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Special Podcast On VGK Prospects w/ Jesse Granger

Ken was joined by Jesse Granger of The Athletic to chat all things Golden Knights prospects. We went through the prospect list using a few different qualifiers including NHL readiness, ceiling, and likelihood to play 100 NHL games.

Both Jesse and I have published Prospect Rankings. Mine are here, you can go to for Jesse’s.


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  1. Michael Verner Smith

    Krebs is the kid I wanted us to be able to draft and we got only because of his injury. I had him at 6 before the injury. He has just about everything. Vision, speed, IQ and a complete 200 ft game. If not for the injury this kid might’ve started for a team this coming season.

  2. Michael Verner Smith

    Man, we had a pretty good draft for picking 17. Mason growing like a weed and losing some skills is no different than HS basketball players who are taller, it just takes time for the muscle memory to catch up , but it does eventually and the playernis usually at an even higher level.

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