is not GM of the year,”

      the nominees were made on May 25 , 2023; so the time line does not support your postulation; easy to be monday QB. He wasn’t even nominated in first place !!

      So, no it’s not a joke , next year may be a different story.

      • Sorvino

        I think the best front office in sports should be recognized as that every single season. However I am not bothered by it. I know they are the best and all they do is prove that they are the best so I don’t really think that they care what anyone else thinks.

  11. Sorvino

    I think the best front office in sports should be recognized as that every single season. However I am not bothered by it. I know they are the best and all they do is prove that they are the best so I don’t really think that they care what anyone else thinks.

  12. Sorvino

    At the end of the day, they won the Stanley Cup and that’s all that matters. There will be trophy snubs that will piss people off. Jack Eichel may miss out on a Selke Trophy that he should win.

    Again, at the end of the day, this front office took an expansion team and basically set record after record doing things that neither expansion team has ever done, including making the finals in the first year, and ofcourse, winning the Stanley Cup quicker than any other franchise has ever done.

    They have pretty much done virtually everything right from day one to get that Stanley Cup that quickly.

    Thank God the fans don’t run the team.

    If it was up to the fans, we would have never gotten rid of Nate Schmidt to make room to acquire Pietrangelo. If it was up to this fan, in particular, we would’ve never traded for jack Eichel, as I was worried, the lineup would become too top-heavy. Again, I was proven wrong like many fans, as there is no way they win the Stanley Cup without Jack Eichel.

    Sorry, I’m bringing this up because I don’t think that some are aware, but there is a hard salary cap in the NHL and decisions had to be made on which 5 million dollar player had to go. You can’t have everybody making 5 million in a hard cap system. Two of James Neal, David Perron, Marchessault, Smith and Karlsson had to and they chose the right two guys in Perron and Neal. Perron is a nice player but he is one dimensional and doesn’t play the 200 foot game.


    • VGK Fan

      The Frank J. Selke Trophy is an annual award given “to the forward who best excels in the defensive aspects of the game.”

      • Sorvino

        That’s correct. The way that Jack Eichel played defense this playoffs could be a precursor of things to come. Could be a Selke trophy nominee as early as this very season.

    • THE hockey GOD

      you left out the ICON, the HERO, the one they worship they very ice he skates (and shits) on, the person that could do no wrong !! Robin…..errrr… MAF !!!

      How dare you leave him out of your rant ?
      How dare you leave out the holy, the mighty, the saint of all saints. The man that could do no wrong, the man that walks on water, I mean, ice.


      shame shame shame shame on you

  13. Sorvino

    True. MAF sucks

  14. Anand

    People use to very convenient excuses to say some of the most ridiculous things. The first one is “Freedom of Speech”.

    You can’t just say absolutely anything absurd and say it’s your right because of freedom of speech. There are limits to everything. Try getting on an airplane and yelling the word “bomb”for five minutes straight. As the air marshal is beating the shit out of you, tell him that you are exercising your freedom of speech and see how well that works.

    The second one is “It’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it.” That’s another excuse people use to say the most non factual things even if they are proven beyond all reasonable doubt.”
    For example, I despise Donald Trump and that is my opinion, but for people that like Donald Trump, I respect their opinion. Some people like pizza some don’t. But don’t tell me that grass is not green and don’t tell me that snow is red. Don’t tell me that the VGK management team deserves constant criticism over and over again, even though they won a Stanley Cup faster than any other expansion team in history. These aren’t opinions, they are outright lies.

  15. Tim

    It’s so rare to win a championship in any sport that when you do it’s almost to much to take in. You say to yourself we really did into that’s amazing.I t sure makes the upcoming year watching the Knights a little easier with the monkey off our backs. Yes we want to win it again and we have a reasonable chance of doing that but if we don’t we still got ours where a flagship team like Toronto is still waiting since 1967 and Buffalo after 50 years still hasn’t won it. You wonder why the league is jealous of us.

  16. Lucifer

    Greetings fellow fans. Hope you are well including my good friend knights fan in minny. For shits and giggles I will make my prediction on Pavel Dorofeyev’s stats in which I will probably be way off. What line will he play on? He looked good with Eichel last year but Barbashev – Eichel – Marchessault seems to be set. Maybe slotting him with Stone could produce some magic and Howden could play with Karlsson and Amadio taking Reilly Smith’s spot. I’m not sure I like the fit of Dorofeyev playing with Karlsson and Amadio. I think Cotter could be a nice fit with Karlsson and Amadio. Just a guess but I can see Dorofeyev start the season on the bench or with Henderson. Potential forward lines to start the season.

    Barbashev – Eichel – Marchessault
    Howden – Stephenson – Stone
    Cotter – Karlsson – Amadio
    Carrier – Roy – Kolesar

    Anyways my prediction for Dorofeyev’s production next year with the Vegas Golden Knights is……

    51 games playes
    18 goals
    11 assists
    29 points

    Anybody want to pipe in?

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