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Stars Fans Watch Western Conference Finals In Unique Fashion

Tonight will mark the second time Dallas Stars fans will be able to sit in an arena seat and cheer on their favorite hockey club since March 10th. What began Tuesday for Game 2 has now turned into a unique event for the rest of the Western Conference Finals. Something, I’m sure would be a huge hit with Vegas fans… if the government would allow it.

American Airlines Center has opened its doors for a reduced capacity watch party for 3500-4000 Stars fans. It’s free to the public but fans have to be lucky enough to reserve one of the socially spaced-out tickets.

Regulations are looser in Texas compared to different COVID-19 restrictions that are in place in Nevada. However, in Dallas, the reported new cases were triple to what Las Vegas has seen in recent days. I’m not suggesting that local and state governments are overprotecting Nevadans, but a socially-distanced playoff watch party at T-Mobile Arena would be an enormous event. And not just for the 3500+ in attendance.

Stars fans will line up outside the arena tonight six-feet apart and wearing masks, rushing in to find their limited seat. They’ll go through security, be able to grab a snack and a soda at the concession stand and watch the Western Conference Finals from an NHL arena seat. Pretty cool right?

There are numerous detractors urging fans to voice their concerns with the Stars. So far, the complaints haven’t been loud enough for the team to cancel their coveted arena watch parties.

Is it possible Dallas is starting a trend Vegas could follow for the next and final round? If the Golden Knights keep their eyes on how safe and secure the Stars make their watch parties, I’m sure there will be future conversations. Of course, Vegas has to get there first.

The biggest problem, there’s only enough socially-distanced space at T-Mobile Arena for 3600 lucky fans. Let’s worry about that after the Golden Knights take care of business.


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  1. Over protected of my life i like!
    TV is ok with me

  2. The Noodle King

    How bout 25% in Allegiant, gov’ner?

  3. Big Z

    Don’t do it ya greedy bastatds

  4. DOC aPositiveFan

    What beautiful day in the neighborhood. ** Temp well under triple digits ** *** NFL kicks off tonight *** **** Most important, Knights play tonight **** Playing our style, with fresher legs, we dominated game 2. Now we are ready to bring even more in game 3. There will be a better effort from Stars no doubt. But we ARE the better TEAM and with our #1 goalie being the hottest in the playoffs, we will prevail! GO KNIGHTS GO !!!

  5. Daryl

    I would show up in a heart beat…. You have more people standing closer to one another at Walmart. If you don’t like, DON’T GO but your crying shouldn’t prevent others from enjoying ourselves!!!

  6. Daryl

    I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with this… if you want to go, then go. If you don’t, then don’t go. It really doesn’t affect anyone else. As I said above, if you have a problem with this then you must have a problem with those going to walmart, protesting, or going out anywhere else in public

    • Daryl,

      I have a huge problem with this. I want the disease to die. People congregating now in large groups is deadly.

      • Daryl

        They are social distancing and u believe are required to wear a mask when it is their seat. How is that different from a restaurant? How is it different than going to the mall? Or Walmart? Or any grocery store? As far as large crowds, how many caught the virus while at Sturgis? Movie theaters are opening back up. And if you listen to most liberals, it’s safe to participate in “peaceful” protests

  7. A Fan

    The Knights are selling suites at T-Mobile for these games. I believe the max is 10 people per suite.

  8. Tim

    I guess the best answer is better safe then sorry. Big game tonight would love to go up 2-1 in the series if not it won’t the end of the world. For you football fans good luck viewership is dwindling and I’m among the people who have had enough. You can throw basketball in the mix of who cares I sure don’t.

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