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Stone Expresses Optimism After Cassidy Hire With NHL Radio

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It was a difficult season for the Golden Knights and specifically captain Mark Stone. The 30-year-old forward skated in the least amount of games since his second year in the league. Injuries plagued not only his season but the entire Golden Knights roster as well. According to Stone, the locker room felt foreign due to the shuffling of player. Not only were the players dealing with injuries, they were frustrated nightly by their underperforming power play. As Stone put it, the Golden Knights tasted their first slice of humble pie.

We had some pretty fluky injuries that were really hard to recover from during the season. We’re a veteran group so it’ll be nice to get the bodies healed and ready to go for the start of the season. Kind of prove that we’re good as we think we are. Got a little taste of humble pie this season and wasn’t fun to be a part of.-Mark Stone on Sirius NHL radio

The ten year veteran watched the team flounder without his services and the likes of other vital Golden Knights players. Not only was it troublesome on the ice the club was having difficulties in the locker room as well. Stone never mentioned the roster was fractured but it was noticeably different from years past.

Everybody in that dressing room has to take a good hard look in the mirror and get back to the way things were done in the past and get back to our roots a little bit. It was a difficult year as far as adding 10-15 new players. It seemed like we had to reintroduce ourselves every night. We got to get back to being that hard working team out working our opponents. That’s when we allow our skill to take over.-Mark Stone on Sirius NHL radio

As VGK fans heard all season, extended injuries severely impacted their results. Stone openly discussed his back surgery and also mentioned the Golden Knights may be without their number one stopper for an unspecified amount of time.

Considering I got back surgery a month ago I don’t think there’s much to debate. I’m battling a pretty bad back and ended up getting a discectomy and should be ready to go first day of training camp. In the bubble Robin was one of the best goalies on the planet. As it goes for most guys this year in our team he battled tons of health issues. He got shoulder surgery and probably going to be out for quite awhile. He’s just looking to get healthy and prove everyone wrong again.-Mark Stone on Sirius NHL radio

At this point the injury plagued season is in the past and Stone is preparing mentally and physically for a bounce back season. With the addition of new coach Bruce Cassidy the captain expects more ferocity from his teammates.

I think he’s going to bring a lot of intensity to the room. I think he’s going to get the best of our players. I love the way Boston plays. They are so hard to play against. I’m excited. I love our talent and now I’m excited to see we’re we can go with him and see if he can push all the right buttons to get us over that hump. And have even more success.-Mark Stone on Sirius NHL radio

Another reason for optimism is Stone will finally be able to build chemistry with star center Jack Eichel. The Golden Knights front office traded for the high end center to match up with their highly paid, two-way winger. Barring no injuries the two will anchor VGK’s most lethal line. It’ll be up to Cassidy to figure out who will skate with Eichel and Stone.

Yeah I can’t wait. I only got to play eight games with him. I almost felt so bad for him. When he came back pretty much all of us left the lineup and weren’t able to help him. There are so many wrong takes on Jack Eichel the player and the person. More than anyone he works on his game as much as anyone I’ve ever played with him. I’m excited to get him feeling comfortable and ready to go for opening day come October.-Mark Stone on Sirius NHL radio

Unprovoked, Stone addressed the swirling comments that have surrounded Eichel since his days in Buffalo. For the most part Golden Knights fans don’t care what happened in Buffalo. It’s not their problem, he plays in Vegas now but clearly Vegas’ captain felt the need to praise his teammate’s work ethic.

(Photo Credit: Ken Boehlke,

Sticking with Eichel, Stone told NHL radio that he would like to see his center in control of the puck on man-advantages. There’s no sugarcoating it, the Golden Knights power play was lousy for a year and a half. Stone was unafraid to say he thinks the PP cost him and his teammates two chances at the Stanley Cup. With Cassidy and Eichel in control of the power play it’s possible Vegas sees an uptick in production early on.

I’d like Jack to have the puck in his hands. That’s a good start. We were so close to making the playoffs we felt like we didn’t play well at all. If our power play is 20% this year we’re probably in the playoffs. It’s kind of a make or break for us. If we can get that fixed it’ll help us win more hockey games. Our power play has hindered us. We’d probably play for two Stanley Cups if our power play was just a little bit better over the last couple of years.-Mark Stone on Sirius NHL radio

While the Vegas’ heart and soul sounded positive and eager to start next season there were still some uncertainties. Like, how does Stone feel about the golden helmets?

