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Stanley Cup Champs: One Month Anniversary

The Golden Knights are Stanley Cup Champions.

Yep, that actually happened. Even a month later it still barely feels real.

To make it feel more real, here’s a video of every goal from the entire run!


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  1. former season ticket holder

    Must have watched this video 50 times already!!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      that is a lot for a “former” season ticket holder – dontcha know ?

  2. THE hockey GOD

    old time hockey coach

    eddie shore

    toe blake !!

  3. THE hockey GOD

    cousins four against one !

  4. knights fan in minny

    nhl network replays game 5 and it never gets old

    • TS

      Kfim, Wish I had that network!! Summer is a bitch with NO Hockey!! I am so bored here, 115 degree heat this weekend….CURSES! ( maybe I’ll take up ice skating…lol…)

      • knights fan in minny

        hang in there TS

        • TS

          Kfim, I’m TRYING! This brutal heat keeps me inside…115-117 degrees.
          Cabin fever AND Hockey Withdrawal….ARGH!!!!

      • Bobby

        Ice skating! Great idea. But if you do, buy yourself a new pair of hockey skates, no rental skates lol. You’ll find the learning experience a blast and a great way to stay cool

  5. THE hockey GOD

    regardless of person’s sex , the reporter, not organization is the one showing disrespect by repeatedly yelling the same question over and over. They ask a legit question, “how many times does this person have to ask the same question over and over”?

    Grow a pair people, wusses.

  6. Mark

    Feels amazing for the past month. We are #1 !!!

  7. TS

    Ken, thanks for those memories!!
    DANG, our team is frigging AWESOME!! Seeing these goals, our speed, agility, ability to sneak goals in, befuddling the opponents again and again— what a team!! We have so many great players…that is why we are the CHAMPIONS!!!
    To other fans who whine about our team having unfair advantages from the expansion, they can ALL GO POUND SAND!#!#!#! WE DESERVED THE SC, WE EARNED IT, AND WE O-W-N IT!!!

  8. Jailbird

    Absolutely !

  9. JP

    This is AWESOME content to re-live the entire run! I watch the 10 min recap of Game 5 of the Final at least once a week. Appreciate your work guys! #VegasBorn

  10. Jailbird

    If you have or can get ESPN+., Watch the seven episodes of “Quest for the Stanley Cup”. It is amazing behind the scene look at this years playoffs. Plenty of cool coverage of the Knights!

    • TS

      Jb, no ESPN+. I Did watch one or two that aired on ESPN during Playoffs. Great series, wish I had the access!

  11. Bobby

    All the Stanley Cup pics with Cassidy, family, & Eichel’s, Cape Cod are so cool. The sweetest revenge for the events that brought them here.

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