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Station Casinos Offers Betting Odds For Las Vegas NHL Team

You knew it wouldn’t be long before the Las Vegas NHL team found their way onto the gambling boards across the valley. Station Casinos became the first to offer odds on the team putting them on the board just minutes after the team was officially announced by Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Figured we’d go ahead and list what they’re offering and then take a stab at which one to bet for each prop available.

Total Points In 2017-18 Season

  • Over 72.5 (-110)
  • Under 72.5 (-110)

I know I’m optimistic but I really like the over here. 72.5 points indicates a team that’s well below .500 and even struggles when they get to overtime as well. A lot of people are going to go back and cite the terrible expansion records of the Wild, Sharks, Thrashers, and alike, but these rules are a lot different. It makes a lot more sense to compare Las Vegas to some of the lower end teams from last season. Just two teams failed to reach 73 points a season ago and both went into tank mode pretty early on (Toronto and Edmonton). Literally every other team cleared the number including Vancouver who played in the Pacific Division, had a -55 goal differential, and were six games under .500 at home. I’d honestly be surprised if they don’t push 80 in the first year. Pick: Over 72.5 (-110) 

First Home Game vs. TBA

  • Las Vegas +150
  • Visiting Team -170

I have a feeling the NHL is going to allow the Las Vegas team to open their inaugural season at home, so it should be the first game in the franchise’s existence. We also should assume it’ll be against a high profile opponent to get the most media exposure possible. My guess would be it will be the Kings or Ducks with a slight chance of the Coyotes. It’s difficult to project the other teams roster let alone the one that doesn’t even exist yet. I want to pick Las Vegas, but I just can’t do it. Give me a puck-line at about -130 though and I’m in, Vegas will keep it close. Pick: Visiting Team -170

Las Vegas’ First Team Goal

  • Full Strength Goal -150
  • Power Play Goal +200
  • Short Handed Goal +1000
  • Penalty Shot In Regulation +2500
  • No Goal In Regulation +400

It’s incredibly tempting to go with the 4:1 odds on the no goal, but I just feel as if there will be too much energy in the building for the team to get shutout. You can throw out the penalty and the shorty. So we’re down to two. Because the team will have little chemistry together and will have no animosity for their opponent, penalties may be a slightly likely than normal. Therefore, we’re going to go with the favorite and take the full strength goal. Poor payout, but hey, a win’s a win. Pick:  Full Strength Goal -150

**Feel free to make your picks in the comments section below. We’ll be sure to dig this post back up in October next year to see who did the best.**



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  1. Jeff

    I’m thinking right at 72 points so I’ll take the under on that (31 – 41 – 10).

    I’d bet we play the Kings in our first game. Take Visitors -170.

    I’m thinking first goal will be a PP. We are going to have a hard time even strength the first season.

  2. Daoloth

    I’d bet the Over Wins, first goal to be a PP +200, along with winning the 1st Home Game +150 right now… Maybe go for broke betting the 1st goal will be SH. Seeing the awful trades today by Nashville losing a top D-man for a scrub like Subban. His lack of size, skill, ability will show greatly playing in the Western Conference especially the Central… While Edmonton dumped one of their best scorers for a scrub right shooting D-man. Even if they sign Lucic it wont make up for losing a guy like Hall :). Kings are in trouble, lots of teams in decline so Vegas should win about 40 games etc ;).

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