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Sportsnet Weighs In On Future Of Chandler Stephenson And Jonathan Marchessault

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

We’ve been very open with our feelings about getting a deal done with unrestricted free agent Jonathan Marchessault. Sure, we know the organization would prefer to keep the 2023 Conn Smythe winner but as Vegas fans have heard over and over again, ‘hockey is a business.’ Understanding that, it’ll be a challenge getting deals done for Marchessault, Chandler Stephenson and the rest of VGK’s unrestricted free agent.

[Vegas] will be hard-pressed to re-up Marchessault, centre Chandler Stephenson and rental Anthony Mantha now that [they’ve] locked up Noah Hanifin. No one would blame the late-blooming Marchessault ($29 million in career earnings) for pulling an Alex Killorn and taking the best offer available. –Luke Fox on

In the eyes of Vegas fans, they would like to see #81 cash in but in Las Vegas and as a Golden Knight. Sure, the fans desire isn’t necessarily VGK’s front office priorities, but they are aware of the negative attention they’ll receive if they let Marchessault walk. It will infuriate a fanbase that’s been giving almost everything they could want in seven seasons. However, a year-old Stanley Cup trophy won’t satisfy the void of the franchise’s most beloved and decorated player.

The Conn Smythe–winning Marchessault is an original Misfit integral to the defending champions’ off-ice culture and on-ice success. No doubt, in a cap-free world, the sides would be content to extend their relationship beyond this season. Yet one only need to look as far as Reilly Smith, GM Kelly McCrimmon’s 2023 cap casualty, to see the line between sentiment and business. –Fox on

To a lesser extent, Stephenson is another Golden Knight that fans would like to see return next season. However, with only a certain amount of capital, both UFA’s are tied to one another.

The demand for both centres and proven post-season performers remains sky high in the NHL. The Detroit Red Wings splashed $25.5 million at centre J.T. Compher in 2023’s free agency, and his previous best was 52 points. Bottom line: There will be a robust market for the two-way Stephenson if he remains unsigned by July. –Fox on

The Golden Knights front office will also have to make a decision on rental Anthony Mantha. The lumbering forward began the postseason in the lineup and finished in the press box. By pulling him from the lineup in Game 4 against Dallas, Vegas coach Bruce Cassidy all but said the rental experiment didn’t work. It’s possible the organization will overlook his lack of impact in the playoffs and try and get Mantha on a team friendly deal. The only question is, why would he accept a “buy-in” type deal? He quickly learned where he stood with Cassidy.

I want to give a good future for my kids, right? That’s what drives me, family-wise. -Jonathan Marchessault

The one player that shouldn’t be forced to mull over a team friendly deal is Marchessault. Although the front office might think differently, it’s not smart for business. Just ask the fans.


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  1. Skip

    Stephenson, Mantha, and Amadio are likely gone. Marchessault and Dorofeyev should be the priorities.

    • knights fan in minny

      chandler has to stay

      • NAM

        I don’t want to see him go, but do I want them to pay him 5-6 million dollars to stay? It’s rhetorical, but my answer is no. Unless he wants to take a good team deal he needs to move on and rightfully collect his money. We decided our fate with that center spot with Hertl (good or bad).

        • knights fan in minny

          i have a gut feeling its not about the money for him winning matters he has two real young kids does wifey want the hassle of moving with real young kids i could b wrong

          • Mark D Taylor

            I agree with that, it’s tough uprooting a family, that’s our Ace in the hole.

        • Pistol Pete

          There is room for like Marchy and Dorofeyev or a comparative total that’s it. With Eichel-Hertl-Karlsson-Roy down the center there is no need for Stephenson even with salary space (which there is not).

          • Emmanuel

            1. He’s had ONLY 16 G in each of the last 2 seasons C the 2nd line & tons of PP time.
            2. this is the first time ive seen him described as “a 2 way player”, im not saying hes bad defensively hes pretty mid.
            3. Theres a salary cap, you cant keep everyone.
            4. VGK has tons of C.
            5. The team needs scorers not passers.

    • Pistol Pete

      That is correct Skip and there is just enough salary cap to sign them both though it may take trading Whitecloud to get Marchy what he’s asking. I do have a lot of faith In Kelly McCrimmon to be creative. The Hanifin and Hertl moves is why there is a salary crunch but clearly Kelly was adding relative youth to an aging roster. Hanifin is a slam dunk and Hertl though a question mark based on his 13 games with the VGK should get up to speed next year at least I sure hope so. It is possible McCrimmon moves Theo due to some redundancy with Hanifin though I do think Cassidy would not mind having both of them for another season. It will be up to Kelly. If they can’t come to terms with Marchy, Marchy + Theo is big enough chunk of salary to accommodate a comparatively youthful top winger add. McCrimmon will figure out what makes the most sense.

