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Special “Podcast” On Robin Lehner’s Speech

Robin Lehner made waves today challenging the NHL about policy change regarding vaccinated players and teams. The NHL strongly pushed back. We discuss the fallout from the speech, what it may do to the team, and what happens next.




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  1. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Already kind of “old news”.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    what we have here folks is a
    “failure to communicate”

    yes a non story.

  3. DOC (Go Blues Go)

    Better crank something else up Kenny boy.

    Gettin’ kind of dead in here today. 😉

  4. Apparently you didn’t like my post about how interesting it was but lack of manners trying to talk when the other person is speaking. I guess everyone else has no problem with lack of manners. Unfortunately it degrades the substance of the situation

  5. LVsc

    Sam Farmer @LATimesfarmer2h
    BREAKING — NFL players who are vaccinated will no longer have to be tested daily, are no longer required to submit to lengthy entry testing following travel, and will no longer be required to quarantine if identified as “high-risk close contact” with an infected individual.


    gee, I wonder if Lehner has seen this news. It is ammunition in his battle with the NHL and the player’s union. all he has to do now is insist that the NHL players get treated the exact same way as the NFL players.

    OR, will the NFL players say now that they don’t believe the promises and the lies to get them to vax. Lehner’s comments place him right in the middle of this.

  6. Jaykei

    This is my first time I have listened to your podcast and while I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, I just want to say that the second person (as a first time listener, I don’t even know who the people were because there was no intro in the beginning) was almost annoying with the attempted interruptions while the main person was talking. His attempt to ask questions and give his thoughts to keep a “discussion” going mostly just sound like a desperate attempt to give his fair share of air time, but of the questions from him are more mediocre level. The main person could have just done this podcast alone and we could’ve been done with it.

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