As far as the helmet goes, we’ve got great games with them and we’ve had mediocre games with them. It’s been a year and a half and I still haven’t made my decision on them. I want to give them a try with the gold jerseys and see how that goes. It may really surprise a team coming out.-Mark Stone on Sirius NHL radio

We’ll Mark, I’m not so sure gold matches with mustard.

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  3. Ken

    Team chemistry is vital in any sport, especially hockey. The constant in and out of the lineup by multiple guys last year really destroyed that. If the boys can stay healthy, I think they can compete with anyone for the cup. Another big key will be goaltending. Got to have good play there. Who will it be?

    • knights fan in minny

      interesting question ken i could do without lehner i wonder what the asking price in free agency for husso would be 2 young golies would be nice

  4. Tim

    Unity is always a key and it looks like the Knights didn’t buy into the next man up philosophy. Cassidy may help our PK and PP but if these players Patch the biggest culprit go down after taking a hit needs a one way ticket out of town. Like I said before give me Forsberg over the china doll anytime at roughly the same price. Another interesting thought with Cassidy maybe players won’t shy away from coming to Vegas.

  5. It took a while to develop, but as a whole, Vegas has learned to choke.

    Watch the head hanging on the shootouts and the power plays and you can smell, see and watch – Choke!

    Hopefully new coaching will be the remedy.

    And I agree – get the puck on Eichel’s stick early and often.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @jake, during that shoot out string you are referencing the other team players
      weren’t doing so well either. Shoot outs are a crap shoot, has nothing to with choking.

      • But the other teams won.

        Wild Bill, love him to death, needs to purge some of that choke virus for next year, along with several others.

        • THE hockey GOD

          If I recall correctly I think in last three shoot outs it was something like 3 for 24; it’s a crap shoot and streaky. Earlier in season they couldn’t lose a shoot out. It all evens out over time and representative sample size.

    • Bruce Cassidy is a great coach he didn’t deserve to be fired and Boston he had six great years every single year they made the playoffs, went to Stanley Cup 2019 coach of the year, all six years he had over 100 Point seasons and those players respected him and like him very much. You guys have a great coach with Boston he had a 6 50% winning percentage he had over 200 wins with Boston 108 glasses.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ will Clark

        PDB didn’t deserve to be first either, but the half life in VGK organization for PDB, as well as GG, seem to be catch up to coaches sooner rather than later !

  6. Yup, the past year was just as chaotic for the players as it seemed to the fans. The revolving door of injuries and replacements really affected the guys, as Stone mentioned. It is refreshing to hear an honest assessment of the mess that was this past season. Sounds like STONE is pretty optomistic about the new coach and season. That’s encouraging. Looking forward to a better year!

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Aside from the fact that Thg can be INSULTING and OFFENSIVE” I only insult people who insult me first. Offensive ? Moi ?? NEVER ! Opinionated – YES !

      • Lol, what-EVER, THG!! You CAN be a bit…..obnoxious…is THAT a better description?? PEACE!!

  7. Emmanuel

    I’m not sure Eichel is a good fit with Stone ( & Pacioretty), I’d go with.
    March/Eichel/Roy or Chandler.

    • Blitz

      So your going to take a center and put him on your wing and that is the best line you can do with your best player (Eichel)? And you wonder why the VGK missed the playoffs last year. That line scares no one.

      • Emmanuel

        Karlsson C the 1st line makes it a two way line.
        Eichel centering the 2nd line with Marchessault at LW and preferably with Stephenson at RW means he can concentrate on scoring. There’s a surplus of C like Roy or Amadio.

        • Emmanuel,

          It is hard to project lines considering we have only 18 players signed and have 5.2 million in cap space to spread out over 4 players to get to a 22 man roster. Assuming you move out LB and promote LT you now have a cap space of $6,758,333 to spread out over 4 players to get to 22 man roster.

          So unless you move out one of the following 23, 71, 67, 81 or 90 it will be difficult to keep 2 of the following Roy, Smith or Hague.

          Way to keep Roy is if you can sign him for $3.3 million, Howden 1 million, any two kids from Henderson for less than 1 million a piece.

  8. Julie

    I know we focus on Vegas here, but it seems we can also learn what is happening now in the SC. Tampa has been down 2 games in a series before and came back strong to beat the Rangers. However, they look more rattled in the SC and Game 2 is just humiliation.