      • PP – how do you know or think you know what Marchy is asking? I am sure your not his agent or neighbor. Just gossip!! That is the fake type news l was referring to. The two parties are the ONLY ones in the know.

      • PP – what makes you know or think you know what Marchy is asking for? I don’t think your his agent or neighbor or anything like that. Strictly gossip – that is the fake type news l was referring to. ONLY the parties involved know the whole story as it should be.

        • Pistol Pete

          Hdbiker I did not state an amount only the obvious that he is asking one. We know cap space is limited. Go to CapFriendly and run the numbers. It’s been reported by McCrimmon that he has been talking with Marchy. Obviously him and his agent. It’s pretty clear he’ll have to agree to a discount if he wants to stay because another team could offer him more than we can.

          • Pistol Pete

            P. S. hdbiker you are one to talk about gossiping claiming it’s not fake news Stone has been put on LTIR for the year. Please don’t post claims without linking a source! You do know how to copy and paste links? Highlight the URL/ctrl C to copy/ctrl V to paste.

          • Sb

            Don’t be so sure that teams are lining up to sign Marchy. 21 teams used LTIR last season to put a full lineup on the ice nightly. And those 21 teams also have their own free agents to deal with. The remaining 10 teams with SOME cap space are teams Marchy wouldn’t want to end his career with. The fans buy into this kool-aid nonsense that some team has buckets of cash to sign him – truth is, they don’t. Marchy would probably want Montreal but they’re already $10 million into LTIR – Montreal DOESN’T have the cash to sign him. Who does? Utah, Columbus, Buffalo, all lovers. Do you really think he wants to end his career in any of those places? Fortunately, Mr McCrimmon is sooooo much smarter than the so-called experts and fans. McCrimmon is playing Marchy like a fiddle.

          • PP go back and read what was posted – “if it is not fake news”, that is not gossiping – I was very clear about that. Your posts imply you know what Marchy is asking, and I stand by what was said – you have Zero idea.

  2. Mantha will consider himself fortunate to even be in the league next year, he will NEVER get anywhere close to the contract that is ending!

    • Emmanuel

      He will be in the NHL for a few years, he is a legit mid 6 F.
      Hell probably play a few years in Europe and retire at 35ish.

      He probably is the 2nd worst deadline pickup in team history though.

  3. If as I have read somewhere, and it is not fake news, Stone was put on LTIR for the year that gives the FO some wiggle room. They could get more room by losing Shea T and also Whitecloud who unfortunately was not the player this year compared to last.

    • Pistol Pete

      Stone on LTIR for 2024-25? I would have to see that to believe it.

      • knights fan in minny

        that would be something just think of the backlash from all the high crier nhl fans

        • Emmanuel

          Clearly a HUGE trade is coming at the draft, I dont understand the skepticism.
          My moneys on Toronto/Salt Lake/Washinton/Buffalo.

          • knights fan in minny

            who would you want from washington

  4. ThG

    Jason talks about the fan base as if they have a say in the matter. I expect Marchy to get a great offer from another team. That VGK FO will be unable to match. Then the “unsophisticated” fan base will be upset. You know the ones that still think they should have kept every one of the original misfits.

    Marchy would have to take a big hometown discount to stay here. That is the elephant in the room. If he goes elsewhere, then there is plenty of room to sign the others. Excluding Mantha.

    Rumor has it that Stone will start the season on LTIR, and open up even more cap space. The NHL fans around the league, you know the VGK haters, are predicting this move.

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    • Earl the Replanted Transplant

      Would love to see 81 finish his career as a VGK, BUT I am a fan of the team first and foremost. If he wants to stay where he has put roots he will work with the FO, if not I will say adios with love.

      I can’t disagree with your post, including the non-hockey related topics. FJB!

      • Emmanuel

        Ive never rooted for a player (except Radek Bonk), I root for the team.

      • Sb

        The only teams that have cap space are non-playoff teams, teams that Marchy wouldn’t want to end his career with. You and others think he has VGK Mgt by the throat. WRONG! It’s McCrimmon who has Marchy by the throat. His wife and family don’t want to move (exception is Montreal – and they’re $10 mill in LTIR). And playoff teams don’t have the Cao space to give $7 to $8 mill. Guenzel will have this same problem and he’s way ahead of Marchy.The only teams with cap space are lower non-playoff teams. McCrimmon has Marchy on the ropes.

    • Jim Limperis

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      • knights fan in minny

        are you drunk jimmy mush head joe has ruined americans lives

      • ThG

        putin is running Genocide Joe into the ground, btw Jim Lupus what is Biden’s plan to quickly end his proxy war with Putin ? He has none. The world is on fire, anyone supporting Biden at this stage is either in a coma, brain dead, or so far indoctrinated by fake news that they can’t see their own shit smells.

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        • knights fan in minny

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          • TS

            Kfim, don’t underestimate Harris..she has degrees and Pedigrees that are more impressive than just about ANY in D.C.
            .She is formidable. And she has NO stutter.

