Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website


The greatest hockey team in the world belongs to Las Vegas. 

The Vegas Golden Knights have won the Stanley Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!! #ProphecyFulfilled 




Cup In Six: Prophecy Fulfilled – Buy A Shirt


  1. Emmanuel

    Things are as they should be

  2. Jailbird

    We did it! We friggin did it!

  3. knights fan in minny

    celebrate tonight sin city well deserved congrats to vegas fans congrats to a truehearted fan TS enjoy the fun it was a pleasure watching the boys all year long how sweet it is

    • TS

      Kfim, GOOD GOLDEN MORNING!!!! What a season, huh???? I’ve been here in Vegas 50 yrs, and THIS is the FINEST MOMENT IN OUR HISTORY!!! I cried quite awhile, seeing the exuberance and total elation of the guys. A memory to last a lifetime for ALL OF US!!
      AND: YOU have been a real sport on SINBIN, kfim! You fought through ALL the CRAP, kept it interesting and a bit sharp- edged, which was fun to read, I admit. And…you hung in there with the VGK, always positive about the guys. Y-O-U ARE A TRUE FAN!!!! Thanks for supporting us ALL ( me especiallly!)

      • knights fan in minny

        thanks for the kind words ts enjoy the summer hockey will be back soon enough

  4. TS

    Who says there’s no crying in Hockey!!! Tears of joy and pride in our team!! WHAT A FINISH!

  5. TS

    Marchy DESERVED that trophy!!!! SPECTACULAR PLAYOFFS!!

  6. vgk21

    Congratulations to all the players . The Vegas Golden Knights are champions in every sense of the word.

    Bruce Cassidy brought them the system they needed, Jack Eichel brought them the #1 center they needed, and Adin Hill brought them the clutch goaltending in the playoffs.

    Marchy and Stoney brought them the leadership, and all the VGK original misfits came thru as they always do.

    I said VGK in 5 games, and this blowout win made it all the more enjoyable.

    Let the parade begin !!

  7. Frank

    What a game!!! What a statement!!! The cup is ours!!!!!!!!!

  8. Carl

    Congrats Ken. Among Vegas sports journalists you are peerless. My experience of the Vegas Golden Knights is richer for your podcasts, articles, Periscopes. Keep up the great work.

  9. TS

    Great win! All we need now is to win Friday! Go LVGK!

  10. Rick

    Congrats to the Las Vegas Kings

    Bettman just made the toughest championship to win in pro sports to the easiest

    Just start an expansion team!!

  11. Outstanding performance. Great win – the boys came tonight to prove something which they did in spades

  12. Mark

    We just dominated throughout the playoffs, just kicked ass. This team is tough, their ferocious, their disciplined and they have developed a team chemistry rarely seen. Love these guys, balls against the walls every shift, every game. Wow, nobody can take this away from us, my Stanley Cup hat will be worn day in, day out !! Go Knights !!!!!!! We are Champions !!!!!!!!!!! #1 !!!!

  13. Roberto

    Off season. Preseason. 82 games. Three playoff series. All of us cared completely. No matter the details, concerns or whatever. We were rewarded. Good for the team and good for all of us. The ride. It was good. It was enjoyed.

  14. SMH

    Congratulations to my favorite sports team of all time! And major high fives to all of the true & loyal VGK fans on this site. And to all of the bitchers, moaners, McCrimmon haters, Pietrangelo haters, Eichel haters, and haters in general, too bad that you can’t enjoy this championship quite as much as the rest of us, but tonight we will even give ya’ll a high five. Cheers to Cup in 6!!!!!!

  15. Jay

    OK, but can we talk about Vegas (and before that TB) cheating the salary cap and winning the cup with a roster that’s over the cap? A cap should be a cap!! They shouldn’t have been able to afford Eichel and Stone.. I know what they did was legal in the bush league NHL rule book, but it shouldn’t be!

    • TS


    • knights fan in minny

      shut the hell up clown jay

  16. Tim

    Great win team is about set for next year just need to sign Hill and Barbashev and have a chance at a repeat.