    Curious what some of our posters here think about the series this far. I recall several thinking the East will win. Maybe. Maybe not.

    • Blitz

      I have always thought the AVS would win this year. They are too good. It really comes down to if they choke or not (like they did against VGK last year). You have to adjust. I think TB will come back strong like they did last series, but the AVS are so talented they should win. Depends on if they can adjust to whatever TB throws at them. War AVS!

    • AVS’ quickness has been too much for Tampa so far. Their scoring run is seemingly unstoppable. Tampa was pshell- shocked tonight! One point: the Colorado high altitude gives visiting teams FITS, WHEN UNLV used to play conference games there, they would struggle in the thin air in Colorado. Tampa played SLOW, TIRED. ..They will play much better at home. But the AVS have it ALL going their way, and have had for most of the playoffs— momentum is everything! GO AVS!!

  9. knights fan in minny

    the lanche with the speed a beat down tonight the best goalie in the world cant stop the lanche

  10. Seth Bayles

    With Stone on his A+ game, no way we compete with Colorado

  11. Either ok on the ice, really bad In the locker room

  12. This is probably the Aves best chance as they stand to loose some of the players next season because of cap issues. At least that is the feeling of many Colorado fans. I have a number of friends up there and reminded them in all their glory last night TB was down 2 zep last series and landed up winning. Time will tell Aves looked unstoppable last night.

  13. Ken

    IF, TB wins these next two games at home, then I do think they will win the series.

  14. Andy

    Ken, hire an editor. Good article but a few mistakes.

  15. Michael c Robinson

    get back to Vegas rots when you weren’t there and max and Jack and Robin first I would trade mark and Robin and max well you could get some money for them injury will plague them so get rid of them well you can.

  16. Ulf

    Anyone notice that Stone used the proper term and called it “the dressing room”? NOT “the locker room”
    Most important part of the interview lol

  17. Ulf

    Anyone notice Stone used the correct term: “dressing room”, NOT “locker room”?
    Most important point in the article lol

  18. Ulf

    Notice how Stone uses the correct term “dressing room”, NOT “locker room” –
    Most important point of the radio interview lol

  19. Dallas reported to have hired Deboer. Dallas must have run out of options, to take PDB. Good luck , Stars…hope YOUR time with him turns out better than OURS..

    • THE hockey GOD

      PDB is a good coach, top five in NHL.

      -Aside from the fact that Thg can be INSULTING and OFFENSIVE=> I only insult people who attack me FIRST, and offensive ? Moi ? NEVER ! Opinionated. Yes.

  20. Tim

    As the recycling continues DeBoer to Dallas for his what 4th team. I thought 3 strikes and your out.

    • THE hockey GOD

      another mis fire , get back to us all when you figure out how many teams
      Scotty Bowman coached.
      And your buddy querrville, queenville, or however you spell his name.

      The internet is CLOSeD todayl.

  21. Ken

    DeBoer was never given a chance here, by the fans. We lost Gallant,then they replaced him with our most hated rivals ex-coach. I think he is a decent coach but was just not excepted. Let’s hope the fans don’t make that mistake with our new coach. Let’s get behind the guy and the team this coming new season. What do ya say?

    • Tim

      Ken your absolutely right giving Cassidy backing by the fans would be a pleasant change. I’ve gotten tired of all the negative comments and believe me I’ve had a few. Patch just sticks in my craw believing he’s magically going to be productive in 2022~2023 season. I’d dump him in a heartbeat.

      • Rob S.

        I’m really tired of the Pacioretty hate. He was productive *last* season, Tim. Despite playing only 39 games (two *more* than the sainted Stone, I might add), Pacioretty had 19 goals, fourth on the team (third now that Dadonov has been exiled again). The two in front of him (Marchessault and Stephenson) played twice as many games. He was also damn near a point a game player (37 in those 39 games). So, yeah, by all means, let’s get rid of him.

        As Galdom and, I think, Mike StG have repeatedly pointed out–with stats to back it up–the problem is SCORING. If you get rid of Pacioretty, your sniper is…whom, exactly? Oh, that’s right, we don’t have one. (Eichel’s a scorer, but sniping is not his game.)

        Are you also intending to get rid of Stone (37 games played), Martinez (26 games played; only one more than Nolan Patrick), and anyone else you don’t think will play 80 games next year–or do you just not like Pacioretty?

