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Sportsnet Recogonizes Hill As Top 2022 Offseason Move

(Photo Credit: @TheRunninRebels on Twitter)

You’re not going to find a fan in this region that will disagree about the importance of acquiring Adin Hill last summer. The Golden Knights surprisingly added a fourth goaltender to their roster via trade with the woeful San Jose Sharks. San Jose’s front office were likely satisfied to receive a fourth-round pick for a player that was not in their plans, while Vegas got a future Conn Smyth candidate in return. Looking back, it’s as lopsided as a deal can but in reality, neither FO believed Hill would do what he did in the postseason.

Tops among this group has to be Hill, who was plucked from the San Jose Sharks by Vegas in August for a fourth-round pick. The journeyman backup had played five seasons when that trade sent him to Vegas, having spent the first four years of his career in Arizona before a 2021 trade had sent him to San Jose. He’d excelled in brief spurts for both clubs, but overall had gotten little opportunity to prove what he was capable of. –Sonny Sachdeva on

To be fair, the national hockey media hadn’t realized before Vegas’ championship run how high Hill climbed to be in the starting role by Game 2 of the second round. Of course, the third-string goaltender was highly profiled in the later rounds, but the general public hadn’t caught up with his rise.

Hill’s 2022-23 Leap

  • Career Statistics Before Becoming a Golden Knight: .907 Save %, 2.73 Goals Against Average, .504 Quality Start %
  • Regular Season Statistics as a Golden Knight: .915 Save %, 2.45 Goals Against Average, .640 Quality Start %
  • Playoff Statistics as a Golden Knight: .932 Save % (Led NHL), 2.17 Goals Against Average, .706 Quality Start % (Led NHL)

The league has seen goaltenders mature later in their careers and blossom into quality starters. Calgary’s Jakob Markstrom is a good example, as he didn’t really become an impact starter until he was 26. Hill’s postseason consistency is a good sign he’s the next NHL keeper to come into his own in his late 20s.

A series of events in Vegas thrust Hill into the spotlight, though, with Robin Lehner, Laurent Brossoit and Logan Thompson all sidelined by injury. The 27-year-old wound up closing out the regular season in promising fashion, putting up a sterling .932 save percentage in the post-season, and backstopping Vegas to a Stanley Cup. –Sachdeva on

It remains to be seen if the newly signed Hill is the goaltender he was throughout the 2023 postseason. The Golden Knights clearly believe he is or else they wouldn’t have committed to him in late June. It could be a crowded backend next season if Robin Lehner and Logan Thompson return to form. Lehner’s situation may need some massaging by the FO but as of right now, Vegas has three returning starters.

Lading the Golden Knights to their first Stanley Cup should give Hill an edge over the other two. That’s keeping in consideration Lehner’s cap percentage and Thompson’s All-Star nod.

In years past, multiple starting goalies hurt Vegas in the postseason, the flip side happened in 2023. How about 2024?


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  1. Jailbird

    Of course no one could have foreseen Hills playoff run. He was acquired just as insurance when Lehner was declared out for season. Then LB got hurt and in comes Hill. An amazing run followed. Hill and LT will battle for #1 I think. And what the hell is going on with Lehner and his 5 mil cap hit?

    • Frank

      That is exactly what I want to know… what is happing with Lehner??? We can’t afford the 5 mil if he is healthy and intends to play……

      • THE hockey GOD

        Frank, wiggy biscuit is done.
        1- not here to celebrate or support the team
        2- two major surgeries
        3- process servers waiting for him as soon as he steps off plane at McCARREN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (fuck Hairy Reeds ).
        4- he’s old.

        If he ever gets here, he will either by put on the injured list; if he insists he is not hurt. They will waive him to AA Pirate Ghosts. If he refuses to report, bam, plan C.

        LR is a team player though, much more so than MAF aka MfAFer.
        But he is also a kneeler, so much for politics not in hockey. The lame brain left wing turds here still dont’ get it, and I doubt they would never ever be able
        to wrap their tiny brains around it.

        Here come the whiners I can small their stench.

        • Michael Verner Smith

          3 major surgeries and he will be on LTIR all season

        • Donaldisguiltyassin

          The kneeler … lol. Get a grip, you Right-Wing psycho. …. Jack Smith is your worst nightmare. Trump is f’d, and you’re gonna need serious therapy to recover from it.


          A common-sense thinking Independent

          • knightsfan87

            Damn that’s a lot of derangement, and you’re not an independent, only a liberal would be that triggered over a kneeling comment.

    • THE hockey GOD

      another post by liar JB lambasting people and posting lies to effect that DOC left do to political “pressure”; when in reality Doc left because he was sick and tired of people blasting him for h is many positive posts about VGK.

      Take your lies and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine. LIAR.

      • Jailbird

        You know the truth thg, so quit spewing out lies about DOC, especially when he’s not here to defend. Also, the old timers here KNOW the truth. You continue to embarrass yourself many times over.

        • THE hockey GOD

          JB this isn’t about DOC

          it’s ABOUT you and your filthy, dirty, rotten lies! It is not about DOC.