  17. culf

    Hey congrats Vegas, and only $9 million over the cap, not the $11-14 million that Tampa won with a few years ago! That’s progress, and yes it’s currently fair…

    Brings back memories of the horrible Las Vegas Massacre where a gun nut shot and killed scores of people, and LV citizens came together around the hockey team and thought they were great for mourning with them. Nevada didn’t pass any real gun control laws, but they had a hockey team – and now the next time a mass shooting happens at a church, school, or mall, you can all say you now have Stanley Cup champions who will mourn with you! Who needs gun laws? Heck, carry them out in the open and wave them around like you-know-whats!

    America! Duh…duh….Guns! Duh…duh…

    • Alex

      Go F yourself culf

    • THE hockey GOD

      guns are about as responsible as pencils are for mis spelling words

      get clue, clueless moron

      PS chicago has toughest gun laws in nation, and yet still gun kill city.

      • culf

        Pencils can’t kill dozens of people in a few seconds.
        If they could, Americans would find a way to make that happen too.

        Guns+Americans are the problem. Remove guns like candy from entitled children then Americans have a chance.

        • TS

          Culf, the gun debate is a legit issue. I don’t think Hockey fans here would disagree about that. BUT: do you REALLY think this is the TIME OR PLACE TO BRING IP UP??

          • culf

            I guess I could wait until the next time it happens, then Americans will ignore it as usual and go back to distracting themselves.

            That first year of VGK was great in some ways, horrible in others. Says a lot about a society when you get a gruesome act like that, and prefer to focus on how nice it is for a brand new team of millionaire athletes to look sad with you, rather than create meaningful change in a society that desperately needs it.

  18. Jailbird

    Two in a row for WC teams. The east needs to wake up to the fact we have some really good teams out west. I said during the Edmonton series that I thought the winner would win the cup. For all those who called the Knights chokers after game one vs the Jets, well, enjoy the force that positive posters have. As mentioned a number of times before the playoffs started, this team was built for the playoffs. I am so proud of our boys who showed what a TEAM can accomplish. Thank you so much Knights. These memories will last forever ! (Ps – I thought the t-shirt thing was kind of cheesy Ken)

    • TS

      Jb, I hereby proclaim you to be the ” MOST POSITIVE FAN ON SINBIN”!!! Your glass isn’t half full, it’s OVERFLOWING WITH OPTIMISM !! I have appreciated your posts all season!

      • Jailbird

        Thanks TS and right back at ya. You also have Been a force of positive thoughts. Been a pleasure to share this season with you!

        • TS

          Yes, sir, jb, and thanks right back atcha, too!!!! What will we DO for the next few months??? Maybe I’ll build a hockey rink on my patio!!

  19. THE hockey GOD

    congrats to the boys
    a well deserved championship !!

    PS just dragging my sorry you know what in from the strip. I am going to sleep for
    a week now ! take care all


    • TS

      Thg, I’m jealous that you got to experience the Miracle on the Strip firsthand! ( you also went to Florida?)I’m also glad to hear from you here. ( yes. I SAID IT) As much as we’ve had our…disagreements, I have always enjoyed your Hockey posts, your humor, your smart observations.
      PEACE, THG.

  20. THE hockey GOD

    Hill was real MVP Conn Smyth trophy winner

    no doubt about it.

  21. Skip

    Such a great moment. Watching Marchessault take home the Conn Smythe as an original member (no offense to Stone or Eichel) was the cherry on top. I could’ve watched the Knights carry the Cup all night.

    Please bring the Cup to Reno, guys! You have a rabid fanbase up North too.

    Enjoy the parade in Vegas, y’all. Take pictures.

    • TS

      Skip, hello from a former Reno girl! Love my hometown! When the VGK came to town, I found out y’all ALSO supported them, real fans. Kinda surprised, because the North/ South don’t always see eye to eye. Let’s just say a little animosity. Great to hear from you! WHAT A CUP RUN, HUH??

  22. DOC

    This team has meant so much to me during my health struggles the past few years. Their foundation and #5 took me under their wing and have helped me tremendously.

    Like many this dream of a Stanley Cup has sustained me through difficult times. I’m so happy I was still around to be able to see them raise the cup. Thank you, thank ao very much!

    I was often accused of looking thru rose colored glasses. Seems those glasses were crystal clear, after all.

  23. Jailbird

    Holy crap! Glad to see you are still kicking man. I know you have had it ruff this year, but so glad you got to see your dream come true. Relax and enjoy this. Bless ya Doc!

  24. TS

    Doc, the Hockey fans here wish you better health and hope you watch VGK Hockey for MANY years to come!

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