        • Tim

          Rob S. You have a short memory last year was his normal walk in backwards to pick up his pay check. Rob you forget about the playoffs the year before let me refresh your memory. Of coarse he was out of the playoffs until game 7 of the Minnesota series yea this is the guy you go all in on NOT. We all have our opinions but I tend more to agree with ulf below were a long way from any playoff let alone Stanley Cup. Thank god at least next year is his last and we get that albatross off our back. Rob when he goes down for the count again this year will you be shocked I know I won’t.

        • Rob S.

          Great points on Patches! I also will never understand why he receives all the hate he does makes no sense. Patches has averaged a point a game for three years and had 11 points in 13 games in our last playoff appearance. Stone who was tied with MAF with zero zero points in MTL series gets a pass.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i like most fans accepted him, only ones who did not are the haters and unsophisticated fans on this forum.

  22. ulf

    Let’s face it, this team is in a real uphill battle to be a contender during Stone’s captaincy.
    The top 2 lines are (mostly) fragile and not truly elite. The D-corps is also ageing. Both Forward and D aren’t really that deep at all, and a look at the farm team shows that there’s not really any cheap help coming soon.
    Goaltending is questionable now that Lehner is injured long term (?).
    Compare that to the dominance we see from Colorado (still a young team, some players will leave but they have a great pipeline), rising teams like Edmonton, Calgary and LA with Vancouver a bit of a wildcard, and it’s doing to be tough for Vegas to do anything if they don’t find a way to the finals next season.
    And that’s without mentioning whatever’s going to happen with St. Louis, Winnipeg and Dallas who I’d argue are kind of at the same level as Vegas. Maybe they’re in better positions.
    Not making the playoffs was one of the good things that happened in a way, as they weren’t going to win this year and it forces ownership to really see what they have. But I’m not sure the solutions they’re presenting are the right ones.
    Maybe there will be a Cup chance when Eichel is still with the team, but for anyone else I’m not so sure.

    • THE hockey GOD

      # ulf i hear you, maybe they should change the name of team to the Golden Years ??

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Ulf I hear you, maybe they should change name of team to the Golden Years ?

  23. Ken

    What does Stone being captain, have to do with them not being a cup contender? Sorry, just don’t see any reason for that comment? As far as patch, I have no comment on his health long term, but he is a dynamic goal scorer when totally healthy. He has proven that!

    • Tim

      Ken that’s the optimum question when he’s healthy. I think he’s shown us over the last two years that he has hurt the team big time and to think this year he’ll magically play 60 plus games is a stretch. At 7 million dollars that’s a lot of dead weight.

      • Rob S.

        Fine. So Pacioretty isn’t likely to play 80 games a season anymore and he’s not 25 years old. Again (and, yes, I noticed you didn’t answer this), who is going to replace him? And if you feel this way about Pacioretty, you must even be more pessimistic about Stone and his back problems, right? (The same Stone we have on the books at $9.5 million AAV for the next *five* years as opposed to Pacioretty for one year at $7 mil.) Interesting perspective you have. Warped, but interesting.

        • Tim

          Rob S. I’ve covered Patches replacement many times before. One replacement Filip Forsberg 27 with a lot of hockey left same price range to answer your question. Really any younger guy standing you get it STANDING with a goal scoring touch would be better then the china doll.

    • Ulf

      I posted a Parches comment below, but RE Stone I meant “during his tenure as a Knight”, not really anything to do with his role of captain. I’m not sure how he’s doing as captain but I’m sure he’s fine. Just on the wrong side of 30 and the Knights have too much work to do to get in Cup position.

  24. Rob S.

    Also, just for the record, Pacioretty played 48 of 56 games in 2020-2021 and was a point per game player with 51 points (24 goals) and in 2019-2020 he played all 71 games and posted 66 points (32 goals) so I think you’ve gotten (Foley’s) money’s worth out of him.

    Finally, Tim, if you’re going to whine about his lack of scoring in the late rounds of the playoffs the last couple of years, the whole damned team was guilty of that. It’s part of why we have a new coach.

    • Ulf

      Re Patches, he’s traditionally never been a playoff performer. Over his career he’s had only 3 post-seasons where he’s over 0.4 points per game in the playoffs.
      I’ve followed his career for a long time. He’s also been a poor points performer in the world juniors and The olympics,
      This is not simply a case of Patches having problems in recent years (some of them have actually been better than the usual)
      He’s simply not a reliable point getter in the playoffs. Overrated in that way.

