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Special Podcast Insert: Valentin Zykov Recalled To NHL

Zykov was recalled to the Golden Knights shortly after we published our podcast for the week, so we headed back into the studio to chat about the recall and how it looks for the organization.

Here’s the link to hear everything McPhee, Gallant, Stone, McNabb, Pacioretty, and Marchessault had to say the day Zykov was suspended.

I’ve been informed that I am being suspended for 20 games under the NHL/NHLPA Performance Enhancing Substances Program.  While I haven’t been able to discover how I tested positive, I understand that I am responsible for what is in my body and will accept this penalty.  I want to apologize to my family, my teammates, and the Golden Knights organization and fans.  I will work hard during my suspension to ensure that I put myself in the best possible position to contribute to my team when my suspension is over. -Valentin Zykov, via statement from NHLPA

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  1. Anon Sidious

    I think you guys have a valid point when it comes to overall team mood and cohesion. This has more detriment then benefits.

    • Kyle

      Holding grudges is a sign of bad character. I disagree with you. I think this is the best thing the org can do. Prove that they allow players to prove themselves after messing up. I think if it happens again he’s definitely done. But goof character allows others to learn and grow.

  2. McCrimPhee wtf

    this is outrageous. this makes a mockery of the team’s young prospects toiling away in Chicago. Roy deserves to be recalled, not Zykov.

    what are the VGK prospects at all levels supposed to think when this kind of questionable recall move is made?

    this team has real problems this year, and major changes need to be made, mainly because the front office looks absolutely clueless since the summer began.

    • Kyle

      Here is my thing. Z didn’t make excuses. He owned up to his mistake immediately. He didn’t beat around the bush and try to save face. I think that shows character. Have you guys ever made mistakes? Have you ever done something on purpose that was wrong? Have you ever sped on the 215? What you guys are saying is if you do something and get caught even if you take responsibility and serve a punishment, you still don’t deserve a 2nd chance. If you know someone who has gotten a DUI Lost their license and took the Punishment serious and when they get their license back you’re saying that we should shun them? I think you guys are reading too far into it. If you made a mistake, you own up to it. Others say what you did was wrong and they don’t like it. If you take responsibility those statements aren’t gonna hurt your feelings because you agree with them. You guys keep saying it HAS to be awkward but the thing is. If he agrees with what the players said about him and he doesn’t hold that against them. That is showing good character. Someone who takes accountability. They’ve got guys who served suspensions for illegal hits. And they will still not take responsibility for their hit and their org defends them too. You guys act like PEDs is the only thing that is cheating. Illegal hits that take players out for weeks and they only serve a fine… THAT IS CHEATING. Zykovs actions only hurt our organization. He served his time. Some other players actions hurt other teams for weeks or months and they serve 3-10 games and come back. I think you guys are stuck in your ways and not viewing this realistically. Doing something illegal is cheating yet. But you act like the only cheating is PEDs. Illegal hits is cheating too. You guys are blowing this out of proportion and acting like our org is the only one with a player who has done something wrong on person. You guys have said so much stuff that is speculation or what ifs. You keep talking about, if he’s done it before he will “probably” do it again. You guys don’t believe people can change. You’re holding something over someone’s head when they’ve already served their time. If you talk about the org being full of characters. Then the team shouldn’t hold this over his head, they dealt with it in the moment. A good character can move forward. I don’t feel like you guys can or will. if the team is full of leaders, they should be able to move forward from this and not hold things over people’s heads. I think giving a guy a second chance shows more character than just completely ruining his career. Give the kid a chance to redeem himself. If he makes the same mistake twice. It’s obvious he hasn’t learned. If he makes the mistake once and never again. It means he learned his lesson. The thing is, you’ll never know if he learned his lesson unless you give him a second chance. If the team takes pride in character they should be able to deal with issues and move forward and not be stuck on the past. Is that not how they’ve always been? Once today’s game is over they forget about it and focus on the next day one day at a time. You guys are focused on the future of what if and the past. I think Zykov learned his lesson. You guys don’t. Only way we will know is if the org gives him a second chance. In the end if he proves you guys wrong and stays clean and turns into a good player you guys will be happy. If he messes up again. He will definitely be gone and everyone will be happy. I won’t defend him if he pops twice. Look at it like a DUI people knowingly drive drunk. Some people don’t learn. Some people do. Only way to know is to let them have their license back after a year. You are assuming that if you do it once you can’t change. Don’t assume. Let the player prove himself as someone who learned or as a player who will continuously cheat. One offense isnt enough for me to write off a guy. It sucks that it is for you guys. I honestly think this move shows more character for the org than just dumping him. It shows our org is a place where you can make mistakes and If you prove you’ve learned you can stay. That’s not a safe place when you make one mistake and you’re done for. People make bad choices. Failing is the only way to learn most the time. Z publicly failed. I think Z and the org are gonna move forward. You guys need to as well. I think you guys are more of a distraction hyper-focsing on this than Z is on the team. The players want to move forward and play hockey but you guys wanna talk about quotes from over a month ago on a subject that has already been dealt with by punishment… They already did the crime and time. Forgive and move forward. If it happens again he won’t be with us. But the players and Z have already dealt with it and moved forward. You guys are holding them back by trying to keep talk about the past after it’s been dealt with. Why not ask possitive forward thinking questions. Like, how has the team and Z handled the suspension and how do you plan on moving forward? Has everyone dealt with this and moved forward or is their an elephant in the room? We all know people make bad judgement calls sometimes, do you feel second chances are a good thing and what happens if a player makes a mistake twice?

      It seems like of stuff you want to ask isn’t productive and you want to make sure the team doesn’t move forward from this.
      This is all just my opinion.

  3. I think it is a questionable call but will make for interesting reading if he scores a goal or two. Reading your posts would suggest you never made a mistake-questionable at best. Were you given a second chance?????

    • Kyle

      Bad judgement happened. Punishment happened. Best thing the org can do to show good character is to give a second chance and let the player prove that they’ve learned their lesson and have become a better player. My post talks about no one is perfect. Mistakes help us be better. I think it’s been dealt with and it’s time to look forward. Not time to pull quotes and hold that against players. In the moment players were made. 20 games have gone by. If the players haven’t moved forward yet. I think that shows a lack of character. I think this podcast kind of misses the point of having character. A good person can forgive and move forward. Good people don’t hold grudges. But it seems that’s what they want the org and players to do but then keep saying how that’s a character move… Doesn’t make sense to me. Punishment is done. Let’s all move forward. Holding a grudge is bad character

  4. Adrian

    Give the guy second chance. Let him play.

    • Kyle

      Exactly my point in my post. Help the team move forward, don’t try to hold them back on a subject they’ve already dealt with

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