          Doc left because he couldn’t take all the criticism from idiots for his positive take on VGK.

          I was here, you were not. There was no JAILBIRD here a few years ago.

          So shut the fuck up, you lying piece of dog doo doo.

          • Jailbird

            Hit a nerve did I? You can’t even talk straight when it comes to DOC. You are simply pathetic pal. Don’t be so sure I wasn’t around back then. You would be surprised. There’s quite a few who left when DOC did and followed him to his new site. Some, like me,have come back under new names. Deal with it.. You are scum and everyone knows it.

          • TS

            Man, you are ON YOUR FIGHTING GAME AGAIN, aren’t you??
            Your rage comes in WAVES! You’re up, you’re down. Cocked and loaded. You’re ready to attack without provocation. Did your Bi- polar meds stop helping?? Or did you stop taking them??

          • THE hockey GOD

            only SCUM here is you and your lies.

            So take your lies and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

            The REASON DOC LEFT was because of idiots who kept badgering him about his positive outlook on VGK.

            Had nothing to do with politics. I was here, and JAIL BIRD was not. That is a fact. Look in archives. I see no JAIL BIRD.
            Maybe JAIL BIRD was in JAIL ?

    • Susan Fly

      I knew Hill was the man from the first time I seen him. That very day I wanted a hill jersey. I was calm all through the playoffs. I knew we would win.

      • TS

        Susan, I also had confidence in Hill..he played like a G- Man with YEARS of Playoff pressure…reassuring for us fans AND the players! Leaning casually back on the goal, like ” I GOT THIS!!”


        ya buddy…20 min into the game and I was sold…

    • sb

      Lehner, with his bankrupcy concerns, will make sure he stays on LTIR so he can collect his last two NHL pay checks for $5 million for 2023 and 2024. He knows he’s done as an NHL goaltender and that no team in the NHL will take him. He NEEDS the money. I am certain that VGK’s front office has warned him about ending up ‘bought out’ at 60%. Lehner NEEDS the money. He wants to remain on LTIR so that he cannot be bought out.

      • TS

        Sb, great points. Lehner appears to be the guy who would try anything to get ahead, including fraudulent business deals…he’ll surely milk this for all he can get, so he can pay his lawyers, fines, and massive debts.

      • THE hockey GOD

        sb ,
        that is an interesting take, but NHL and NHL players unions have rules about
        putting non injured players on LTIR.

        So let’s see how this plays out.

        Then again, maybe they can make a cell big enough to hold him , Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and “heels up” Kamala (i am black, but I really am not, and my great great grandfather from India owned slaves) Harris.

        • TS

          Are you as SICK as your posts are, thg? HATE HATE HATE HATE…

  2. John W

    Ken -Can Lehner contractually be sent to the Horsies, or simply cut?
    (Assuming he can play)

    • If he’s sent to Henderson it saves about $1.5 million against the cap (so around $3.5 would count). If he’s “cut” then the full $5 million counts against the cap.

      If he’s healthy, they are going to have to either use him or trade him.

      • TS

        Whoa, I did NOT know about that option! And it’s a sensible move, in my view.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    to Sportsnet

    That was a NO BRAINER call.


    I loved it when you called LEHNER ….the WIGGY BISCUIT.


  5. Satan

    This is Satan.

    Satan does not know the hockey god or jailbird but feels as though the hockey god is hateful and angry and trying to cause conflict by calling people names like lib tards. Satan and the hockey god share some of the same beliefs in the game of hockey including Satan’s disgust for Marc Andre Fleury. MAF and his agent did not pull the wool over the eyes of Satan and the hockey god. We know what he is.

    Satan has spoken.

    • knights fan in minny

      look the fraud is back oh joy

      • Satan

        Satan does not believe that you are being sarcastic. Satan believes that Knights fan in minny is extremely happy that Satan is back because he now has purpose. Satan just wants you to be kind.

    • knights fan in minny

      i pulled the wool over your eyes boy.

    • THE hockey GOD

      oh boy, satan
      you are right about MgAFe fluery and wrong about jailbird. I was here when Doc left and couldn’t take all the criticism due to FACT that people were bashing
      him for being so positive on VGK. I only attack people who ATTACK me first.

      So don’t start up with me.

  6. Satan

    Satan does not believe that you are being sarcastic. Satan believes that Knights fan in minny is extremely happy that Satan is back because he now has purpose. Satan just wants you to be kind.

  7. Emmanuel

    With that blueline and checking F’s you can stick any of the top 80 G in the world in the VGK net and they will be solid at WORST.

  8. Vic

    Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel….Hill was spectacular, and who knows if another goalie would have done as well. However, the VGK may have overpaid.

  9. Tim

    Do you find it odd that THG now the second day since I brought out the bullshit he gave Doc he’s still trying to defend himself. First off by Doc’s own admission his health wasn’t good so if you use your brain logic would say he’s a positive poster about the Knights let’s ridicule him. It doesn’t make any sense except to THG because as Jailbird said we were on the site and know what was said as much as he tries to spin his lies. The guy that calls everyone out got caught in a lie he can’t shake. Time for you to move on your credibility we always new was shit but this Doc fiasco puts an exclamation point on just what a scumbag you are.