      • Ulf,

        Patches playoff stats are actually better than Stone’s but I don’t see you bashing Stone.

        I’m with Rob S. I’ll never understand why Patches doesn’t get the respect he deserves on this site.

        • ulf

          well, using your own links here’s what we have for the playoffs, which is what I was discussing:

          Pacioretty 74 GP, 49 P (0.66 points per game, mostly gained in his pre-33 year old peak in 2 of the last 4 years)
          Stone 73 GP, 50 P (0.68 points per game)

          So thanks for making my point, Stone actually has better Pts/Gm in playoffs than Pacioretty does. And Patches is turning 34 in November.

          When you factor in international play, Patches had one good turnout which was in the World Championships – a tourney that rarely has a lot of NHL competition. Otherwise:
          World Juniors: 6 games, 0 points.
          Olympics: 5 games, 1 point.
          World Cup of Hockey: 3 games, 0 points.

          Stone on the other hand:
          World under 17s: 6 games, 7 points.
          World Juniors: 6 games, 10 points.

          Stone also played in the World Championships and basically got equal points to Patches.

          One thing that tends to happen on here consistently is an overvaluing of talent on the Vegas roster.
          I’m not throwing up the pom-poms for Stone; to be honest I don’t know what to think of him sometimes. He’s a great all-around talent but at times can feel like more of a key player on a team that has to have a lot else going for it. Patches on the other hand has always been a support player, relying on other elements of the team to make it go.

          • Nobody cares about there stats while playing pee wee hockey.

            The fact is Patches has been a better VGK playoff player stat wise than Stone.

          • ulf

            Lol, well if you know anything at all about hockey, the World Juniors, Olympics and World Cup are anything but ‘pee-wee’ . It’s literally best on best.

            A player’s history and age are excellent indicators as to how they’re going to perform in future.

            So to your point, reducing it to Vegas playoff games only (which is too reductive to me – what’s next, only count stats from last day of season?)

            2018-19: 7GP, 11 pts = 1.57 pts/gm, by far a career high.
            2019-20: 16GP, 8 pts = 0.5 pts/gm. a little lower than his career average to that point of 0.62 pts/gm.
            2020-21: 13GP, 11 pts = 0.85 pts/gm at age 32, second highest in career.

            2018-19: 7GP, 12 pts = 1.71 pts/gm, also a career high
            2019-20: 20GP, 17 pts = 0.85 pts/gm
            2020-21: 19GP, 8 pts = 0.42 pts/gm

            so with the exception of 2020-21, Stone was the bigger points producer, and he’s younger.

            Now if you’re going to tell me Patches will heal up enough and out-perform his career highs in post-season points at age 34, well I don’t know what to say.

    • Tim

      Rob S. If you want to get into production on the last 4 years David Perron has far exceeded Patch in goals, assists, and most important playing time at 4 million a year. The beauty of this it would have cost us nothing to resign him no Suzuki, no Tatar, no second round draft choice. Bottom line is Perron is a tough mother and Patch is a china doll.

      • Tim,

        You left out the point where Perron scored one goal and 15 playoff games that magical 1st season. Why is it you forgot about that?

        • Tim

          VGK Fan, If you think Patch has had a better run with the Knights then Perron has with St. Louis them you have rose colored glasses on. And don’t forget about the cap considerations lost in these two moves. I’m not here to tell you but I will we could have had Suzuki, that second round draft pick we through in the ocean, and could have traded Tatar our other giant mistake for something. What management did in those deals set us back for a long time but most of you don’t realize it. What would the first, second, and third we gave for Tatar been prospect wise on our future? We’ll never know because you justify everything this management group does. While I’m on the subject of not up front management how about Patch and Stone hurt during the Montreal series playing at 25 % but filling the stands with an inferior product they were aware of. In Ellis Island the model was give us your weak, your down trodden etc. in Vegas its give us your money. I have no trust in management they are one lie after another which have all been documented here before. In other words as my mother used to say take everything they say with a grain of salt thats about how much I trust them.

          • Tim,

            I agree with all your comments of management I’m not a fan at all of what they done trade wise with the exception of the Stone trade and Stephenson trade. They just seem to make one mistake after another. They just traded a player who averaged a point a game over his last 16 games of the season for 4 years of LTIR hell. Which by the way cost them a chance of Andrei Kuzmenko who has committed to play for the Vancouver Canucks next season.