        • TS

          HITLER? The genocidal DICTATOR thar TRUMP so aspires to be like?? THAT Hitler?? Stop projecting, ThQ!

          • knights fan in minny

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        • jeffrey m sutton

          lbgt fan gear! hilarious

    • TS


      • ThG

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        • TS

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        • TS

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          • ThG

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          • Theresa Soles

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          • ThG

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  5. JB

    Rumor: Marchy and Theo, to TB, for Stamco and Hedman!

    • knights fan in minny

      that has to b the dumbest rumor ever

      • TS

        Thq: OH, SNAP. WHAT’S wrong– don’t like me calling your highly inappropriate BS exactly what it is??? Get over it. Stop whining, Henry– you post SHIT, you get SHIT in return!! NO MAS!! Comprende??

        • ThG

          only shit here is filling your shoes today

          go troll someone else, you have nothing of value to add here.

    • Emmanuel

      Hedman is more valuble than the other 3 COMBINED,

      Keep the trade talk coming though……

  6. and then we can be 25 million over the cap!!

    • ThG

      you are killing me LARRY !

    • Emmanuel

      If you aint cheating you aint trying!

      • TS

        Emmanuel, those are NASCAR fightin’ words! Well, USED to be until pesky overbearing regulations and rules stopped all the innovation and creativity in the sport! Now, it’s a cookie- cutter car, all the same aero, engine specs, etc..

  7. And on the hockey front after the Panthers win late on a soft goal, in my heart of hearts I KNOW every team is glad VGK is out cause NO team would have wanted to face them going forward if we got thru the first round.

    • Pistol Pete

      Just was not to be this year Larry. I agree though. Nobody wanted to play us and for good reason. Just look at what it took for Dallas to take us down. Now Dallas took down the Avs extending their drought to two seasons (lost in round one and then round two; so hard to repeat). Panthers extend Bruins drought to 13 years and Vancouver looks to extend Edmonton’s to 34 (hope they do it; I hate the Oilers with all their offensive firepower that always ends up failing; this time could be different though I doubt it). Always have thought Shane Hnidy is excellent. Guess TNT agrees as he was doing color in the Stars/Avs game.

      • JB

        Shane is the man!

        • TS

          Pp, Yup, he’s our gem in the booth, glad TNT sees his talents! Sure hope he’s not team- shopping for a new gig!

  8. Wingenter

    I want to use Pastor Melissa Scott’s mouth as a cum dumpster.

    • knights fan in minny

      fuck you piece shit loser

      • Wingenter

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        • knights fan in minny

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        • knights fan in minny

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  9. Tim

    When does your health come before hockey? This is a question Mark Stone has to ask himself. Back surgery, ruptured spleen, is it time to call it quits while your still walking? He’s made good money and I read what others have about him missing the 2024-2025 season. Is it fake news I don’t know but it’s out there. If I was Marks dad I’d tell him to pack it in and enjoy the rest of your life.

    • JB

      Listen, these Stoney rumors were started by and coming from the Toronto fan base. Ignor them! As far as his health, these same things have been said for three years now. He’s a wiry tuff guy. Not to say he couldn’t get hurt again, but he will be there ready to go opening day!

    • TFox

      Thank you for saying it Tim. Stone is an amazing player when he is at 100%. But he hasn’t had a 100% season in years. And a 9.5million cap hit is just too much for a part time player. He should have retired last year on the high of winning the Stanley Cup with a hat trick. But he wanted to try to repeat, and that didn’t work. He couldn’t get into the gear we needed in the playoffs. It is time he ends his career and looks at a job in the Knights front office in player development.

    • Emmanuel

      Stone is coach material. Not sure about a front office job though.

  10. Vic

    Dallas with shutdown forecheck, defense, zone exit/entry, and goaltending. They should go straight through to win the cup. Florida would be their toughest opponent of those left.

  11. Pistol Pete

    I’m rooting for Pete DeBoer former VGK coach. Cassidy handed him his butt last year and this year it went the other way but was closer. C’mon Pete keep your guys firing on all cylinders!

  12. JB

    If Igor is on then Rangers beat Florida. Also, the Nucks have better chance to beat Dallas than Edmonton would. But I’ll stop so the name calling and political BS can continue!

    • TS

      Jb, please . stop with all the Hockey nonsense,and leave plenty of space for the 1000 word click- and- paste political rants!

  13. Back on the hockey front, unfortunately the hated Mc-oilers forced a game 7, hope home ice holds true for the nucks!

    Further on the hockey front, i believe I heard the bruins committed 7 (SEVEN !) too many men on the ice penalties during the playoffs, I would be shocked if VGK had more than a handful over the course of an 82 game season, is that an indictment on Montgomery and reason enough to be fired?

  14. ThG

    get with the program , sinner Wingender blender

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