  10. THE hockey GOD


    We are all aware of Doc repeatedly stating his health issues. It has no bearing on topic at hand.

    I don’t think it is very polite to bring up Doc’s health. That is rude and uncouth. Which tells everyone what type of person you are.

    Jailbird was never here back then. Go back in archives, you will not see anyone named Jailbird.

    Doc left because people like YOU were ranting against his positive posts.

    So the scumbag and POS is you for lying and making things up which are easily proved. Go look in archives, no jailbird. Bye bye Tim. LIAR, Again Tim said ” i don’t post here any more because of this that or other thing.” You sound like that other guy who said the same thing, yet still keep coming back.

    But I forgive you because you are evidently SENILE and OLD, and can’t remember what you had for breakfast. And one out of ten of your posts actually says something worthwhile, rest are rants and useless like one above.

    • Tim

      As Tonto used to say on The Lone Ranger TV show of the 1950’s THG speaks with a forked tongue.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Tim, here is Doc’s last post here, he doesn’t single out one person. So go eat shit you lying sack of tomatoes


        By the grace of the God and my lucky stars, I’m still kicking.

        It’s been right at 100 days since I last posted here. Not much has changed. Still have a number of whiners, complainers and just crazy comments here. But I am determined to grit my teeth and ignor all that.

        I will concentrate on those that coment with sane, positive thoughts and back the Knights as TRUE fans do. It is a miricle to me to still be here and get to root the Knights on to another shot at the cup! It should be a very interesting new season. Getting to play all our Div teams 8 times. Wow!

        My hopes are that we back our coach, our players and especially whomever is in goal on any given night! We need everyone to play well. Just one thing left to say:

        GO KNIGHTS GO !!!

        • Jailbird

          THAT is not DOCs last post. Plus it looks as though you combined and edited from two or more posts. thg you are such a lier and when you get caught you can’t handle it, but to make up more lies. Also, you keep saying no “jailbird” back then. You are right, as I have said I used a different name then. Anyway back to hockey and our Stanley Cup Champions!

          • THE hockey GOD

            bull shit Jail bird, i didn’t combine anything, if you could use your brain and figure out how to use archive search feature you would see that you are full of shit. I copied his full post,
            1_ you won’t find any jailbird posts from that time frame
            2. sure you used different names back then, liar.
            3. you were called out and you can’t handle the truth. Both you and Tim spin out. Can’t debunk anything DOC CAMPBELL said.

            BUSTED YET AGAIN for your bull shit , fuckery, and lies.

        • TS

          ” still have a number of whiners, complainers and just crazy comments here”…. just WHO might Doc have been talking about, Thg??? Hmmmmmm????? Who on this site posts CRAZY STUFF, THG??? WHO WHO WHO, BUT YOU YOU YOU????
          Doc knew it, we all know it!!

    • TS

      Thg, Ummmm, I recall Doc’s posts. And he WAS always positive. But I do NOT recall anyone challenging his POSITIVITY AND GOOD VGK VIBES— WHAT KIND OF SENSE DOES THAT MAKE?? WHO WOULD DOTHAT?? If ANYONE gave Doc a hard time, I can think of ONE guy, on ONE finger.

  11. THE hockey GOD

    Urban Dictionary › define › term=Fuc…
    Fuckery. Fuh-Ker-Ry noun 1. Pertains to a person, situation (or place) that considered ridiculous or nonsensical 2. An alternative to the word “Bullshit”

  12. THE hockey GOD

    BREAKING the lib tard pipe dream explodes, their lies fully exposed.

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    • TS

      As much as you seem obsessed with this whole Gender thing, you must REALLY be concerned about your own sexuality. You’ve been abnormally fixated on this nonsense, thg….are you WORRIED about yourself? Worried it’s CONTAGIOUS??

  13. Jailbird

    Yea, I hope that FO has this Lehner thing already figured out? Hopefully he continues on LTIR. If not it will be some interesting cap juggling.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Tampa Bay and VGK FO have proven in past that they can juggle.

  14. THE hockey GOD

    I can’t wait for opening KNIGHT to see the SC BANNER RAISED

    from the lafters.

  15. Satan

    By reading recent comments on how jailbird and TS and Tim have basically kicked the Hockey God’s ass all over the place. I realize that my services continue to no longer be needed on this site. Great work people.

    Only about six weeks away until training camp starts.

    • TS

      Hey, Satan. We’ re trying to pick up the slack in your absence, but it’s a HOT MESS most times, I gotta admit. The insidious nature of the man who tasks us can be MADDENING. But I will continue to try to CHECK the BULL.

    • knights fan in minny

      don’t come back

      • knights fan in minny

        thats for you miraslov remember that one

        • Satan

          Kfim, please don’t get personal and leave my son out of it.

          Miroslav Satan and Daimon Hellstrom are fine upstanding citizens that I have not done anything wrong.

          Good day to you, sir

          • knights fan in minny

            what you did wrong was leave the rubber room

          • knights fan in minny

            i thought it was funny when i made you out to be a nut job fraud boy

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