            They have have only drafted one player who is making a current impact of the team since 2017. I guess I should have pointed out the trade for Tatar was the mistake that should have never happened. Glass should have been traded instead of Suzuki for Patches with picks that was one of the many mistakes management has made. Patches has averaged a point a game over the last three seasons he is not the problem. If I had a do over Tatar never happens.

  25. THE hockey GOD

    on positive note lets see what the Golden youts look like now

    The 2021-22 season represented a return to normalcy for the hockey calendar as most professional, junior and college leagues enjoyed full seasons for the first time in two years.

    Prospects in the Vegas Golden Knights system used the season to their advantage as their development toward becoming NHL players progressed. For the six players drafted by the Golden Knights in the virtual 2021 NHL Draft, the year has brought them opportunities to show what they can do.

    Zach Dean, Forward, Gatineau Olympiques (QMJHL)
    Dean was selected in the first round (30th overall) by the Golden Knights in 2021 and returned to Gatineau for his third season in Quebec’s top junior hockey league. After posting 20 points (10G, 10A) in 23 games in his draft year, Dean put up a career-high 52 points (21G, 31A) in 47 games and added seven points (2G, 5A) in seven playoff games.

    Daniil Chayka, Defenseman, Guelph Storm (OHL)
    The Golden Knights drafted Chayka (pictured) in the second round (36th overall) in 2021 and saw the young defenseman take steps in his third season in the Ontario Hockey League. Chayka spent his draft year in Russia during the 2020-21 season that was heavily impacted by COVID-19 and returned to Guelph for his third season with the Storm for 2021-22. He posted 39 points (7G, 32A) in 53 games before being assigned to the Henderson Silver Knights at the end of the season.

    Jakub Brabenec, Forward, Charlottetown Islanders (QMJHL)
    Brabenec spent his first full season in North America in 2021-22 after being selected in the fourth round (102nd overall) by Vegas. He showed his comfort in coming over from Czechia as he posted 64 points (17G, 47A) in 58 games and another 19 points (5G, 14A) in Charlottetown’s 15-game postseason run. Brabenec played with fellow VGK prospect Lukas Cormier as both players clicked at better than a point-per-game.

    Jakub Demek, Forward, Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL)
    Demek is the lone player drafted by Vegas in 2022 whose season is still going as the Edmonton Oil Kings forward is skating in the 2022 Memorial Cup. The 2022 fourth round pick (128th overall) came over from Slovakia for his first season in North America as he notched 54 points (20G, 34A) in 55 regular season games. Demek has 17 points (5G, 12A) in 19 playoff games as he and the Oil Kings continue to pursue junior hockey’s top crown.

    Artur Cholach, Defenseman, Barrie Colts (OHL)
    Drafted by Vegas in the sixth round (190th overall) in 2021, Cholach suited up for his first season of major junior hockey with the Barrie Colts. In 56 games, the Lviv, Ukraine native had 13 points (1G, 12A) and added an assist in six playoff games.

    Carl Lindbom, Goalie, Djurgardens IF (Sweden)
    Lindbom was Vegas’ seventh round selection (222nd overall) in 2021 and remained in Sweden for the 2021-22 season. The young goaltender spent most of his time with Djurgardens IF in the J20 Nationell league where he had a 13-6-0 record in 19 apperances. Lindbom played in one game for Djurgardens in the SHL as he made his debut in Sweden’s top professional league. On a seven-game load with Vasterviks IK in Hockey Allsvenskan, Lindbom posted a 5-2-0 record.

  26. Andrei Kuzmenko has committed to play for the Vancouver Canucks next season.

    VGK was in the running for Andrei Kuzmenko but the fact he will be receiving 1,000,000 bonus pay he was most likely cancelled as part of VGK future plans do LTIR consequences the team has put themselves in.

    • THE hockey GOD

      VGK no like Russian players.

      growink stringov bad luck; start wit slipaschenko== Ken the web sight owner favorite all time Russki player , to valininto or whatever name is, to gooseoff (spelling). to near term Boris Badanov and his agent Natasha.

      Rocky and Bullwinkle not impressed. Vgk not shinink place for Russki’s no more.

  27. Ken

    I guess DeBoar is going to Dallas. Good for him, I wish him luck. He did a good job here. He might not have one a cup, but neither did 30 other coaches during that time!

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