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Special Podcast: Party Details And Expansion Week Timeline

Since this is such a big week, we decided to record a special podcast talking about the Expansion Announcement Party as well as what else you can expect this week. We talk about the exact time we expect the announcement, where we’ll all be on the big day, and most importantly, why we hope you come out to the party at O’Aces to support the team. So, here’s the special episode…

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Haters Gonna Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate


Expansion Announcement Party Details


  1. Daoloth

    Remember Pro leagues like the NFL/NHL want to control or own all the Media. You guys are like Deadspin to them basically :). See how they treat you after the things are made official… They don’t want people freaking out thinking the team is getting named Neon or something silly :). Look at the 2 recent positive Vegas reports that all but confirm the team having a positive spin on how things will go there. PHT had them up who are basically shills of NBC who airs the NHL games… You are on CBS radio I thought a rival network or one of you guys is quoted in an article from a few years back.. I’ll probably send the link since its written to try to throw a negative spin on things… LA Kings INsider for example is just a puppet of the Kings that spreads their propaganda… He can’t even talk about seeing a guy limping without getting in trouble which he has been seriously before ;). They want to live in a fantasy world where nobody knows anything they don’t tell them ;)…

    You should start a thing “Vegas Fans are Everywhere”… Maybe have people send in pics from different locations… I think it would help if you explain how to get to T-Mobile Arena… Is it a place you can drive with parking there, none of these articles on web sites really get specific. They mention a guy will do a 3-4 hour drive or this or that… So it must have something around to park then get there and out. I know its located around a lot of places to eat so that will go well…

    Getting a GM could help to build the expansion AHL team trading draft picks for the next draft etc. What I think will be hard for teams is the rule requiring to protect 1 goalie while I think exposing 1. You have players who are 1 or 2 years or something supposedly exempt. Will a team have to sign guys to 2 year deals like the Ward 6.6M deal after he had got paid 6.8M for 1 year. What happens to a team like the Kings who might use Budaj making 600K in final year as backup. Will they have to sign a guy who qualifies to a 2 year deal so they can expose him? Teams must have known for at least 2-3 years for Kings to ship Martin Jones among other deals.

    That AP report came when the Army (Black Knights) turned 241 years old. I think they knew nobody had an interest or care about their draft. Cleveland winning after down 3-1 along with the Euro Cup would take most the media. I thought I saw a Vegas Black Knights page on FB with like 700 likes but never really checked it out. You guys would give these guys afraid to say ass a heart attack listening to that podcast ;). Ducks have some nice D-men, I think they are a better option than a goalie who might face 15 shots a game at times ;). I wouldn’t even watch the awards without the expansion announcement or follow it in the least ;).

    Hard to speculate on not taking a player who could explode scoring 30 goals etc. Some guys get hot after they are traded like the former Duck/Hab, finally clicking on Devils Smith-Pelly or whatever his crazy name is ;). Right shooting D-men I think will be the toughest position to find unprotected talent. The Ducks have 1 player who might be exposed since Bieksa has a NMC, Vatanan, Fowler probably will be protected… Since they have too many good forwards to protect 8 players instead of 7/3. Getting 2 goalies under contract for this season/next to expose 1 will be tricky in my view ;).

    • We have something in the works for fans outside of Vegas. Can’t wait to release the plans on that.

      As far as the TMobile Article, there are a couple good ones that explain quite a bit f what you are looking for. Just use the search bar or hit T-Mobile Arena at the top of an article.

      • Daoloth

        Thanks Ducks traded goalie Freddy to Toronto so I’d say that confirmed expansion 100% announcement or not ;). I’m still learning to use the site, I’m having a tough time after surgery along with the heat ;). You should try reaching out to UFC see if they will provide anybody to attend the event… I know they are huge in Vegas, look how they helped Rampage after his incident… I went to school from about 8th grade till graduation in HS with NYBA Phil Baroni… He had some great videos he posted in Vegas when he had no AC in his car ;). I’d like to enter any contests to win an actual Sin Bin T-shirt :). I can’t imagine how people can watch baseball in that weather, hockey is inside nice and cold ;). This draft should be exciting, then the trade deadline will be insane this season :). I predict a lot of D-men along with goalies finding new homes before the expansion draft :).

        I’m a little confused on how UFAs will factor in… Like Kings probably can’t afford Dwight King at 2.5M or so a year… Yet if they lose Brown or Gaborik then they might resign him. I hope teams don’t try to play games with that waiting until after draft then signing guys. To be fair in many cases they might not have the money until or unless they lose a player’s salary in that. Forcing teams to make moves is exciting for the fans even if its heartbreaking too :). In reality each team is selling a player for 16.66M if divided the expansion fee :).

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